Friday, July 10, 2009

Fucking on the job..

We always flirt, ALWAYS.. Since I started working here a year ago, we been flirting. She a say lil slick shit but I never paid it any attention. Since she broke up with her boyfriend two months ago she been a lil more affectionate, if you wanna call grabbing my ass that.. We never exchanged numbers, never talked about meeting up outside of work to kick it, none of that. I mean I just respected the fact she had a man but I gues since they broke up, it was fair game. Both working over night and it was dead as fuck! It was 4 people here including us. Since we both been working here for a minute, we knew where all the blind spots on the floor was, where people never went after a certain time, basically how to get away when on the clock. Whenever we worked together we use to spend our breaks together in the blindspot just talking about whatever. Today I felt was kinda different, she had been flirting with me super hard today and kept giving me that eye. I never actually had sex at my place of work before but I def wasn't scared though, just didn't have the opportunity. Our break was gone be very interesting.

We sat down in the aisle across from one another eating our 5 dollar foot longs we bought before Subway closed. 5 dolla! 5 dolla! 5 dolla foot lonnnng! My bad.. But she was telling me how she hasn't fucked in so long and it was starting to give her headaches. Me being a slick mouth bastard I replied "I got aspirin if you can swallow", after I said I laughed it off but she looked at me like nigga gimmie some. She wrapped her sub up and sat next to me and at this time I kinda wished I didn't say nothing cause if she touch me the right and wrong way, I'm a have to take her down in the cleaning aisle. She sat next to me and started telling me she started playing and whispering fuck me. It seems cheesy but she was fine as hell.. Anyway I took the magnum out my wallet and she unbuttoned her Dickie's. She unbuttoned mine.. WHY!? Well, I'm glad I didn't call in like I planned on doing.

So after we looked around and giggled for the first two minutes.. We started.. I pulled her pants down and off one leg and I did the same for mine and bent her over the febreeze row. I slid inside and she instantly got super wet. I was soo fucking nervous that someone would come in and buy some fucking gilet candles at 3am. I started stroking and digging deep like we was in the comfort of our own home. She was moaning and shit, saying my name. She moaned deeper and harder after I thought I was already going in deep.. I started going ham as "quietly" as possible, seeing how we was still at work. I guess hit the spot cause she started knocking down candles and febreeze bottles. We couldn't help but to giggle and keep going. Fuck trying to speed it up, she was so fucking goooooood. She looked back with the sexy eye and bit her lip. That fucked me up cause I nutted like.. 30 seconds after that. I started to go slower and she started to grind on it more. I hated that we had to stop. We was fucking for what seemed to be forever but was only for like 8 minutes..

Took the condom off and put it in some subway napkins. She pulled up her pants and started singing 5 dolla! 5 dolla! 5 dolla foot lonnnnng! We both laughed it off and put all the candles and frebreeze bottles back on the counter.. I sprayed one though cause it smelt like Badussy! Good badussy though.. I told her we had to finish it and she said yeah I know. "Your coming home with me once we clock out so don't be holla'n you tired." I instantly woke up! Threw the condom away, clocked back in and acted like nothing happen when the manager asked "Where the hell you been? Tuck ya damn shirt in!" I complied and went bout my way, anticipating getting off work.. BOW!! I love it!!


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