Sunday, December 27, 2009

So wrong.. So Good..

Over my moms house straight from work, she lives close to my job so I come over at least once a week and eat all her cereal and watch a movie. Just to relax, see her and fill my Fruity Pebbles fix. I was watching Seinfeld and eating my cereal when my mom walked into the living to get on the computer. My mom is a very loud person when she on the phone with her home girls. VERY LOUD! So I'm watching t.v and trying to ignore her, but, it wasn't working. "Yeah girl, my son gone house sit for us this weekend while me and my hubby go on our get away trip." I turned around and looked and she started smiling and continued to talk on the phone. First off, I didn't know she was going out of town. Second, I never agreed to house sit. But, I mean how do I tell her no? She will bring up EVERYTHING she has ever done for me. "Boy I gave birth to you and you mean to tell me you can't house sit for me for 2 days? That's fucked up!" I caved in. The good thing is, they had all the movie channels which I couldn't afford and a fridge full of food. I'm there!

I go home and pack a little bag of clothes, grab my iPod, laptop and I'm out the door. When I get back to mommas house, they were already gone. I used my key to get in, make myself at home and take a shower. Watching t.v. and on twitter while listening to my Phoenix play list on Pandora.. Nigga.. I'M CHILLIN *Kanye Voice*! Couple hours later I hear a knock at the door. I take my time to get up because UPS be delivering wigs for my mom. They knock once and leave the box at your door. I open the door and look down for a box and seen legs, sexy legs. I knew those legs, those was Ms. Tracy's legs. I looked up and spoke. "Hey Ms. Tracy, my mom gone for the weekend. Want me to tell her you stopped by?" I knew she knew that momma was gone because she was the person on the phone when my momma asked me to house sit. "Oh I know baby, I came to get my jacket your mom left in her room for me." I moved out the way and let her walk in to get the jacket. Ms. Tracy was like fam.. Almost.. Aside from me having a crush on her since I was like 16. Beautiful divorced woman in her late 30's. She never and will never know that though because I tell NO ONE! She gets her jacket and walks back through the living room and ask me "Baby what the hell is twitter? Am I too old to know what twitter is?" I laughed and told her naw. "Show me what its all about, I need to stay in tune with whats going on in the world. I aint that old am I?" I liked her because she had a strange sense of humor and is always speaking her mind. "Sure, take off ya jacket and put that jacket down and I'll show you right quick. I aint doing nothing." She does so and sits on the couch. Takes off her heels and gets comfortable. She seen my empty bowl on the floor and asked "So you not gone offer me a bowl of cereal? Boy you got NO manners, I'm a guest. I GUESS you not use to having a woman around you huh, I gotta teach you a few things." I didn't know what to say, so.. I didn't say nothing and got her a bowl of cereal. Give it to her and show her how to use twitter while the music is still playing. We just vibing out, laughing and joking. I seen a side of her that I never seen and never expected to see. You never know a woman till you see her with her "hair down". Couple hours passed and she got up to leave. Walked her to the door, she kissed me on the cheek and left. I shut everything off and down and went to sleep.

Woke up and went to the gym. Came back, showered, cooked breakfast, got dressed and went to the mall. I came back and took a nap. Woke up to someone knocking on the door. I opened the door and looked down again because I wasn't expecting anyone to be stopping by.. I seen legs.. Again. "Boy you need to learn how to keep your head up when answering the door. You got down syndrome when answering doors?" Ms. Tracy ass wait.. Ms. Tracy smart mouth ass! We both laughed. She had on this long ass rain coat. Maybe it started raining when I was sleep so I invited her in. "What's up, you forget something yesterday?" "Yes, actually I did. I hope I didn't interrupt you or anything. Were you sleep? That's a trick question because your breath smells like it even if you weren't." I loved her since of humor. "You stupid, you know that right? But.. Naw, I wasn't doing nothing. You not interrupting." "Good, now take my jacket. We have to work on your manners boy." She turned around so I could take her jacket and as I take off the jacket I see no shirt but a bra strap.. Then.. Matching underwear. Black EVERYTHING.. Bra, panties, and heels. I got nervous. VERY NERVOUS! "Don't stand there with ya mouth open, that's my job. Take me." I grabbed her hand and headed to my mothers room. This was soo wrong. But.. I wanted it. I swear I started walking in slow motion. Every step I thought how good it would be but what is going to come of it after it was done. I wasn't nervous about fucking, pussy is pussy. You treat it the same way, how good it is a different story.

Shit speeds up and she throws me on the bed and climbs on top of me. We take off my shirt and shorts as we kiss on one another. Her lips were soft as hell and the way she worked her tongue was amazing. She definitely knew what she was doing.She grabs my dick and kisses it as if she loved it. Sucked it and I swear to you. My toes curled and I was grabbing for shit that wasn't even there. I think I even started rapping a Tupac verse.. I DON'T EVEN LIKE TUPAC! I had to make her stop or I would have nutted and fell asleep. NO BUENO! I threw her on her back and kissed her all over her body. She was beautiful. Toes, legs, thighs, pussy.. Pussy.. Pussy. PUSSY! I stayed there extra long. "Fuck me." I don't know where a condom came from but it magically appeared on the night stand so I used it. I can't really describe what the sex was like. Just know.. It was magical! Not regular magic like making a quarter disappear. I'm talking about Harry Potter magic. Black magic! It was passionate, nasty, hot and sticky. Now that I think about it. I should have got it on cam cause the shit was epic. From hitting it from the back, riding me, riding my face, fucking standing up, in the shower.. I fell in love some where in there. No. I'm serious. So after we get out the shower. I lotion her up and rub her feet. "You are pretty good. I didn't expect you to keep up with me. I couldn't resist it. After chilling with you yesterday, I felt closer to you. I haven't been that comfortable in years." I just nodded and kept rubbing her feet. I didn't talk, just in case I was dreaming. I didn't want to talk and then wake up.

"So now what" I asked as she was leaving. "We a figure something out baby. You grown aint you? We can do whatever we want." I loved that answer, kissed her and watched her walk to her car and drive off. Got back in the house, showered again, cleaned up, sprayed, and tried to wrap my head on what just happened. Couple hours later my mom called. "What you doing? You haven't burned my house down have you?" I told her know and that I was watching tv. "We a be home in the morning, just wanted to call in advance to let you know. Get them stanky booty hoes out my house if any in there." OooO.. Only if she knew.. It was sooo good.. But.. So wrong.. Damn!

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