Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Calling an Apple an Orange..

A lot of you would look at me funny and call me crazy if I looked at this picture and called it an orange right? If I stood there in your face and argued to you that it was an orange you would question if I had some type of mental problem. If I told you that if you took the seeds out of this apple and it would grow an orange tree, how would you look at me? If I told you that I wanted to take this apple and make six cups of orange juice, you would stop being my friend wouldn’t you in fear that I have completely lost my mind and lost my hold on reality, right? You would, don’t lie.

Well when you tell me about your relationship, the same thoughts run through my head. I mean, you clearly have an apple but treating it like an orange. He doesn’t really talk to you but you swear you guys have great communication and he is just going through something right now. You save yourself for him while he out doing whatever with whoever but you is so sure that he will make you his girl one day. He is a part time lover getting full time lover benefits. When you talk to your girls and describe what you have, they look at you like you’re crazy but you reply with “Yall just don’t understand what we have.” Well that’s because you don’t even understand what you two have. You have an apple treating it like an orange. In turn you look crazy and it appears that you have lost your grip on reality.

When you lay yourself to sleep at night, you tell yourself that everything will be okay and that tomorrow might be the day the apple actually turns into an orange. You are not a magician and the chances of you being the one turning an apple to an orange is slim to none. It usually takes heartache for one to realize that the apple is in fact an apple and not an orange. It’s like you fall, hit your head and it knocks some sense in your head but you have a scar on your heart instead of your head. Sit back and evaluate what you actually have and not what you wish you had. You will save time and heartache. Peace and love. Dizzy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Truth... or Dare.. or Threesome?

It was us 4, the gang. We get up all the time and just hang out since we were the only 4 out of the friends who was still single for some reason. We have movie nights then do some opposite sex bashing after wards. Me, Mike, Kim and Syd, the 4 musketeers. So we watched the movie then as we started opposite sex bashing, Mike pulled out 2 blunts and sparked up.. Shit.. We all hit that shit. Syd got up and got some goose.. 4 shot glasses.. We all hit that shit. We don't usually get this threw back but I guess the stars and the moon were aligned perfectly that night. We sat up laughing and shit, cracking jokes on one another about our bad relationships. Mike just got out of a relationship like 2 weeks ago, that bitch is crazy low key. Kim and Syd, 2 black semi bitter black women let his ass have it cause his ex is white. Ironically shortly after we was blazing and drinking he said he had to go home, "he had to work in the morning." This negro phone was going off like hell, his ex was on em hard!

He leave, the blunts are finished, the goose is put up, nothing to do so I decide we should play truth or dare. Now looking back, it had to be the liquor to make them agree but they were down and so was I! I let Kim go first cause she seemed to be DUPER eager to play. "Diz, truth or dare?" I say dare, I AINT NO BITCH lol. "I dare you to kiss Syd!" Syd is pretty as hell so I was down off top, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Naw, that aint no damn kiss. Don't be no bitch dizzy and kiss her!!" So I licked my lips and got em juicy and kissed her. How dare she try to put me on blast like that. So it was Syd turn and she instantly looked at me.. "I dare you to lick Kim neck! LOL!!" I didn't see what was soo funny and was starting to think they was trying to turn this into a blue ball game. I leaned over and licked her neck as instructed. I didn't want to be the one to not follow rules in such a great game! So its my turn, I turned the tables. "I dare you (Kim) to kiss her." I'm thinking she gone back out but she giggled then leaned over and kissed her.. Now this is when things got interesting because they were kissing for longer then they were suppose to. Kim then grabbed the back of her neck.. I started to get turned on.. Then that's when it got kinda crazy. =D

So fast forward because they was kissing for a minute.. I was just watching. Kim bagged back and Syd went to cut the lights off. I didn't know if they have ever done this before but I'm sure glad they doing it now! So as Syd comes back to the bed she taking off her clothes.. First goes the shirt, then the pants then the socks.. I look over to Kim and she has already taken off her clothes. I all of a sudden felt, "over dressed" for the festivities but didn't want to include myself in their little love affair so I played it cool like a fly on the wall. I was sitting with a stiff dick confused not knowing what to do. So Kim and Syd start going at it, all kissing and foreplay. Nobody took it to that next level.. Not until Syd spoke finally "So you got the dick we want and you still over there stuck on stupid mode." I swear its like all my clothes were break away cause it seem like I just pulled EVERYTHING off. Shirt, pants, socks, shoes bitch WIPE ME DOWN!

I have never done this before, take two girls at the same time. I didn't know if my mini me was up for it and didn't want to put too much pressure on him. Ha! Like I can take down 1 girl no problem but 2? I'm nervous at first till Kim take my dick out and just starts sucking it like she has been wanting it forever. Mind you I have never came at them like this, seen them naked, nothing.. I mean we flirt but, hell who don't? So she sucking me and it gotta be the best head I've ever had. Syd starts kissing on Kim then get behind her and start eating her out. By this time we all naked and its a beautiful site. It was like I was looking down on the whole thing, sexy! So Kim is sucking me and Kim is eating her, then they switch. Syd was better then Kim. Kim was prissy with it but it was good. Syd however was nasty. She started spitting and using both hands. I had to think about Final Exams and the last season of The Game to keep from nutting all over the place. I pushed her off me, get my composure together cause I wanted to show them both, I was the shit. Syd started talking shit "So is this too much for you huh? Give it to me, where the fuck you going?" That low key turned me on. Kim started laughing, a little too hard for comfort.

