Sunday, December 27, 2009

So wrong.. So Good..

Over my moms house straight from work, she lives close to my job so I come over at least once a week and eat all her cereal and watch a movie. Just to relax, see her and fill my Fruity Pebbles fix. I was watching Seinfeld and eating my cereal when my mom walked into the living to get on the computer. My mom is a very loud person when she on the phone with her home girls. VERY LOUD! So I'm watching t.v and trying to ignore her, but, it wasn't working. "Yeah girl, my son gone house sit for us this weekend while me and my hubby go on our get away trip." I turned around and looked and she started smiling and continued to talk on the phone. First off, I didn't know she was going out of town. Second, I never agreed to house sit. But, I mean how do I tell her no? She will bring up EVERYTHING she has ever done for me. "Boy I gave birth to you and you mean to tell me you can't house sit for me for 2 days? That's fucked up!" I caved in. The good thing is, they had all the movie channels which I couldn't afford and a fridge full of food. I'm there!

I go home and pack a little bag of clothes, grab my iPod, laptop and I'm out the door. When I get back to mommas house, they were already gone. I used my key to get in, make myself at home and take a shower. Watching t.v. and on twitter while listening to my Phoenix play list on Pandora.. Nigga.. I'M CHILLIN *Kanye Voice*! Couple hours later I hear a knock at the door. I take my time to get up because UPS be delivering wigs for my mom. They knock once and leave the box at your door. I open the door and look down for a box and seen legs, sexy legs. I knew those legs, those was Ms. Tracy's legs. I looked up and spoke. "Hey Ms. Tracy, my mom gone for the weekend. Want me to tell her you stopped by?" I knew she knew that momma was gone because she was the person on the phone when my momma asked me to house sit. "Oh I know baby, I came to get my jacket your mom left in her room for me." I moved out the way and let her walk in to get the jacket. Ms. Tracy was like fam.. Almost.. Aside from me having a crush on her since I was like 16. Beautiful divorced woman in her late 30's. She never and will never know that though because I tell NO ONE! She gets her jacket and walks back through the living room and ask me "Baby what the hell is twitter? Am I too old to know what twitter is?" I laughed and told her naw. "Show me what its all about, I need to stay in tune with whats going on in the world. I aint that old am I?" I liked her because she had a strange sense of humor and is always speaking her mind. "Sure, take off ya jacket and put that jacket down and I'll show you right quick. I aint doing nothing." She does so and sits on the couch. Takes off her heels and gets comfortable. She seen my empty bowl on the floor and asked "So you not gone offer me a bowl of cereal? Boy you got NO manners, I'm a guest. I GUESS you not use to having a woman around you huh, I gotta teach you a few things." I didn't know what to say, so.. I didn't say nothing and got her a bowl of cereal. Give it to her and show her how to use twitter while the music is still playing. We just vibing out, laughing and joking. I seen a side of her that I never seen and never expected to see. You never know a woman till you see her with her "hair down". Couple hours passed and she got up to leave. Walked her to the door, she kissed me on the cheek and left. I shut everything off and down and went to sleep.

Woke up and went to the gym. Came back, showered, cooked breakfast, got dressed and went to the mall. I came back and took a nap. Woke up to someone knocking on the door. I opened the door and looked down again because I wasn't expecting anyone to be stopping by.. I seen legs.. Again. "Boy you need to learn how to keep your head up when answering the door. You got down syndrome when answering doors?" Ms. Tracy ass wait.. Ms. Tracy smart mouth ass! We both laughed. She had on this long ass rain coat. Maybe it started raining when I was sleep so I invited her in. "What's up, you forget something yesterday?" "Yes, actually I did. I hope I didn't interrupt you or anything. Were you sleep? That's a trick question because your breath smells like it even if you weren't." I loved her since of humor. "You stupid, you know that right? But.. Naw, I wasn't doing nothing. You not interrupting." "Good, now take my jacket. We have to work on your manners boy." She turned around so I could take her jacket and as I take off the jacket I see no shirt but a bra strap.. Then.. Matching underwear. Black EVERYTHING.. Bra, panties, and heels. I got nervous. VERY NERVOUS! "Don't stand there with ya mouth open, that's my job. Take me." I grabbed her hand and headed to my mothers room. This was soo wrong. But.. I wanted it. I swear I started walking in slow motion. Every step I thought how good it would be but what is going to come of it after it was done. I wasn't nervous about fucking, pussy is pussy. You treat it the same way, how good it is a different story.

Shit speeds up and she throws me on the bed and climbs on top of me. We take off my shirt and shorts as we kiss on one another. Her lips were soft as hell and the way she worked her tongue was amazing. She definitely knew what she was doing.She grabs my dick and kisses it as if she loved it. Sucked it and I swear to you. My toes curled and I was grabbing for shit that wasn't even there. I think I even started rapping a Tupac verse.. I DON'T EVEN LIKE TUPAC! I had to make her stop or I would have nutted and fell asleep. NO BUENO! I threw her on her back and kissed her all over her body. She was beautiful. Toes, legs, thighs, pussy.. Pussy.. Pussy. PUSSY! I stayed there extra long. "Fuck me." I don't know where a condom came from but it magically appeared on the night stand so I used it. I can't really describe what the sex was like. Just know.. It was magical! Not regular magic like making a quarter disappear. I'm talking about Harry Potter magic. Black magic! It was passionate, nasty, hot and sticky. Now that I think about it. I should have got it on cam cause the shit was epic. From hitting it from the back, riding me, riding my face, fucking standing up, in the shower.. I fell in love some where in there. No. I'm serious. So after we get out the shower. I lotion her up and rub her feet. "You are pretty good. I didn't expect you to keep up with me. I couldn't resist it. After chilling with you yesterday, I felt closer to you. I haven't been that comfortable in years." I just nodded and kept rubbing her feet. I didn't talk, just in case I was dreaming. I didn't want to talk and then wake up.

"So now what" I asked as she was leaving. "We a figure something out baby. You grown aint you? We can do whatever we want." I loved that answer, kissed her and watched her walk to her car and drive off. Got back in the house, showered again, cleaned up, sprayed, and tried to wrap my head on what just happened. Couple hours later my mom called. "What you doing? You haven't burned my house down have you?" I told her know and that I was watching tv. "We a be home in the morning, just wanted to call in advance to let you know. Get them stanky booty hoes out my house if any in there." OooO.. Only if she knew.. It was sooo good.. But.. So wrong.. Damn!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

So.. Your gay?

Let me start by saying I am not a homophobe. I don't have many if any gay friends. But I don't have a problem with them. This post is not to the gay men, yall do yall thing and sword fight all yall want. ON GUARD! It's to the girls who date studs. I was in walmart and seen this cute ass girl near the ketchup. She sized me up, I sized her down. She smiled, I smiled. I grabbed the ketchup for my burgers and went to get my cereal. Well I bumped into her again in the milk aisle but this time she was with a stud. The stud started mugging me. Now if anyone mug me I feel like something has to be said but the stud is still a female and no matter what I would be wrong if I hit her in the head with my Fruity Pebbles. Then I started wondering why females date studs. They look like guys.. They dress like guys.. They use dildo's and fuck you like a guy. So.. Why date the stud? I get it that some women aren't attracted to men so they date women. That's cool and I understand. I don't understand girls who date fake guys though. I know you don't get a sense of security with the fake guy. Can someone please break that down for me? I'm not trying to be an ass, I just don't understand that concept. Like, if you like girls looking like a guy, then just be with a guy. You get the same thing right? But the real thing. I hope I made sense and didn't come off like a complete ass. I am a complete ass but I know how some folks are about that topic. Sensitive! Help me out so I can know. Thanks. Peaace!

Monday, December 14, 2009

How to fall in love...

Shit came to me in a dream I swear.

Have you ever started liking someone you weren't suppose to be feeling? Like a friend of the family, someone over the net or something? You know you started liking someone and you KNEW you wasn't suppose to, I know I ain't the only one. Anyway, you wondered how you started liking them so much? I figured that shit out!

When we know somone like us or we like someone, some of us tend to start playing mental games. It may sometimes happen subconciously. I know some girls who play the "I don't want to seem too available or desperate so I won't text back right away or not answer his calls." I don't know what guys do because I don't date them so females when you comment list some shit dudes do when they "play games." We all have screenings for our potential lovers. For some of us its looks, for some of us its money, status, all the other silly shit that sometimes don't matter but hey, we do it. That inhabits us on finding someone we really "connect" with. You need a connection. You need to be able to lay the friendship foundation down first. If you meet someone and instantly like them, the friendship foundation won't be laid down. Why? Because you front for the person you trying to impress. You never let them see you with your guard down. You with hold information thinking they will judge you and look at you different. BUT!

