Monday, July 20, 2009

Social Net-not-Working

I was giving my lil brother advice on some shit and instructed him to NEVER get comfortable with social networks. I blame social networks such as myspace, facebook, twitter, tagged, etc for most of our social problems we have today. I know its a bit drastic but hey, I feel like its true. Problem number 1 is the lack of confidence people have today I blame on the internet. A guy might not ever speak to a female EVER and he see her everyday but send her a message on facebook confessing his dying love to her. The computer gives people a sense of security and they get too comfortable and it disables them socially. You got grown ass men confessing love over the web like their in high school writing love notes. The pics that people take got them feeling like a model and myspace got EVERY nigga with a mic and a computer feeling like the next Lil Wayne. Back when social networks wasn't so popular, when it was only myspace and blackplanet, you could still bump into someone and have a great conversation. You could call somoene and they answered, not hit ignore and text you right back saying "wassup, you called?" People use to love talking on the phone for hours now you can't stay on the phone for 15 mins with somebody with out something magically popping up.

As the years go by, I believe that more and more people will get acoustomed to sending messages and not actually talking. The last few females I've talked to I NEVER talked to them on the phone. It was weird as hell talking to them on the phone and hearing their voice cause I was so use to texting them. In turn, didn't work. I'm not anti social networks because I still have my myspace, facebook, and twitter I just don't talk to people seriously on them. I told a girl NOT to talk to me on twitter and to text or call me. Thing is... I sent her a text saying that and she replied to me on twitter. *SLAPS FOREHEAD* thats over with. I'm trying my hardest to break away from the social networking and texting. Well not that drastic, just someone that I would want to potentially be serious with. I don't know how yall feel about it but I know that I blame social networking for the lack of communication verbally between people these days. Just my thoughts though. Try NOT texting for a week or deactivating your facebook for a couple weeks. See what happens. Peace.

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