Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Honey Moon Stage... BLAAAH

When you first get with someone you have this floating feeling that you finally found someone that can tolerate you. That makes you happy, makes you get butterflies. Y'all spend everyday together, y'all text one another all day talking about the last time y'all was together and the next time y'all gone be together. Y'all sit and talk about the future and kiss and all that shit. I believe that 90% of the people who feel like this at first are in a "Honey Moon Stage". A stage where you and your partner are in complete bliss. Certain shit NEVER come up when you're "getting to know someone." I put that in quotations because when you get to know someone, you really just figure out if their crazy and if y'all have a few things in common. Its never in depth. Well, almost never. The honey moon stage can last anywhere from a day to 3 or 4 months, maybe even longer. We be sooooooo caught up in the fact we finally got someone that we do nothing but try to please that person, to the MAX!! You avoid ANY arguments, any conversation that might end sour you avoid.. You don't hang with ya friends as much if at all anymore. Ya whole world stops.... and revolves around this person.. ... .... ..

Then it goes away for one of the partners. They start getting more distant, seem less interested, start getting an attitude for no reason. The honey moon stage is now over and this person now feels suffocated and don't care to be around you as much lol. Now this is when y'all really get to know one another. This is when the HONEST truth comes out. Ya ll have start having REAL conversations about certain shit including life, kids, religion, beliefs, future, expectations. If y'all last after this, y'all will be together for a long time.. If not.. Kiss the relationship goodbye. You start thinking "ew, what the fuck was I thinking" or "You gotta be the dumbest fucker I've ever met" or they seem less attractive..

I have come to the conclusion that I won't date a female during the whole honey moon stage. Just "deal" with them while we are in the honey moon stage. A lot of people don't share my views on life and all that. I'm usually looked at with a raised eyebrow when I speak my mind on certain shit. Often called an ass when I give my honest opinion. So its like I wait for them to finally see me for me. Then I wanna see if I still find them attractive. A lot of the time females I talk to get very funny looking after a certain period of time. My sister told me they've always looked funny, and that I just be over looking it. Then after I spend like a week or two with a female I start seeing EXACTLY who she is. You never know someone till you live with them, my mom told me that. She was correct.. Soon as we have our first argument, that's when I know its over and that's when it gets real. Might seem crazy and dumb but its weeded A LOT of females out. Try it

If you are dating someone, you can't add the honey moon stage into the time y'all have been together. When someone asks how long y'all been together, subtract that honey moon stage. Or if someone ask how long was ya longest relationship, subtract the honey moon stage and subtract the time you was actually thinking about breaking up with the person. You probably left with like a week or two. I mean, these are just my thoughts but I bet you start realizing some shit. lol. Stop being so damn thirsty and actually get to know someone.. IN DEPTH.. Stop this spot dating. If you get a boyfriend or girlfriend before you have sex, and you have a lot of boy friends and girlfriends over a short period of time.. You are not better then everyone else. It's still premarital sex. That was random but.. VERY important. Peaacee!!


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