When you can just be YOU, you let your guard down and things flow how they should. You are honest and open because you don't care what this person thinks of you in that department. Sex isn't pressed because y'all just friends and probebly fucking someone else. Ya mind is clear in the sex department. Girls let guys they aren't interested in see them with their house clothes on and shit. Hair all wrapped, cut up shirt, no make up, holy socks and shit. We don't let stupid shit get in the way like dates. You don't have to go on a date, don't have to do the movies and dinners. Y'all just friends so y'all kick it at the house and watch bootleggs or Fresh Prince and talk. Y'all eat home made dinners or peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. Y'all talk about past relationships and share honest sex stories. You aren't afraid to show emotional scars because you aren't trying to impress this person. You two talk about the people you are actually dating and low key size them up. After awhile you start thinking, man I can be with this person. I love them. They make me happy all the time. That's how it happens isn't it? Did I leave anything out?

When we like people I think we get into the dating hype. Following rules and guidelines and have no idea why and it fucks us up. Now a days I feel like people are dating strangers. You don't really know the person you kissing and spending all your time with. You are infact in love with their representative. Its a side of them you haven't seen because they know it a probably drive you away. How do we fix this? I don't think we can because the dating game is stuck in our brain. The ability to just keep it funky with someone you want to be with is scary to most of us. We have a fear of rejection so some of us naturally do these things to keep from being rejected. Hide some things about our past, hide some flaws, always try to be attractive to the person rather it be always wearing ya cute clothes and make up. Its a bunch of silly shit.

Learn to control it and I bet you find a better lover. I'm almost sure of it. What you think? Peaaace!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh So You Mad? pt. 1

Wrote a note about women who can't cook. A lot missed the key point I was trying to make in the second paragraph and If you missed it, go back and read. It's not just about cooking. Fuck the cooking, a lot of men can cook these days so we don't need you to cook anything. I tried to take it deeper then just the cooking. But since we have SO many women objecting to it and saying things like "My mom tried to teach me, I just didn't care to learn. Does that make me less of a woman? No! I want a man's finances together because mine will be on point." "I'm personally disagree that an ideal women would revolve around cooking." I didn't say that in the post but if that's what she got, okay. And this, my favorite "u said ideally men handle finances & women handle cooking. WELL now its a LOT OF WOMEN who handle the finance so roles r CHANGING. jus sayin back then women had nothing BUT TIME 2learn how 2cook now women r in school, working & all that so yall need 2b PATIENT." Well its funny you guys said that, and I will address all of this. One thing you have to remember is that I am speaking from a mans point of view.

The one that stuck out to me was the last text in bold.The one about a lot of women have their own finances and don't have time to learn and all that. I understand what you saying but it don't make any kind of sense. When you are a child, you learn to wash clothes, clean your room, guys learn to shave, women learn how to handle being on their period, so on and so on. I'm not saying you should learn how to cook NOW, of course you don't have time. You are out partying and going to college, getting in unsuccessful relationships and can't figure out why shit just aint working out. I'm saying you should have learned to cook back when you was in grade, middle and high school, right when you was learning to do laundry. To prepare you for YOUR future. So YOU can feed YOURSELF. It has nothing to do with cooking for a man. So lets talk about the patience part which I found tickling. You want me to be patient so you can learn how to cook when you could have learned how to cook long time ago? I mean you have to eat to live right? You eat everyday. It hasn't dawned on you that you can't cook every time your stomach growl? So instead of learning how to cook which saves you money in the long run you just eat out, buy hot pockets, pizzas, all that. If you got a foreman grill, kudos to you, that's a start.

But why do I have to be patient for you to catch up on something you could have learned growing up? Are you going to be patient with me until I get my funds up? Are you going to be patient with me while I learn how to fuck? Are you going to be patient with me as I learn how to comfort you and make you feel like a lady? Hell naw, you gone leave and be with someone who has all their shit together. Why? Because in your mind you feel like a man should have all that together before you meet him. I personally feel like if you didn't take the time to learn something stuff growing up you wont ever take the time to learn it. Rather it be making friends with people, dating and what it takes to make something work, being social, all that. You just don't learn math, english, science, and social studies in school. You learn how to deal with people, how to problem solve, you learn about yourself, who to associate with and who not to associate with. ALL THAT. I mean, at least I did.

I keep hearing "roles are changing." Okay lets dissect that shall we? I understand that women have since evolved since the 60's and 70's. Women want to have their own money, they want to be more established, okay. I understand and RESPECT that. I want all women to have money and power, that shit turn me on. A chick in a nice car with her own shit.. They get the grade A penis from Dizzy! Don't say roles are changing though because even with that said you still want a man to be just that, a man. Females roles are changing. So what exactly is it that you want from a man? Can any female answer that. What is it that you want from a man? If you bring home your own bacon, if you got your own shit, what is it that you need a man to do these days. I'm not being sexist, I'm saying women should stay at home, I'm simply asking. What do you want the relationship to be like? What is it you want the man to do? I'm asking so I can know for myself for when I decide to get in a relationship.

If you are only going to think about yourself then that's cool. If you are going to date and be with someone then you have to change your thought process and include making someone else happy.

end of part 1.

So you can't cook??

To all the women who can't cook.. HOW DARE YOU!

Every female that I seem to run across can't cook but they hit me with this line "I'm learning though." That's like me saying, "naw, I don't know how to fuck but I'm learning though." Wouldn't that make you frown ya face up? Back in the day, waaaay back waaaaay back, women took care of the home and the man took care of the finances. This is what I heard anyway. Today's woman still want a man to have finances but they don't know how to take care of the home. I just don't understand how a woman can still ask for a man to be a ideal man if they can't be the ideal woman. Sure you can dress and look good, sure you can club and get in for free, sure you can take cute pictures for myspace and twitter but what else can you do? Can you do any tricks? How can you say you looking for a "real man" when you not even a "real woman." It's not just about the cooking so let me back up and clear things up.

When a man is teaching a man how to be a man, its the conversation that a man has with the boy that teaches him. As he cut the grass for money, he schools him the importance working for money is. When he is fixing the car in the garage, he tells him how important it is you learn how to fix things on your own instead of waiting around for someone else. When the mom cleans the house and cook dinner, the dad secretly tells the boy to tell his mom how good the food is and say thank you for everything. It's things like that that a man teaches a boy through conversation as they are growing up. With a woman, if you don't know how to cook, it means certain conversations didn't take place. The things women talk about in the kitchen when men aren't present is very important and you didn't have that. You probably didn't notice your mom cleaning up around the house or how she comforted your dad after a long day at work. Now I might be looking tooo deep into this. I know but I can only go by the things I have witnessed. The girls that do know how to cook often know how to keep a man happy just a little bit more then the ones who can't cook. I know I'm probably pissing a lot of females off right now but I just couldn't take it anymore. You get a man with your looks but you need to learn how to KEEP the man. Same thing goes with a man. We get the woman with looking like we about something. Shooting a little game at her.. But after that, we have to learn how to KEEP the woman.

I know some are thinking, why don't you just learn how to cook so that won't be a problem. Well I do know how to cook so that aint the issue. What man wants to play the role of the woman all the time? What woman will be fine with a man cooking and cleaning in the relationship? What will you do then? Other then have sex that is.. These are real questions! I blame the new generation. Single parents are fucking up the way the world turns. Single parents raises kids who will be single forever! O well. I'm a go cook me some lunch right now and say fuck it. Peaaaaaaaace!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fucking vs Making Love vs Quickie

Sexual intercourse - heterosexual intercourse involving penetration of the vagina by the penis.

Fucking, Making love and quickie are not defined in the dictionary so I figured id try and break it down so that it will forever be broke! All the shit the same, there is no difference. It is something that we made up to feel special when we are having sex with someone. Can you make love with someone for 5 minutes or is that a quickie? Can you fuck to slow music, candles and light 4 play? Can you think its making love but the partner think yall just fucking? What kind of connection do you have to have? It's all the same, penetration. I mean don't get me wrong, I know there are differences but why is what I'm asking. I know girls who prefer to be fucked but how do you make 'fucking' feel special? Like if you want it to be right.. Do you light candles, play some sade, get the strawberries and then fuck? Do you make love to cut buddies? {random but a good question}.. WAIT!! Shit just hit me.. When you 'make love' to a woman, is that where she gets her feelings from? Because yall "made" the love? Random, don't mind me.

I honestly don't care what I call it. If Keri Hilson came to me and said "I want a quickie" I'm a make love to that tall heffa for 5 mins. If I don't have shit to do and can have sex, I might go for 30 mins or so.. Play some R-Kelly and light candles so I can see and take my time. Kiss and lick her all over because she looked tasty in her outfit that day and she might label it making love because I took my time.. But.. Does it count that I only took my time because I had nothing else to do? If this girl hit me up that be avoiding me and we have sex.. I might 'Fuck' her for a long ass time.. Change the position about 5 different ones.. Pound her shit out, deep stroke, short stroke, eat the chocha, smack her ass, choke her, etc.. But I'm doing these things with intentions of hurting her because she been avoiding me. That to me is fucking but she might tell her girl friends that we made love because of the shit I did. Idk. I mean, it's all just words to me. It's all sex to me at the end of the day. I feel you should always take yo time and just go all out. Why? Because if you something goes wrong and a baby pops up.. Now you gotta spend 18 plus years raising something that took 3 minutes to make. I feel like some one was getting the short end of sex and started making up terms to justify as to why they were getting what they was getting. Its all a mental thing, just like everything else people gas up. O well.. What you think? Peaaaaace! @EDotDizzy {twitter flow}

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Crash site.. Ground zero

Have you ever rode past a crash site on the highway? You try to slow down just a little so you can see if anyone was killed or how bad the cars look. You know that someone is hurt but you don't know how hurt and hope they are alright. You cringe as you pass by it just hoping things are okay.

