Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#1 Rule When it comes to dating

The #1 rule in dating is, don’t follow any fucking rules!! There are no rules; there is no dating regiment that was made hundreds of years ago. Everything you think is right about dating came from someone else who tried it and it didn’t work.

The whole females not calling rule or the three day rule. Bullshit. Waiting to have sex with someone, Bullshit. Now don’t raise your eyebrow about that. If you’re going to have sex with someone, ladies especially, if he isn’t interested in having a relationship with you or taking it to the next level but wants to have sex with you, he will fake being interested long enough to have sex with you and then fall back. So actually, waiting to have sex is a dumb idea because you’re only getting more interested in this guy and involving more emotions when he isn’t. If you would have had sex with him the first week and he fell back then at least you spared your emotions. Not saying you should just fuck every guy you meet, oh no! Just saying waiting to have sex doesn’t always end on a good note. The whole asking your girl friend for advice ladies is also the dumbest thing you can do. Unless your girl friend has been married twenty years and have a good dating rap sheet, if she does, then ask away. Chances are she isn’t so you’re taking advice on how to be happy with a guy from a female who doesn’t have a guy to be happy with. The whole rule that the guy has to pay for the dates is just stupid to me. If you want to go out, then go out even if you have to pay for it. When you see how much “dating” cost you realize how much he put out just to make YOU happy. Trust, some guys prefer home cooked meals over going out. It’s cheaper and more intimate. Some guys prefer a Blockbuster night over going to the movies. It’s cheaper and more intimate, and you can TALK and get cozy with the shit.

Guys, you’re not exempt from the rule shit either. Some guys believe that if a female sleeps with you the first night, she is a hoe. Dude, YOU’RE A HOE TOO; you slept with her as well so kill that. Stop with the insecurity, if she doesn’t like you she just don’t like you. If she is going to cheat, she is going to cheat no matter how much you play robo cop. Checking her phone is not cool; kill that parole officer mind state. Talk more; tell a female EXACTLY how you feel even if it’s kind of bad. Communication is important to a lot of females. Stop texting and emailing them when you can call, I fall victim to that some times. Stop thinking that if you get with a female, that you’re going to miss out on the other billion women in the world. News flash, they don’t want you. Yeah you will be missing out on having sex with other women but that aint shit. You can always teach dog new tricks, always. They have enough toys, positions, places to fuck, and lube to make sex great. So if you find a girl who you connect with and wouldn’t mind being with, see how much fun you guys can have by trying some new shit. The other billion women in the world will not put up with your shit so if you find love. KEEP IT! That shit doesn’t come around often.

There are no rules to dating. Just be smart about some things. Don’t be naive and dumb founded at the fact he or she MIGHT be the one. Have fun, dating is supposed to be fun and exciting. Whenever dating becomes about headaches and stress, LEAVE IT. I’m out. -DizZy

When keeping it real goes wrong….

We always think that we want to hear the honest truth from day one. So, for males and females… How does this sound?
Hey how you doing? My name is _______. I’m 21 and a college student. I would like to get your number and text you instead of actually talking, therefore I can text multiple women at the same time and still handle my daily business. I will lie to you and tell you that I’m busy when I’m really not, I just don’t want to show you too much attention just yet because I’m still fucking my ex and talking to another female as well. Matter of fact, we probably won’t ever be together no matter what you do because I am not completely over my ex and I think that if we date, I’ll be missing out on all the other women in the world. If we do start kicking it hard, you probably will get on my nerves and I’ll back off and blame school work and life for me being so distant. Instead of telling you that we will never be together, ill lead you on to think that maybe one day we will so we can continue to have sex. To be completely honest, I’m not attracted to YOU per say, just your beauty. The conversations we have had thus far haven’t been that interesting but I would love to have sex with you. So umm, what do you say?

Hey, how you doing? My name is _________. I’m 22 and a college student. I really don’t want to give you my number because I know you’re going to text me all the damn time talking about nothing. I’m not really interested in you to be honest. I have a guy I’m sort of keeping around for my entertainment and his sex is great so, there are no openings. You’re going to ask me when can we kick it but I’ll lie to you and say that I’m busy when I be at home just watching TV and studying or better yet, fucking the guy I keep around for entertainment. You will text me but it will be times when I don’t respond to you because you’re not talking about shit but I’ll tell you that my phone was fucked up or something. You’ll believe me because you’re stupid and thirsty, just like most guys. If I do come to you and fuck, it will be because my entertainment is getting on my nerves or he is busy and I need to get a nut off. If I spend the night, it’s only because I don’t feel like driving back home. No you can’t come over my house. I don’t want you knowing where I live just in case I drop your ass cold turkey. Don’t want you in my bushes. We probably won’t ever be together because I’m not completely over my ex and I honestly just aint feeling you like that. So yeah, you can have my number if you want. :D

Yup, that’s about right. Peace. -DizZy

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