Monday, March 7, 2011

How long can you actually "talk" to someone?

After talking to a few females, they all disagree with me but I know why they’re disagreeing with me. How long can you “talk” to someone? Realistically, how long can you just “talk” to someone before you realize that you two are just fuck buddies who can’t let go or move forward? In my opinion after three months of talking to someone with no title or word on what’s going on, you two are just fuck buddies. I just don’t believe that two adults can just be casually spending time together and fucking for a long period of time. Fool, this isn’t college. When will one of you decide to be together and make a future? The woman is the one who usually plays backseat in this situation waiting on the guy. At what point does somebody stop and say this has to change? I believe people get comfortable.
Too many people getting their emotions wrapped up in casual sex friends and become hurt if it doesn’t have the cliché Disney happy ending. You can’t date someone forever. It’s like counting months. Your baby can’t be 234 months old. At one point it has to stop. Why do we date? To get to know someone, enjoy ones company and feel them out; right? If that’s so, if it takes you more than 6 months to feel someone out and make a decision on if you want to be with them you might want to hang it up. That person isn’t for you. If it takes someone longer than 6 months to commit then that’s also a problem. These days though, you don’t even have to commit.
You can get whatever you want from a casual friend if you’re a guy such as sex, gifts, company, etc. So, is it a point in getting a title? What can you do differently if we add this title? You already give me the world without me saying I’m yours. You giving me your all while I’m still on the market. You are giving me the world while I’m still community property! Ladies you need to stop being dumb in the name of love and faith. Having faith that even though you do any and everything for someone who isn’t yours that they’ll come around and will be yours. The shit doesn’t always have a perfect ending if ever and when you do that you come out the victim with yourself to blame. But can someone tell me, how long can you just “talk” to someone or “date”. Be realistic with me now. -Dizzy

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