Meeting a woman who is still recovering from a broken heart feels the same way to me. I walk on egg shells around them because no matter what you say it might remind them of the crash. They often think back on the heartache and just seem so out of it. I have talked to a few females who were heartbroken and still dealing and its not easy hearing them talk about it. I mean, its just like a crash. You don't know what happen, you don't know who fault it is, all you know is that someone is still hurt from it. Specially if you are trying to get at them and didn't know about the crash, its all bad. They ask you about your ex's and you tell them. You ask them about their ex's and they spill their guts on how hurt they really are. No matter how hard they try to mask their emotions, they deal with them everyday. Just like a broken arm, burns, bruises a heart takes time to heal. A heart don't have bandages though, it don't have cream you can put on it and you can't pop any pills to make the pain go away.. The only that can heal it is time. I know a lot of people who have been heartbroken and they act and talk just like someone who was in a real crash. "It was just fine then all of a sudden, it was over" I know this is a unexpected comparison but it makes sense to me. Its just sad because the damage is done and someone is hurt. The crash plays over and over in their head and it sucks. I don't have a moral to this or anything. I was just talking to someone who heart was broken and this crossed my mind. So.. Yeah.. Peaceee! @EDotDizzy (hit me on dat twitter)

Friday, November 20, 2009

How do you let a man know he aint pleasing you? -J.Lavii

So my homie J Lavii asked me how do you tell a man that he isn't pleasing you. How do you tell him without hurting his feelings..

Well it might be more simple then you thought. A lot of people in general know how to please maybe two or three people. You develop a routine, even if you don't realize it. So it's not that he bad in bed, he just use to pleasing someone else and needs to break out of his routine. This is of course only matters if he has a "package." Meaning if he not pleasing you because his dick too small you might have a problem houston. If that isn't the case then you good money and the problem can be fixed.

I once dealt with a female who gave horrible head. Like she was doing it all wrong, too much teeth, not enough spit, grabbing it too hard, everything you can think of was wrong. I wanted to just stop dealing with her all together but I figured if I taught her how to do it properly it will stick with her forever. It took all of three times and a few pornos and we were rocking like cut off stockings. I just lied and said she was good but if she did it like this she would be that much better. I don't know how she took it but she listened and it was nice!

I had a girl friend that I will never forget. Right out of high school I dated a girl who was like 3 or 4 years older then me. I didn't know much about fucking and giving head, I mean I wasn't fucking like that in school. Well this was right when Trey Songz first cd just came out. One day I went down on her and came back up and she was like "What was that boy?" She told me that I was doing it all wrong and needed to learn quickly! I wasn't hurt, my ego wasn't crushed because deep down inside I knew I didn't have that much experience in it. So from "Just gotta make it" to the "Just gotta make it remix" which is the last song, my head was between her legs. She was a great coach. My facial hair was soaked, my wife beater smelled of her and my bed was soaking wet but I learned a lot. I don't fuck with her no more but I still have the skills.

So to you, the best way you can do it without him even noticing is to watch porn with him. All guys watch porn so if he hit you with that line "Naw, I don't watch that shit", he lying. Watch it and ask him, why don't you try that on me or why haven't we did that. Get him in the mode of learning new shit, and this is when you slip in how he can please you. Stroke his ego while teaching him some new tricks. Guys all think they are the best in the bedroom so try not to step on his pride while trying to catch a nut. Sex is easy, sticking the pee pee in the coo coo. Simple. But Good sex requires skill, practice and patience. You have to have all of that with him as you teach him your temple. How to please you. If you try that, if you try and teach him new tricks and he still don't get it right.. You might have to be like "nigga you aint fucking me right and you better get with it before I fuck your home boy who been low key trying to fuck since you introduced us!" Hahaha, that might work! Hope this helps though homie. Peaaaaaace!! Hit me on twitter, @EDotDizzy

Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I shallow DizZ? Dating people with kids..

Am I shallow for not wanting to date a guy with kids? -Ash.P

I know I'm a catch hell for writing this but, O well. No your not shallow at all. My mom was a single parent and her having a boyfriend always fucked with me. Mainly because they would break up and he would disappear and her mood would change. I got attached to one of her boyfriends. He was cool as shit but they didn't mesh to well. Probably cause he was a kid in a grown up body now that I think about it. I always promised myself that I would stray away from dating a woman with kids because of that.

So Ash.P told me her situation and I don't blame her for asking the question cause it is a good one. Can you really find happiness in someone who you have to share? Think about it.

You would get mad if you had to share me with another female. So why can't I feel the same about your kid? The kid will always come before me, the kid will always be there. Your schedule is based on the child and all of your decisions will be based on the child. Who am I to ask you to change that? I HAVE to share you! I have to share your time and your love. You can never give me 100% of you and if you ever gave me 100% of yourself to me I wouldn't like you anymore because your kid is more important.

I think the person with the kids don't understand the thought process of folks who don't want to be with them because of the kid. They might think you are shallow. They might tell you their kid wont matter. That might be true to them but it matters to you and will always matter to you. I have to like you, and the kid. I don't really like kids that much so I doubt I will like yours and then tolerate the stuff kids do. Its just messy and I don't want mess nor do I want you to lose respect for me because I feel this way. Its a hard thing to just come out and say. Yes we connect in every way and I like you but.. I can't be with you because of this. It's the hardest thing to say because you feel as if they will look at you different.

I just know how I get when I date and I'm too selfish to share you with someone who has no choice but to be there. I have friends with kids and they always have baby daddy drama. I honestly hate all drama and drama that might not ever go away is horrible. My mom told me not to have kids so I can have my freedom to move freely. I tried my hardest not to have a kid so dating someone with a kid seems to be ending up in the same place.

So, are you shallow for not wanting to date a guy with kids, no. Not to me you don't because I understand exactly why you don't want to. You love attention, you want that person to yourself, you don't want anyone else to intervene in your happiness. Will that person understand you, probably not. What do you do? I have the slightest idea. To tell or not to tell is the question. But I don't think your shallow.

Confessions of Stalker

I don't know you personally. I know that I am not your type so I don't even waste your time by introducing myself to you. You stay upstairs from me but it feels as if we are worlds apart. We live in a small town so I see you often. Rather it be at the library, wal-mart, the club, the lounge, any other place the stars align us to be at the same time. You have stayed upstairs from me for like a year or so, so I have seen the guys you brought in and out. I've heard the arguments you've had with them as well.

I've heard you laugh and I've heard you cry. I mean, I know you think that when you close your door and go to your room your alone but your not. These walls are thin. I've seen you come in wasted and screaming into your phone to ya home girls that you don't know how you made it home driving. I often wish that we bumped into one another at the mail box but even if we did, I would not know what to say. I get nervous around beautiful women even though you sometimes feel insecure about your looks. I don't think I'm a stalker. I mean, I don't want to harm you or nothing. I don't want to have sex with you. I do often find myself stare at you though. When I seen you at wal-mart getting fruit and whine I had to snap out of it. I was staring at you like you was a unicorn or something. You didn't notice me and I'm glad cause if you seen me, I'm sure you would have called the police! Your beautiful though, and you are alone. You don't have to be alone.. Nor do you have to feel like your alone cause I'm here.

Like I said, I don't know much about you but from what I've picked up... I like you. Your a special individual. Peace.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fuck Thanksgiving but pass the stuffing.. and the weed

Okay so I'm blazing with my bro (kids just say no to drugs) and realize something.. America is kinda fucked up. I'm watching something on television about astronauts and space travel. The weed had me thinking, why in the hell are they looking for life on other planets? Why are they looking for alien life form on other planets? As those thoughts ran through my head I started thinking about the pilgrims and Indians. How the Indians came to America to discover it and took this shit over!

We celebrate Thanksgiving when a bunch of white men came over here, ate their food, said thanks for giving us your land and killed them off. Built McDonalds and Old Navys and called everyone else who came to this land for a better future immigrants.

So I'm thinking, are they trying to do the same thing with planets? To see if they can find life form on another planet so they can take that bitch over, stick an american flag up, kill the life form and call the day it took place Thanksgiving? Y'all better be cool. If you think we the only life form with weapons in this big ass galaxy, you a damn fool! I just want to know what they looking for and why they looking! This was one of those high thoughts. Don't mind me I'm buggin out hahaha. Follow me on twitter though @EDotDizzy

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best spring break ever pt.1

Spring break in college this year will be boring seeing how I was too broke to go to Cancun with the cool folks. I could have went home for break but I decided to stay in my dorm and chill. All my roommates were gone, and I could finally relax and CLEAN!

