Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Social Network? Fuk all of em!!!

Over the past 8 years, social networks has taken over peoples lives, literally. I took the time to break down each of them and why people seem to be so attached to them.

First social network I ever joined was blackplanet. A simple page to let the world know who you are. Blackplanet was easy, simple and trashy! If you met anyone from blackplanet it was on some sex shit! I feel like the soul purpose of this network was to meet folks online and fuck but that's just me. I didn't have a digital cam to take pics and didn't know how to do html so my page was on some whack shit, I got no play.. NO PIC NO RESPONSE haha!! I met a bunch of yahoo messenger buddies from BP though, I enjoyed it for what it was and what i got out of it. Nothing to major..

became rappers because of Myspace was the next social network I joined. It was an upgrade from Black Planet. I don't feel it was trashy like bp. I finally got a digi cam so I had pics and what not. It's too easy to find people on here! Folks I haven't seen in years and didn't want to see found me on myspace. I liked the fact that it was more business handled on here. If you had a company or was trying to network and get people to know about what it is you do, you could do it on myspace and that was cool up until the influx of fucking RAPPERS! Toooo many ma fuckasmyspace. IF YOU NEVER RECORDED A SONG BEFORE MYSPACE POPPED UP OR YOU BECAME A RAPPER IN 2004-05, AND YOUR OVER THE AGE OF 23, YOUR A FUCKING JOKE! why I signed up for It was too easy for someone to just record a song, post it on myspace, take a few pictures and be a rapper. Bitch you ain't a rapper and that'sFacebook. So I don't have to deal with all the rappers, the snooping around, the drama. Myspace became about musicians, old friends popping up, and who has the most friends..

When facebook came around, it was exclusive. You had to approve someone for them to see all your info and what not. That was cool. It was more laid back and more casual then myspace and BP. It was less drama and bullshit.. Until everyone got on there and they changed the layout. Now its just too much!!! If you don't want everyone in your buisness, DON'T GET FACEBOOK. I don't sit on there and snoop around on pics, wall posts, status updates, that's just not me but.. I've seen many people just sit on there and click pictures, see who tagged in the pic, add the person tagged in the picture, write on their wall and befriend someone on the strength of being nosey. If that wasn't enough, you get an influx of messages from, not rappers, but party and club promoters. I don't know how the fuck they send me messages, I don't know how to stop them from coming. I'm tired of the drama that comes with facebook. All the nosey ma fuckas who get a kick out of snooping around, I let them have it. I no longer upload pics, add females that I date, write on peoples wall. I just use it to showcase my music and blog.

Twitter is bullshit. It's an instant messenger that isn't so instant. The site always fucking up and its becoming a competition on who can have the most followers. It's status updates only. No pics, and you can't send long messages. Bullshit. "Let me tell people what I'm doing at all times" is what I think the site is about. I only like it because I can tell people when I drop new music and a new blog. Other then that, I prefer instant messaging then to tell people what I'm doing at all times.

I have only signed up for these four social networks. I signed up for them for promo use for music and blogs. I don't care to keep up with people and what their doing because I'm just not that kind of person. I'm not knocking anyone who love these networks, do ya thang. I sometimes hate the fact that people have relied on the Internet to meet friends and lovers. Some people can't even talk to you in person but if you get online, they can talk yo ears off. The Internet has killed public speaking. It gives people a false security and allow them to just talk and not worry about being rejected in person. Some people are totally different online then they are in person and look totally different online then they do in person. We gotta stop relying on these mediums to meet people and to have a social life. Just cause you have 20,000 friends on myspace don't mean you have 20,000 friends in the real world.. We are still living in the real world right? -DizZy

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