Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Calling an Apple an Orange..

A lot of you would look at me funny and call me crazy if I looked at this picture and called it an orange right? If I stood there in your face and argued to you that it was an orange you would question if I had some type of mental problem. If I told you that if you took the seeds out of this apple and it would grow an orange tree, how would you look at me? If I told you that I wanted to take this apple and make six cups of orange juice, you would stop being my friend wouldn’t you in fear that I have completely lost my mind and lost my hold on reality, right? You would, don’t lie.

Well when you tell me about your relationship, the same thoughts run through my head. I mean, you clearly have an apple but treating it like an orange. He doesn’t really talk to you but you swear you guys have great communication and he is just going through something right now. You save yourself for him while he out doing whatever with whoever but you is so sure that he will make you his girl one day. He is a part time lover getting full time lover benefits. When you talk to your girls and describe what you have, they look at you like you’re crazy but you reply with “Yall just don’t understand what we have.” Well that’s because you don’t even understand what you two have. You have an apple treating it like an orange. In turn you look crazy and it appears that you have lost your grip on reality.

When you lay yourself to sleep at night, you tell yourself that everything will be okay and that tomorrow might be the day the apple actually turns into an orange. You are not a magician and the chances of you being the one turning an apple to an orange is slim to none. It usually takes heartache for one to realize that the apple is in fact an apple and not an orange. It’s like you fall, hit your head and it knocks some sense in your head but you have a scar on your heart instead of your head. Sit back and evaluate what you actually have and not what you wish you had. You will save time and heartache. Peace and love. Dizzy!

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