Third day into the break and I've cleaned everything. Get on facebook and posted "Decided to stay in dorm for spring break. Cleaned up, about to cook and nap. Holla at me!" I Didn't know folks was still in the dorm so when I got a knock on the door, it caught me off guard. "Who is it?" Some light, raspy voice replied back and said "Me." I don't know who me is. I opened the door and to my surprise it was a girl I called "Pretty Eyes." I don't think I know her real name. I see her on campus all the time and we had English 102 together. Whenever I wasn't sleep in class I would flirt with her. Nothing too much cause I see how she get attacked by all the thirsty niggas around here.

I had on my Jordan shorts, flip flops no socks. She had on a wife beater, pink sweat pants from Victoria secrets and thong sandals. She looked me up and down and I looked her up and down! She seen my body art, my abs and all that, yeah ya boy be working out! She was cute as hell in her dorm wear. Both seeing one another in a way we've never seen each other was weird but I invited her in.

I was about to cook dinner, for one of course but I cooked more for her. We have never kicked it before. I was kinda confused, so I asked "Girl u know u don't fuck with me, to what do I owe this visit?" "Boy you know you my boo" and then she laughed.

We chopping it up, and hours are flying by. We eat, clean then clean the kitchen. Now sitting in the living room watching Everybody Hates Chris. She get up to use the bathroom, which is in my room. I got nervous.. I hope it ain't condom wrappers in the trash.. I don't know what made her come to kick it with me and I don't want to ruin my chances of advancing in this "friendship". Maybe she just bored and just wanted to pass the time. POSSIBLY! Maybe she been checking me out and finally wanted to kick it. Yeah the fuck right! That a be the day... She taking for ever to come back out so I go to my room only to find her laying in my bed watching Everybody hates Chris... Do I make a fine ass woman get out of my bed and come back to the living room? UMMM, NOO! I giggle and sit on the edge of the bed. She kicks and signals me to come lay next to her, so I do. Sex has not crossed my mind one time. As we watching tv, we both fall asleep..

Best spring break ever pt. 2

I wake up only to find her not next to me. First I think that she just wanted a cuddle buddy, on some silly shit. I admit, I got mad. Every time I get my hopes up on finding a chick I can just be myself around, they be on some other shit. Just when I get up to take my morning piss, the front door close. I look in the kitchen and pretty eyes had a bag of food, pancake mix, eggs, bacon, and juice. She changed her clothes, she now had her hair wrapped, another wife beater on and some purple pink sweats from Victorias. I smile at her while she on the phone and cooking then take a shower. While I'm washing my body she opens the door and asks me do I like cheese eggs. I say yes and she closes the door. I get out the shower, dry off, get dressed and go to the kitchen. She was just finishing up the breakfast. I feel like I'm dreaming. Only because this is the girl that EVERY guy on campus has tried to get at and she is in here cooking me cheese eggs. Her name is Tiffani. I remember it from facebook. She finally spoke and said "I don't even be busting out my cooking skills for dudes so you better enjoy it. Even if you don't lie to me and say that you do lol!" I nodded as I ate it fast as hell. So we talking and eating and it feels so.. Natural. Like I'm not trying to make her smile or make her feel comfortable. I'm just being me and she seems to be enjoying my company.

She tells me about her family and what brought her to Atlanta for school. She tells me how she been single for about two years and celibate for nine months. I tell her how I been single for three years and celibate for a few days, don't judge me!! She laughs and finally tells me why she came over.

"I notice how you be on your solo shit DizZ. To be honest, when you didn't harass me for my number like everyone else, I started respecting you more. I know what these guys want, they want my goodies! I ain't fucking with these losers like that, I don't need dick. I got a few toys in my room that keeps me satisfied. I peep your crazy ass statuses out and I read your blogs, you different from the rest of these guys. When I seen you was still in your room for break I decided to see what you was about. I honestly thought you was gone prove me wrong by trying me but you didn't try me and that made me like you even more. All the shit I heard about you was completely wrong. I know you like daaaamn, what the hell Tiffany doing here lol. Its all good DizZ, I'm feeling you. Don't fuck it up though, most guys fuck it up. I got faith in you though!"

I'm not even gone lie, I got butterflies after she said all that. I haven't had those in a very long time! I can't stop smiling.. I tell her to move out the way so I can clean the kitchen. She pokes me in my side and tell me don't be rude, asses get kicked for less.

After we clean the kitchen and crack jokes on one another we go to my room. I let her hear my music and she has this puzzled look on her face after a few songs. "Is that you?" I don't know why I get that question all the time. I reply back "yes, why would I lie lol?" She tells me to play them over again.

When I get done letting her hear some of my music, she comes over to my computer and scrolled through my iTunes play list and plays some Isley Brothers. "Lets Dance. I haven't slow danced in a long time. Do you mind?" Who am I to tell her no? I pull her close to me and danced to the longest song ever. I didn't mind though, I mean, it was pretty eyes from English!

She puts her head on my chest and thanks me. Said she hasn't felt this comfortable her entire time here for school, which has been like 2 years. I mean, I didn't feel right saying thank you because I was just doing me. "I wonder how everyone will react seeing us together once spring break is over." When she said that my heart started jumping. Her saying that let me know she wanted this to last longer then a few days. "I don't care what people think girl, haven't you realized that by now." This song was only five minutes but it feels like we have been slow dancing for five hours. We didn't even talk, just danced and vibed out. I admit, I kinda like where this is going.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Best spring break ever pt.3

Its now Saturday and people are starting to come back to the dorms. We have been kicking it real tight for the past couple of days. I kind of forgot the rest of the world existed to be honest. We stay up all night talking and joking and spend all day hitting the city. Atlanta can be a very romantic city, if you know where to go and what to do. I kinda don't want folks to know about us. When people find out, that's when it usually falls apart. I'm not gone lie, I started to develop strong feelings for her.

We chilling in my bed watching tv and she says, "I been looking for a guy like you for a very long time. Literally praying and looking for a guy like you. I guess my prayers BEEN answered since English class." Usually its me telling a female how I like her so much but this time its the other way around. I have had a lot of false alarms with females, A LOT! Something about this though seemed to be real, very real. Thing is, we haven't even kissed yet. I haven't tried to have sex with her or make a move, we just kicking it. Haven't done this, EVER. We not worried about tittles or nothing. Nothing came in the way of us getting to know one another. True its only been a couple days but I like it and I'm a run with it.

I told her my roomates will be back in a hour and don't want them to see her leaving my room as if we just had sex. She agreed and said she needs to go back to her room and greet her roomates as if she been missing them. I walk her to the door and give her a hug. She started to walk out the door then came back and gave me a kiss. This was one of those movie kisses! She grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer, slid tounge in and everything. She was a good fucking kisser!! I swear it went in slow motion and I was enjoying every last bit of it. She stood back and smiled then walked away. My heart was jumping and butterflies was flying all around my gut.. I was confused though on what we was. We never established what direction we was going in. All I know is that she had horrible experiences with guys and I couldn't fuck it up.

I get on facebook to change my status and on the home page it read, "Tiffany P. Just spent the best 4 days of her life with my new boy friend." That let me know exactly what I needed to know. I got me a Ms. DizZy! I change my status to "Just spent the best 4 days of my life with my new girl friend." Of COURSE people are going to be nosey and put two and two together but.. I don't care, hell I just spent the best 4 days of my life with my new girl friend!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Calling an Apple an Orange..

A lot of you would look at me funny and call me crazy if I looked at this picture and called it an orange right? If I stood there in your face and argued to you that it was an orange you would question if I had some type of mental problem. If I told you that if you took the seeds out of this apple and it would grow an orange tree, how would you look at me? If I told you that I wanted to take this apple and make six cups of orange juice, you would stop being my friend wouldn’t you in fear that I have completely lost my mind and lost my hold on reality, right? You would, don’t lie.

Well when you tell me about your relationship, the same thoughts run through my head. I mean, you clearly have an apple but treating it like an orange. He doesn’t really talk to you but you swear you guys have great communication and he is just going through something right now. You save yourself for him while he out doing whatever with whoever but you is so sure that he will make you his girl one day. He is a part time lover getting full time lover benefits. When you talk to your girls and describe what you have, they look at you like you’re crazy but you reply with “Yall just don’t understand what we have.” Well that’s because you don’t even understand what you two have. You have an apple treating it like an orange. In turn you look crazy and it appears that you have lost your grip on reality.

When you lay yourself to sleep at night, you tell yourself that everything will be okay and that tomorrow might be the day the apple actually turns into an orange. You are not a magician and the chances of you being the one turning an apple to an orange is slim to none. It usually takes heartache for one to realize that the apple is in fact an apple and not an orange. It’s like you fall, hit your head and it knocks some sense in your head but you have a scar on your heart instead of your head. Sit back and evaluate what you actually have and not what you wish you had. You will save time and heartache. Peace and love. Dizzy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Truth... or Dare.. or Threesome?