So, I turn Syd around, grab a condom off the dresser and slid in. I felt I had something to prove now. I start and at first I'm going slow then I started going ham! I was pulling her hair and choking her at the same time. She was in heaven! She started creaming instantly! Kim sat in front of Syd and was playing with her titties. Syd was loving what I was doing, even if SHE tried to front, her pussy was letting me know I was doing a good job. Kim got bored, "Um bitch, you had enough. Its my turn now!" We all laughed as I pulled out. Syd got up and went to the kitchen. That's when I attacked Kim ass. Kim and Syd had two different body types. Syd was slimmer then Kim. I loved Kim's hips. I put her on her side, hiked one leg up and slid in. Now normally that's all I do, but I had to get deeper, and I did.. Once I got deep I slowly started stroking her like a porn star. She didn't speak or anything.. Her facial expressions spoke volumes though. I started to go harder and harder and harder till I felt like I was gone break her in half. Her body tensed up and she started moaning and.. her pussy started squirting.. Like.. I was stroking and water (or whatever it was) was splashing all over me but I wasn't gone stop. She was shaking and biting her lip and I lost it. I busted a scary movie nut!!! Syd came in and got mad! "So I get some juice and this bitch get juice all over my bed?! I hate both of yall.. Get off my shit." She wasn't really mad, she just got a bitchy sense of humor.. I couldn't get up.. And didn't.. We all slept in the same bed that night.. I felt lucky as shit! "So who turn is it on truth or dare" Kim asked as she slid on her panties and got into bed. We all laughed. I don't think I'll tell Mike the next day.. I'm sure he wouldn't have believed me or would have gotten pissed! O wEll!! Peaaaaaaaaaace!!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye West, the outspoken hero

So the talk of the night is how Kanye is such an ass for taking the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the VMA's, which by the way was boring as hell. Granted he did take her spotlight, but he didn't disrespect her at all I don't feel. When he grabbed the mic he said "congrats Taylor, im happy for you. I really am." So it's not like he said bitch you whack and you don't deserve this award.

Lets look at the facts. Taylor Swift was in the promo commercials for the VMA's and the promo for Rhapsody. No kawinkdy dink that she won the only award she was nominated for. All the videos she was up against was last summer SMASHES! Lady Gaga with poker face, Beyonce with Single Ladies, Pink and Katty Perry. All those songs came out LAST summer and Taylor Swift shit came out a few months ago. How did she win against all those smashes? Cause its POLITICS! You be in our commercials and we will give you an award. She wasn't suppose to win that, it just isn't possible. It aint like viewers voted, its all politics. So him snatching the mic was much more then Taylor Swift, it was speaking up on the politics thats apart of music.

You got a network that is called Music Television that shows NO VIDEOS all day.. Well, they do show them at 4am. No more Diary, no more making the vidoe, no more TRL... Nothing. So you cut down the music videos and snatch it away from the public then snatch awards from people who should be winning them such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce. A lot of you "rappers" and "singers" need to stop thinking its about talent.. POLITICS! Politics as usual.

So yes, Kanye took the spotlight from a little innocent 19 year old country singer by the name of Taylor Swift but he spoke out against the bullshit MTv and BET be on when it comes to music artists. If they don't want you successful you won't be, period. Why you think Young Jeezy hasn't won ANY major awards? Did he not have the summer on smash in 2005? He didn't win shit from BET, MTV, Grammy, Viewers Choice.. Why? Cause he talking about trapping and all that other shit. I don't condone it but if you smash like that you HAVE to win something. Best new artist, a sticker, a gift bag or something. They picking and choosing who they want to win and be in the spotlight and for ANY up and coming artist that should make you furious.

Since yall speaking on how Taylor Swift is only 19 and innocent and should not have had that happen to her, what about Soulja Boy? He only 18 or 19 and having fun with music but EVERYONE blames the death of hip hop on him. Rappers, actors, tv personalities are all bashing him for having fun entertaining. No one said, aw man they should stop talking about him like that, he is just a kid. FUCK YALL, selective sensitivity is what I call it. Soulja Boy had the biggest single with superman and didn't win ANY awards.. BUT the hoe Jennifer Hudson didn't drop a damn cd yet and won best new artist over Lupe Fiasco at the grammy's.. How was she even in the running? So we picking folks out of movies to be winners now? POLITICS! Lighten the hell up. I commend Kanye, speaking up on the music networks for cutting back on videos and artists. Fuck off and wisen up. Hit me up on dat twitter @EDotDizzy Peaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!

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