Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When is enough.. enough?

You love me, I like you. You admire me, I admire you. You believe in me, I believe in you. You trust me, I trust... I trusted you. But, you love me, I like you.. Why is it that the love and like part stick out so much more then everything else? You want to be with me, okay, I understand that. I'm flattered you want to be with me so soon. But, I don't want to be with you, not right now. See, you look in the mirror and see a beautiful person who is complete and damn there perfect. I look at the same reflection and see a person who is emotionally incomplete. A person who needs to love thyself and be happy with thyself before I can come along and be with you. I see a broken smile and a semi patched heart. I see insecurities.. Not making you out to be a bad person because that is not the case but, I can't be with a person like that. I mean, here it is, you don't know anything about me.. You know how I know you don't know anything about me? Because I haven't told you anything about me!!! So here it is, 4 months of knowing one another and you want to be together..

You love me. YOU LOVE ME.. I don't and can't love that easily but... I had to be doing something right for you to love me correct? I had to do something right for you to trust me correct? For you to smile when you hear my name right? So why isn't what we have enough? Why isn't it enough until i finally let you get to know me? Until I can smile when i hear your name or when i fully trust you? Why isn't what we have good enough for you? I mean, who's to say the way you view me, is the way I view you? I mean, I only will make you my girl friend when I feel like i can be with your forever. But you can't wait for me? How selfish is that of you? That you want what YOU want when YOU want it when it comes to US. That don't make sense to me. So sense I'm not ready to date you, I'm the bad guy? That's why I wrote you this love letter.. Saying bye. Your giving me an ultimatum of making you my girl or lose you and I think that's selfish and true colors was shown. I'm just not ready.

P.S. Have you felt like this?

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