It was us 4, the gang. We get up all the time and just hang out since we were the only 4 out of the friends who was still single for some reason. We have movie nights then do some opposite sex bashing after wards. Me, Mike, Kim and Syd, the 4 musketeers. So we watched the movie then as we started opposite sex bashing, Mike pulled out 2 blunts and sparked up.. Shit.. We all hit that shit. Syd got up and got some goose.. 4 shot glasses.. We all hit that shit. We don't usually get this threw back but I guess the stars and the moon were aligned perfectly that night. We sat up laughing and shit, cracking jokes on one another about our bad relationships. Mike just got out of a relationship like 2 weeks ago, that bitch is crazy low key. Kim and Syd, 2 black semi bitter black women let his ass have it cause his ex is white. Ironically shortly after we was blazing and drinking he said he had to go home, "he had to work in the morning." This negro phone was going off like hell, his ex was on em hard!

He leave, the blunts are finished, the goose is put up, nothing to do so I decide we should play truth or dare. Now looking back, it had to be the liquor to make them agree but they were down and so was I! I let Kim go first cause she seemed to be DUPER eager to play. "Diz, truth or dare?" I say dare, I AINT NO BITCH lol. "I dare you to kiss Syd!" Syd is pretty as hell so I was down off top, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Naw, that aint no damn kiss. Don't be no bitch dizzy and kiss her!!" So I licked my lips and got em juicy and kissed her. How dare she try to put me on blast like that. So it was Syd turn and she instantly looked at me.. "I dare you to lick Kim neck! LOL!!" I didn't see what was soo funny and was starting to think they was trying to turn this into a blue ball game. I leaned over and licked her neck as instructed. I didn't want to be the one to not follow rules in such a great game! So its my turn, I turned the tables. "I dare you (Kim) to kiss her." I'm thinking she gone back out but she giggled then leaned over and kissed her.. Now this is when things got interesting because they were kissing for longer then they were suppose to. Kim then grabbed the back of her neck.. I started to get turned on.. Then that's when it got kinda crazy. =D

So fast forward because they was kissing for a minute.. I was just watching. Kim bagged back and Syd went to cut the lights off. I didn't know if they have ever done this before but I'm sure glad they doing it now! So as Syd comes back to the bed she taking off her clothes.. First goes the shirt, then the pants then the socks.. I look over to Kim and she has already taken off her clothes. I all of a sudden felt, "over dressed" for the festivities but didn't want to include myself in their little love affair so I played it cool like a fly on the wall. I was sitting with a stiff dick confused not knowing what to do. So Kim and Syd start going at it, all kissing and foreplay. Nobody took it to that next level.. Not until Syd spoke finally "So you got the dick we want and you still over there stuck on stupid mode." I swear its like all my clothes were break away cause it seem like I just pulled EVERYTHING off. Shirt, pants, socks, shoes bitch WIPE ME DOWN!

I have never done this before, take two girls at the same time. I didn't know if my mini me was up for it and didn't want to put too much pressure on him. Ha! Like I can take down 1 girl no problem but 2? I'm nervous at first till Kim take my dick out and just starts sucking it like she has been wanting it forever. Mind you I have never came at them like this, seen them naked, nothing.. I mean we flirt but, hell who don't? So she sucking me and it gotta be the best head I've ever had. Syd starts kissing on Kim then get behind her and start eating her out. By this time we all naked and its a beautiful site. It was like I was looking down on the whole thing, sexy! So Kim is sucking me and Kim is eating her, then they switch. Syd was better then Kim. Kim was prissy with it but it was good. Syd however was nasty. She started spitting and using both hands. I had to think about Final Exams and the last season of The Game to keep from nutting all over the place. I pushed her off me, get my composure together cause I wanted to show them both, I was the shit. Syd started talking shit "So is this too much for you huh? Give it to me, where the fuck you going?" That low key turned me on. Kim started laughing, a little too hard for comfort.

So, I turn Syd around, grab a condom off the dresser and slid in. I felt I had something to prove now. I start and at first I'm going slow then I started going ham! I was pulling her hair and choking her at the same time. She was in heaven! She started creaming instantly! Kim sat in front of Syd and was playing with her titties. Syd was loving what I was doing, even if SHE tried to front, her pussy was letting me know I was doing a good job. Kim got bored, "Um bitch, you had enough. Its my turn now!" We all laughed as I pulled out. Syd got up and went to the kitchen. That's when I attacked Kim ass. Kim and Syd had two different body types. Syd was slimmer then Kim. I loved Kim's hips. I put her on her side, hiked one leg up and slid in. Now normally that's all I do, but I had to get deeper, and I did.. Once I got deep I slowly started stroking her like a porn star. She didn't speak or anything.. Her facial expressions spoke volumes though. I started to go harder and harder and harder till I felt like I was gone break her in half. Her body tensed up and she started moaning and.. her pussy started squirting.. Like.. I was stroking and water (or whatever it was) was splashing all over me but I wasn't gone stop. She was shaking and biting her lip and I lost it. I busted a scary movie nut!!! Syd came in and got mad! "So I get some juice and this bitch get juice all over my bed?! I hate both of yall.. Get off my shit." She wasn't really mad, she just got a bitchy sense of humor.. I couldn't get up.. And didn't.. We all slept in the same bed that night.. I felt lucky as shit! "So who turn is it on truth or dare" Kim asked as she slid on her panties and got into bed. We all laughed. I don't think I'll tell Mike the next day.. I'm sure he wouldn't have believed me or would have gotten pissed! O wEll!! Peaaaaaaaaaace!!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye West, the outspoken hero

So the talk of the night is how Kanye is such an ass for taking the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the VMA's, which by the way was boring as hell. Granted he did take her spotlight, but he didn't disrespect her at all I don't feel. When he grabbed the mic he said "congrats Taylor, im happy for you. I really am." So it's not like he said bitch you whack and you don't deserve this award.

Lets look at the facts. Taylor Swift was in the promo commercials for the VMA's and the promo for Rhapsody. No kawinkdy dink that she won the only award she was nominated for. All the videos she was up against was last summer SMASHES! Lady Gaga with poker face, Beyonce with Single Ladies, Pink and Katty Perry. All those songs came out LAST summer and Taylor Swift shit came out a few months ago. How did she win against all those smashes? Cause its POLITICS! You be in our commercials and we will give you an award. She wasn't suppose to win that, it just isn't possible. It aint like viewers voted, its all politics. So him snatching the mic was much more then Taylor Swift, it was speaking up on the politics thats apart of music.

You got a network that is called Music Television that shows NO VIDEOS all day.. Well, they do show them at 4am. No more Diary, no more making the vidoe, no more TRL... Nothing. So you cut down the music videos and snatch it away from the public then snatch awards from people who should be winning them such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce. A lot of you "rappers" and "singers" need to stop thinking its about talent.. POLITICS! Politics as usual.

So yes, Kanye took the spotlight from a little innocent 19 year old country singer by the name of Taylor Swift but he spoke out against the bullshit MTv and BET be on when it comes to music artists. If they don't want you successful you won't be, period. Why you think Young Jeezy hasn't won ANY major awards? Did he not have the summer on smash in 2005? He didn't win shit from BET, MTV, Grammy, Viewers Choice.. Why? Cause he talking about trapping and all that other shit. I don't condone it but if you smash like that you HAVE to win something. Best new artist, a sticker, a gift bag or something. They picking and choosing who they want to win and be in the spotlight and for ANY up and coming artist that should make you furious.

Since yall speaking on how Taylor Swift is only 19 and innocent and should not have had that happen to her, what about Soulja Boy? He only 18 or 19 and having fun with music but EVERYONE blames the death of hip hop on him. Rappers, actors, tv personalities are all bashing him for having fun entertaining. No one said, aw man they should stop talking about him like that, he is just a kid. FUCK YALL, selective sensitivity is what I call it. Soulja Boy had the biggest single with superman and didn't win ANY awards.. BUT the hoe Jennifer Hudson didn't drop a damn cd yet and won best new artist over Lupe Fiasco at the grammy's.. How was she even in the running? So we picking folks out of movies to be winners now? POLITICS! Lighten the hell up. I commend Kanye, speaking up on the music networks for cutting back on videos and artists. Fuck off and wisen up. Hit me up on dat twitter @EDotDizzy Peaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Single.. and.. Loving it? Riiight....

So I questioned a lot of women and asked them did they enjoy being single and ALL of them responded "I'm single and enjoying it." All except one and her words were "bullshit!!! Only real women are honest to say when the weekend comes around being single is a pain in the ass, girls night gets old after a month. It was fun for a month or two after that its hell. Specially when u stay by urself!!!"

Now I'm curious to know what does it mean to be single and "loving it". All the girls that I meet that are single and loving it say they love it because they don't have to answer to anyone, no drama and don't have to deal with the bullshit that comes along with dating. I can understand that. So I ask them, who do you have sex with because we all want to bust a nut every now and then and masturbation can only go so far. You got a cut buddy or buddies? How many dates do you go on till you get tired of not having just someone to do everything with and call your own? I mean, the party life is great at the start but for how long can you go to the same clubs seeing the same damn faces. Meeting the saaame damn people over and over with different faces has to take its toll after a certain point of time. Right? So how long do you stay single and loving it before you start dating again.. Like.. What clicks in your head that you want someone to call your own?

When you're single you are subject to just as much drama if not MORE drama then you would with someone. Its more people to deal with in all honesty. That is just my opinion though, don't hold me to that. But seriously how long do you stay single and loving it before you no longer love it. You go home alone every night and even if you go home with someone different every once in awhile you still feel alone cause its nothing there. Being alone starts to sink in after a certain point in time when you have no one to talk to. Yeah you avoid the drama and answering to someone but after awhile you want to answer to someone. You want someone to ask you, where you finna go.. When you coming home? What you want for dinner? Want me to rub ya feet? How was your day? Things of that nature..

So are you really single and loving it or is it something you say to just date around? You date around and love it only to realize that it gets boring after a certain point of time? What are you actually loving is what I want to know. When do you stop loving it and start dating? Or is that something you to tell yourself every night when you wish you had someone to call your own? Just my thoughts.. I'm out.. Peaaaaaaaaaaceee!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things women say to get out of having sex....

After my case study, a fun and interesting case study.. These are the things women tell guys to get out of having sex. . . .

"I'm on my period" <----- CLASSIC
"I'm sleepy"
"I'm trying to be celibate"
"My stomach hurt"
"Gotta go to church in the morning" <---- Just wrong, using the church tho? hahaha
"Not a good week"
"I got diarrhea" <----- @GL0 said that crazy shit
"I have a yeast infection" <----- @BeeMichelle said that lol
"Just got my hair done"
"Is that all we about" <----- CLASSIC!!
"Get off me" <----- @SINAFOLD is fucking rude but lol, thats the homie

All these are things niggas with BAD dick hear.. That's what they said lol. So guys if you hear any of these, step ya dick game up. BOW BOW!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Honey Moon Stage... BLAAAH

When you first get with someone you have this floating feeling that you finally found someone that can tolerate you. That makes you happy, makes you get butterflies. Y'all spend everyday together, y'all text one another all day talking about the last time y'all was together and the next time y'all gone be together. Y'all sit and talk about the future and kiss and all that shit. I believe that 90% of the people who feel like this at first are in a "Honey Moon Stage". A stage where you and your partner are in complete bliss. Certain shit NEVER come up when you're "getting to know someone." I put that in quotations because when you get to know someone, you really just figure out if their crazy and if y'all have a few things in common. Its never in depth. Well, almost never. The honey moon stage can last anywhere from a day to 3 or 4 months, maybe even longer. We be sooooooo caught up in the fact we finally got someone that we do nothing but try to please that person, to the MAX!! You avoid ANY arguments, any conversation that might end sour you avoid.. You don't hang with ya friends as much if at all anymore. Ya whole world stops.... and revolves around this person.. ... .... ..

Then it goes away for one of the partners. They start getting more distant, seem less interested, start getting an attitude for no reason. The honey moon stage is now over and this person now feels suffocated and don't care to be around you as much lol. Now this is when y'all really get to know one another. This is when the HONEST truth comes out. Ya ll have start having REAL conversations about certain shit including life, kids, religion, beliefs, future, expectations. If y'all last after this, y'all will be together for a long time.. If not.. Kiss the relationship goodbye. You start thinking "ew, what the fuck was I thinking" or "You gotta be the dumbest fucker I've ever met" or they seem less attractive..

I have come to the conclusion that I won't date a female during the whole honey moon stage. Just "deal" with them while we are in the honey moon stage. A lot of people don't share my views on life and all that. I'm usually looked at with a raised eyebrow when I speak my mind on certain shit. Often called an ass when I give my honest opinion. So its like I wait for them to finally see me for me. Then I wanna see if I still find them attractive. A lot of the time females I talk to get very funny looking after a certain period of time. My sister told me they've always looked funny, and that I just be over looking it. Then after I spend like a week or two with a female I start seeing EXACTLY who she is. You never know someone till you live with them, my mom told me that. She was correct.. Soon as we have our first argument, that's when I know its over and that's when it gets real. Might seem crazy and dumb but its weeded A LOT of females out. Try it

If you are dating someone, you can't add the honey moon stage into the time y'all have been together. When someone asks how long y'all been together, subtract that honey moon stage. Or if someone ask how long was ya longest relationship, subtract the honey moon stage and subtract the time you was actually thinking about breaking up with the person. You probably left with like a week or two. I mean, these are just my thoughts but I bet you start realizing some shit. lol. Stop being so damn thirsty and actually get to know someone.. IN DEPTH.. Stop this spot dating. If you get a boyfriend or girlfriend before you have sex, and you have a lot of boy friends and girlfriends over a short period of time.. You are not better then everyone else. It's still premarital sex. That was random but.. VERY important. Peaacee!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

My love.. Beautiful strong women..

I know that it may seem like I just bash women on here but that aint true. Yall feed off drama so that's what I feed yall. On the up and up I decided to express what kind of women I like.. Strong, beautiful, intelligent women. I love them with a passion. None of my girl friends have been over the top beautiful. None have had fat asses or big titties. I go off her mental. I can't go off beauty because my attitude won't allow me. Pretty girls sometimes have a lot of baggage, low self esteem, high ass standards, and attitudes that I can't deal with. Weak minded females always follow drama, easily persuaded, fall victim to distorted love over and over again. OVERLY independent women irk my fucking nerves. Look, I commend a woman on her shit, jobs, school, whatever else she may have going on but you will NEVER be fully independent. Why I say that? Because you will always need a man to be there and love you like a man should. None of that shit can hold you at night, love you, dick you down, take care of you.. A man can. As long as you want and or need something, you can't and will not be independent. I also have little shit I don't like such as whinning, dirty, out of tune with fashion, bad in bed, amongst other things, that keep me from really dating. I won't call it settling down, those who "settle" are never happy.

What really attracts me is a strong woman. A determined woman that is going after what she believes is hers. A woman who is strong mentally will always surpass a woman with beauty. I like "bitches" as well. I like a woman who is sweet AND can stand her ground with my crazy ass mouth. I throw a jab, I want you to combo my ass back. If you don't, I just lose interest over time. Reason I like strong women is because of my mom. She had me at 14. She was a damn baby when she had me. Sooo young that we was playing Nintendo together. But she had to make shit happen to take care of me and my sibblings. All my life, I've only seen her cry like twice. It wasn't over some dumb ass nigga breaking her heart or nothing like that. It was life that made her cry.. She kept 3 kids fed, clothed and at least halfway happy.. She did what she could. I seen that all my life so how could I go for something less? I can't.

I aint really interested from jumps by looks. I mean, she can't be just mongoose looking but I am more attracted to the conversation and connection. A girl keeps me by her attitude and if she is strong enough. Life is a bitch and a weak woman is soo unattractive. I have liked a woman I didn't really know before because I just got that vibe from her. Hearing her speak about certain shit, how she handles business and carry herself had me on her nuts! The world is HARD on women, specially black women and with fighting trying to keep their ground, they might lose sight on what's really important. Love and Happiness. Yeah, I'm on my Al Green shit. Yeah I'm impressed you got degrees and jobs and all that shit but can you make and keep a man happy? Can you take care of and mentally support a family with those degrees and jobs? A strong woman is worth gold to me. Hard to find. A lot of imitations, not the real thing tho. I might sound crazy but.. It's all good. You like what you like, I like what I like.. Peaaaace.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing to lose

I was laying back, thinking about gold diggers. Gold digging is looked down upon in the world but no one realizes that its done more then we like to admit. Of course you got the women like Kelis, lol, who have kids just to get a 55,000 check every month. But I've noticed that a lot of women, I'm not gone say all, but most women date and fall in love with a status. Men, when and if a guy falls in love, he falls in love with her personality and looks, not what job she has and car she drives. I never had a guy friend say "I can't fuck with her, she broke bro." I never heard that. I have heard a female say this though "I like him but I can't be with him, he don't have a car."

When a woman sees a man, some women anyway, she notices his attire first. Check his shoes, see if their clean, see if his tee clean, if he got a hair cut, etc. When women step out the house looking "rough" they think men are being thirsty when they try to holla. Naw, we just don't care about that other shit yall seem to care about. Why do some men lie about the shit they got when they meet women? DUH, cause if he told you the truth you probably wouldn't want to deal with him. If he told you he was broke, no car, and jobless but liked you, you proabably wouldn't take him serious. I know because I've heard females talk about broke niggas.

It's much easier for women to make a come up in the world these days. A guy can't go find a woman with money and just get her pregnant.. Why? Cause a woman wants a man with a status, and or money and even if she slipped up and got pregnant she can just get rid of the guy and just take care of the baby on her own. Yeah, I've thought about doing that, lol, so what! A guy will date a broke female and marry her and all that, No problem. They do it all the time. I just know certain niggas would not be getting play if they didn't appear to have something to offer.

I know females who have fucked a guy JUST because he had money or something. He could be ugly as hell but she ignored all that just to get a piece of him. She could hate his personality but ignore that just to get close to him. To see what it feels like to fuck a man with a status. Idk about all but like I said, I've been around and interacted with A LOT of women and this seems to be the case. This is why they are paying to lose. Men sometimes go after women with looks, some titties, a fat ass and in turn they are playing to lose. Both of which seem to be the ones with the most issues, attitudes problems etc. You can never rely on something you can buy or lose to make you happy. You can buy a woman titties, and an ass now.. A nigga can lose his money and status. Lets change that people. I based this blog on women because guys don't follow me lol. It would be like talkin to a brick wall. If YOU don't date and fuck statuses I'm sure you know somoene who does. I'm not just making this shit up, like most of yall think when it relates to you sooo much.. Peaaace..


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Women and Porn..

I was talking to a female and she joked and said I watch too much porn. I asked her did she watch porn at all and she shunned the idea of watching porn. Said it wasn't needed and she thinks people who watch it have some kinda issues. I wanted to throw a tomato at her goofy ass. Honestly I don't watch a lot of porn. I watched a lot of porn when I was younger and stumbled across the tapes in my moms closet, shhhhh. The more and more women I asked about porn, the more and more I started to get concerned. A lot of women look down on porn and those who watch it. Word of advice, that's how you learn new tricks. I say about 80% of the women who give head don't know what they doing and the same goes men who eat pussy. How will you learn if you don't ask, read or watch porn? People are too embarrassed to ask for advice on how to make their sex better. They think they shit already so asking is out of the questions. You niggas don't read unless its gossip, or a text message so reading is out of the question. PORN IT IS!!

Regardless if people want to admit it or not, sex is a HUGE factor in a relationship. If you ain't better then the next you gone be by yourself or be the "best friend". Whack shit. Same goes for women who don't masturbate. THEIR NOT TO BE TRUSTED! A woman that is not fully happy with their body and ain't doing shit about it like working out, eating better, etc is whack. Men know when a woman isn't fully comfortable in her own skin and we don't like it. A girl who puts a man dick in her mouth should at least know what she doing. A woman should know how to use her pussy to the MAX. A man should know how to use his dick and keep his woman on her toes. It just feels better when you know what you doing. Trust..

Porn isn't nasty. Specially if all they doing is fucking. 2 girls and a cup isn't porn. That's just trifling as hell. However, watching 2, 3, 4, 5 people have sex isn't nasty. They even have plots and shit for you movie lovers! Women, pop a porn in with ya dude or a dude you like and see how excited he get. See if ya sex don't start improving DRASTICALLY. Guys if a girl don't watch porn or masturbate.. There is a BIG chance her sex is dull and boring. Ladies, if a guy lie and say he don't watch porn, don't fuck with em because its a big chance he don't know what he doing. He just sticking it in and hoping to hit something. Or licking the hell out of you and annoying you. Not saying Porn is the tell all be all with sex and making ya shit better.. Just saying it would help those who need help. Women stop being so shy and self conscious and just enjoy it for what it is. Stop neglecting ya pussy when you don't have someone to have sex with. You better rub and love that kitty! You'll feel better and ya guy a like having sex with you. I can almost guarantee it. Then again, what do I know, I'm just a guy who talks to alll my guy friends about what they like and don't like then tell yall. GET ON IT!

If you don't watch porn or masturbate.. Why? What keeps you from rubbing yaself when you feel the urge to bust one? I'm really curious. Comment, PLEASE!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Social Net-not-Working

I was giving my lil brother advice on some shit and instructed him to NEVER get comfortable with social networks. I blame social networks such as myspace, facebook, twitter, tagged, etc for most of our social problems we have today. I know its a bit drastic but hey, I feel like its true. Problem number 1 is the lack of confidence people have today I blame on the internet. A guy might not ever speak to a female EVER and he see her everyday but send her a message on facebook confessing his dying love to her. The computer gives people a sense of security and they get too comfortable and it disables them socially. You got grown ass men confessing love over the web like their in high school writing love notes. The pics that people take got them feeling like a model and myspace got EVERY nigga with a mic and a computer feeling like the next Lil Wayne. Back when social networks wasn't so popular, when it was only myspace and blackplanet, you could still bump into someone and have a great conversation. You could call somoene and they answered, not hit ignore and text you right back saying "wassup, you called?" People use to love talking on the phone for hours now you can't stay on the phone for 15 mins with somebody with out something magically popping up.

As the years go by, I believe that more and more people will get acoustomed to sending messages and not actually talking. The last few females I've talked to I NEVER talked to them on the phone. It was weird as hell talking to them on the phone and hearing their voice cause I was so use to texting them. In turn, didn't work. I'm not anti social networks because I still have my myspace, facebook, and twitter I just don't talk to people seriously on them. I told a girl NOT to talk to me on twitter and to text or call me. Thing is... I sent her a text saying that and she replied to me on twitter. *SLAPS FOREHEAD* thats over with. I'm trying my hardest to break away from the social networking and texting. Well not that drastic, just someone that I would want to potentially be serious with. I don't know how yall feel about it but I know that I blame social networking for the lack of communication verbally between people these days. Just my thoughts though. Try NOT texting for a week or deactivating your facebook for a couple weeks. See what happens. Peace.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Heart left at the scene of the crime...

I never thought that she would cheat on me but then again, you can never put anything past anyone. We was dating for like 8 months and I thought we was good till I walked in on her having sex with some dude in MY bed.. On some Dru Hill shit. She thought I was out of town doing a show but I came back early only to find her not missing me like she said in the text 30 mins ago..

After we fought and I kicked her out, we started talking again and I ended up forgiving her. So I thought.. We didn't start dating again but we was picking up all the pieces. That was two years ago. I thought we was good because I finally decided we could be together again. Not smart.. I know. The thought of how we USE to be and how things USE to be made me want to give it another try. We haven't had sex in my house since before it went down. It was always at her place.. Not on purpose it just ended up like that. She said she wanted to do something sexy for me so I gave her the keys to my spot while I went out of town for a studio session. I didn't know what she had in mind but I said fuck it and gave it a shot.

So I walk in and she got some candles and shit lit. I walk up stairs to find her in the bed with the music and shit playing. Some sexy red shit on, she knew I liked. She was laying on top of the covers just waiting for me. I got instantly horny, just because I know how good she can be when she wants to be. I took my clothes off and got into bed. I laid on my back cause I guess she wanted to be in charge. She started kissing me and rubbing all on me. I don't know if it was the weed I smoked on the way home but when I looked at the doorway I seen ME. Like, I seen me the day I caught her cheating. I closed my eyes, shook my head and the image was gone. So she pulled my dick out and started goin haaaam! I loved it.. Stick with me because this where the weed had me tripping. It turned to an outer body experience and I was standing at the door way and I was watching her do things she does with me to the guy she was fucking when I caught her cheating. All the shit I thought she did only with me, I was watching her do with this other guy she barely knew. I don't know how well she knew him so I take that back. I was watching her have sex with this guy and she did nothing differently with him that she did with me. Sucked his dick the same, scratched his back the same.. Moaned the exact same.. She even called this nigga
daddy the same way.. I got soooo fucking mad and this actually hurt more then walking in on her.. I got up and had her leave. I couldn't do it no more. I suppressed this for 2 years and it finally hit me while in the act. She didn't know what the hell was going on but.. I did.. YA GOTTA GO.. I gotta move on.. PEAAACE!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Fucking on the job..

We always flirt, ALWAYS.. Since I started working here a year ago, we been flirting. She a say lil slick shit but I never paid it any attention. Since she broke up with her boyfriend two months ago she been a lil more affectionate, if you wanna call grabbing my ass that.. We never exchanged numbers, never talked about meeting up outside of work to kick it, none of that. I mean I just respected the fact she had a man but I gues since they broke up, it was fair game. Both working over night and it was dead as fuck! It was 4 people here including us. Since we both been working here for a minute, we knew where all the blind spots on the floor was, where people never went after a certain time, basically how to get away when on the clock. Whenever we worked together we use to spend our breaks together in the blindspot just talking about whatever. Today I felt was kinda different, she had been flirting with me super hard today and kept giving me that eye. I never actually had sex at my place of work before but I def wasn't scared though, just didn't have the opportunity. Our break was gone be very interesting.

We sat down in the aisle across from one another eating our 5 dollar foot longs we bought before Subway closed. 5 dolla! 5 dolla! 5 dolla foot lonnnng! My bad.. But she was telling me how she hasn't fucked in so long and it was starting to give her headaches. Me being a slick mouth bastard I replied "I got aspirin if you can swallow", after I said I laughed it off but she looked at me like nigga gimmie some. She wrapped her sub up and sat next to me and at this time I kinda wished I didn't say nothing cause if she touch me the right and wrong way, I'm a have to take her down in the cleaning aisle. She sat next to me and started telling me she started playing and whispering fuck me. It seems cheesy but she was fine as hell.. Anyway I took the magnum out my wallet and she unbuttoned her Dickie's. She unbuttoned mine.. WHY!? Well, I'm glad I didn't call in like I planned on doing.

So after we looked around and giggled for the first two minutes.. We started.. I pulled her pants down and off one leg and I did the same for mine and bent her over the febreeze row. I slid inside and she instantly got super wet. I was soo fucking nervous that someone would come in and buy some fucking gilet candles at 3am. I started stroking and digging deep like we was in the comfort of our own home. She was moaning and shit, saying my name. She moaned deeper and harder after I thought I was already going in deep.. I started going ham as "quietly" as possible, seeing how we was still at work. I guess hit the spot cause she started knocking down candles and febreeze bottles. We couldn't help but to giggle and keep going. Fuck trying to speed it up, she was so fucking goooooood. She looked back with the sexy eye and bit her lip. That fucked me up cause I nutted like.. 30 seconds after that. I started to go slower and she started to grind on it more. I hated that we had to stop. We was fucking for what seemed to be forever but was only for like 8 minutes..

Took the condom off and put it in some subway napkins. She pulled up her pants and started singing 5 dolla! 5 dolla! 5 dolla foot lonnnnng! We both laughed it off and put all the candles and frebreeze bottles back on the counter.. I sprayed one though cause it smelt like Badussy! Good badussy though.. I told her we had to finish it and she said yeah I know. "Your coming home with me once we clock out so don't be holla'n you tired." I instantly woke up! Threw the condom away, clocked back in and acted like nothing happen when the manager asked "Where the hell you been? Tuck ya damn shirt in!" I complied and went bout my way, anticipating getting off work.. BOW!! I love it!!


Yall better comment too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuckery.. Confused women at its best!

A big ass question mark sits on top of my head when talking to some women. Today someone said that women are smarter then men for the simple fact they stay two steps ahead of them. Yet women always seem to be getting played and hurt and all this. If you was two steps ahead of the game you would have left or shitted on him before he had the chance. I guess women are two steps ahead of men only when emotions aren't involved. That makes me soo mad because it seem like women get "stupid" once love gets involved or they link love is involved. You got the girl who fall in love and then allow her bf to hit her or verbally abuse her but accepts it because "he loves her". Allows herself to get lied to, cheated on, etc because "he loves her". Not all women do that because not all guys are like that. That makes me upset.

I've ran into a lot of women who say "I'm a start fucking with females because niggas aint shit." That's the dumbest shit i've ever heard. What happens if you date a female and she cheats on you and shit just like a man does? Fyi, women are scandolous as well. If you think every female is single because of lying and cheating men then you're wrong. It's some dog dirty women out there. I've ran into them! I've never heard a guy say "man these bitches keep using me for my money and playing with my emotions so I'm a start fucking with niggas." That just aint right. In my mind something clicks that screams warning. You want attention soo bad you would date the same sex? Is it that bad? Really? I didn't know the dating scene was like that!

This is news for women. A lil scret from DizZy.. A nigga only act stupid when you let him, a nigga only treat you like shit when allow him to treat you like shit. Women are soo tough when we meet them. They act all hard and all aware of what they think we want. Dick em down a few good times, look in their eyes all passionately and that shit go completely out the window. I don't know if its in all women but some of the women I've met do that. Its like women do anything for love. ANYTHING.. Lower their standards, get cheated on, get beat on and now DATE WOMEN.

Men lie yes.. but PEOPLE lie as a whole. It's not just a trait that only men have. I don't know why women think that. Its some dirt ball women out there, a lot of em. Idk. I just get mad when women make it seem like their the only ones that get hurt in this dating "game". Everyone gets hurt and thats why it sucks. Thats why it feels sooo good when you find someone who finally get you and respect you. If everyone was just so honest and open we would all be dating and all be happy and married but it don't work out that way! Some of you need to learn how to be happy alone before you try and get with a guy. He can't know and love you if you don't know and love yourself. If you haven't always been gay, don't start being gay to find love. Peace.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fuk this dating game bs

Heads up, I'm the jerk.

Stop with this whole dating game bullshit! If you like someone, tell them and if someone tells you they like you tell them the truth! Its on them to accept it or not. We waste soo much time wondering if this person likes us, cutting off everyone else who really does like you. Speak your damn mind! Being timid and shy gets you over looked.

If their is no connection, move the fuck on! No matter how many times you have sex with someone, the connection will not just appear. Stop wishful dating. Stop wishing that somethin will spark and make the sparks yaself. Back in the day we had the notes. Do you like me, circle yes or no. No maybes, idk, were too good of friends. None of that bull. Yes or no ma fucka, answer it so I can act accordingly. Do I stick around or get the hell on! If someone don't know if they wanna be with u or not... Move the fuck on.

Don't put your heart at risk over someone elses confusion. Dating isn't a video game. Just be honest people and accept shit for what they are and not what you want them to be. Damn! Now let's lower the divorce rate! haha.

shouts to Emcee for making me write this. haha


Monday, June 15, 2009

Myspace? wow!

So I'm looking at folks pages and I'm really impressed at how bad people try to appear as if their famous! I figured it out.. If a female has over 3,000 friends she think she a celeb and wants to be a model. With that said, she goes in the bathroom and take 100 pictures of her good side cause lord knows she doesn't have two good sides. Don't forget that the pics are from the neck up cause lowkey her body blaaah. Yall know what I'm talking about.

Then you got the dudes with half naked pics squinting his eyes... Got the 3rd person bio on his page when we all know his goofy as wrote it himself. Come on, fa real though? Or the myspace thugs who make videos holding guns and flashing money... Real G's don't do that bruh, word of advice. Yall be the first to claim someone snitching wheb clearly you're broadcasting yall nickles and dimes on cam... Dumb ass!!!!

Ladies, specially black women.. Their is no such thing as a rich model with a big ass and big titties. Victoria Secret has yet signed a thick model.. That's a one way streak to videos, bet movies and porn. Not being rude, just saying. That's why men look at yall the way they do because its like you're doing it just to entertain and tease them. Take the twerk team on youtube. They aint that good looking and when I see em I just wanna fuck. I don't want nothing else. Thick ass half naked chicks on myspace, I just want to fuck. nothing else. Women, ur doing the shit to yourself. Yeah guys only want to fuck because your always half dressed. It aint pocket science people!!

Every guy with a myspace music page will not be signed or even noticed. It takes more then a myspace page to get "on". Let's go people! Just cause you have 30,000 friends on myspace.. You're not cool in real life! I know I was being a jerk but its true. I love all my myspace friends even if they hate me haha!! Let's go people!!\edotdizzy

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is "Good Parenting"

I've always wondered what certain parents do and certain don't do to have their kids turn out "bad." I'm scared of that the most with having kids, being a bad parent. I just know some people who kids are HORRIBLE! I hate the fact that as soon as people have kids they get stupid. Letting their kids curse, talk back, fight all that other shit... With no ass beating! I feel personally that if you make mistakes in life growing up and allow your kids to make the same mistakes then you fucked up as a parent. I know some folks who have dropped out of school and lived life struggling and then allowed their kids to drop out of high school and go through the same exact struggle. What is the sense of being a parent? When you raise your kids, what is your mission?

Some parents say "I love my kids soo much. They mean the world to me" but don't take the proper steps in making sure they have a good future. Not warning them about the hardships, informing them on their options as far as college and all that.. Idk, I just hear parents saying they don't know how to talk to their kids about sex, drugs and other things but if you don't talk about it.. THEY WILL FIND OUT ABOUT IT!

Apples don't fall to far from the tree but what if the tree rotten? I know some kids who are mirror images of their parents or one of their parents. Then I know kids who are exact opposites. Some kids look at their parents and say I don't want to be that and some kids look at their parents and see that as they only way they can be. Some kids are not informed about options and even if they are some kids don't care because they never see it. Kind of hard to tell a kid that the world can be yours when his or her whole family live check to check and never actually see someone successful. That's just my opinion. Question of the day is what are you going to do different with raising YOUR kids? I can't speak to much on this because I don't want any angry comments lol.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is a fucking Recession?

I know I'm late fuck it, o well. The word recession means a period of reduced economic activity. That's what it says in webster. Well I was watching South Park and the shit made soo much sense but kinda pissed me off. I don't like to read about shit in the government because its always from someone elses point of view, never what it really is. This is my take on the whole recession situation. BULLSHIT!

So basically people are scared to spend money because they don't know if they will get more of it. Jobs are firing people because people aren't spending money like they use to. So basically if people spend money, the jobs will hire people again and the recession will be over some what. I thought that the recession was something more but it really aint. I know a few folks who were fired from their jobs and I thought it was because of the recession. One got fired from walmart, not because of the recession but because he was late all the fucking time. One got fired from sprint because the person was always into it with the manager. One got fired because they failed a background check.. My uncle was fired from GM though. That was pretty fucked up.

My friends who have always been broke.. Are still broke. The folks I know that has always had a job.. Still have that job. They been making the same amount of money for a minute but all of a sudden they say their broke because its a recession. I think that we need to get out of that "its hard out here" mentality because the change always start with US. Shit will only get better if we make it better. Obama can't fix attitudes from the white house..

This is all from my point of view though. Don't want angry comments saying its more to it then what I explained. You know how yall do.

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