Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh So You Mad? pt. 1

Wrote a note about women who can't cook. A lot missed the key point I was trying to make in the second paragraph and If you missed it, go back and read. It's not just about cooking. Fuck the cooking, a lot of men can cook these days so we don't need you to cook anything. I tried to take it deeper then just the cooking. But since we have SO many women objecting to it and saying things like "My mom tried to teach me, I just didn't care to learn. Does that make me less of a woman? No! I want a man's finances together because mine will be on point." "I'm personally disagree that an ideal women would revolve around cooking." I didn't say that in the post but if that's what she got, okay. And this, my favorite "u said ideally men handle finances & women handle cooking. WELL now its a LOT OF WOMEN who handle the finance so roles r CHANGING. jus sayin back then women had nothing BUT TIME 2learn how 2cook now women r in school, working & all that so yall need 2b PATIENT." Well its funny you guys said that, and I will address all of this. One thing you have to remember is that I am speaking from a mans point of view.

The one that stuck out to me was the last text in bold.The one about a lot of women have their own finances and don't have time to learn and all that. I understand what you saying but it don't make any kind of sense. When you are a child, you learn to wash clothes, clean your room, guys learn to shave, women learn how to handle being on their period, so on and so on. I'm not saying you should learn how to cook NOW, of course you don't have time. You are out partying and going to college, getting in unsuccessful relationships and can't figure out why shit just aint working out. I'm saying you should have learned to cook back when you was in grade, middle and high school, right when you was learning to do laundry. To prepare you for YOUR future. So YOU can feed YOURSELF. It has nothing to do with cooking for a man. So lets talk about the patience part which I found tickling. You want me to be patient so you can learn how to cook when you could have learned how to cook long time ago? I mean you have to eat to live right? You eat everyday. It hasn't dawned on you that you can't cook every time your stomach growl? So instead of learning how to cook which saves you money in the long run you just eat out, buy hot pockets, pizzas, all that. If you got a foreman grill, kudos to you, that's a start.

But why do I have to be patient for you to catch up on something you could have learned growing up? Are you going to be patient with me until I get my funds up? Are you going to be patient with me while I learn how to fuck? Are you going to be patient with me as I learn how to comfort you and make you feel like a lady? Hell naw, you gone leave and be with someone who has all their shit together. Why? Because in your mind you feel like a man should have all that together before you meet him. I personally feel like if you didn't take the time to learn something stuff growing up you wont ever take the time to learn it. Rather it be making friends with people, dating and what it takes to make something work, being social, all that. You just don't learn math, english, science, and social studies in school. You learn how to deal with people, how to problem solve, you learn about yourself, who to associate with and who not to associate with. ALL THAT. I mean, at least I did.

I keep hearing "roles are changing." Okay lets dissect that shall we? I understand that women have since evolved since the 60's and 70's. Women want to have their own money, they want to be more established, okay. I understand and RESPECT that. I want all women to have money and power, that shit turn me on. A chick in a nice car with her own shit.. They get the grade A penis from Dizzy! Don't say roles are changing though because even with that said you still want a man to be just that, a man. Females roles are changing. So what exactly is it that you want from a man? Can any female answer that. What is it that you want from a man? If you bring home your own bacon, if you got your own shit, what is it that you need a man to do these days. I'm not being sexist, I'm saying women should stay at home, I'm simply asking. What do you want the relationship to be like? What is it you want the man to do? I'm asking so I can know for myself for when I decide to get in a relationship.

If you are only going to think about yourself then that's cool. If you are going to date and be with someone then you have to change your thought process and include making someone else happy.

end of part 1.

So you can't cook??

To all the women who can't cook.. HOW DARE YOU!

Every female that I seem to run across can't cook but they hit me with this line "I'm learning though." That's like me saying, "naw, I don't know how to fuck but I'm learning though." Wouldn't that make you frown ya face up? Back in the day, waaaay back waaaaay back, women took care of the home and the man took care of the finances. This is what I heard anyway. Today's woman still want a man to have finances but they don't know how to take care of the home. I just don't understand how a woman can still ask for a man to be a ideal man if they can't be the ideal woman. Sure you can dress and look good, sure you can club and get in for free, sure you can take cute pictures for myspace and twitter but what else can you do? Can you do any tricks? How can you say you looking for a "real man" when you not even a "real woman." It's not just about the cooking so let me back up and clear things up.

When a man is teaching a man how to be a man, its the conversation that a man has with the boy that teaches him. As he cut the grass for money, he schools him the importance working for money is. When he is fixing the car in the garage, he tells him how important it is you learn how to fix things on your own instead of waiting around for someone else. When the mom cleans the house and cook dinner, the dad secretly tells the boy to tell his mom how good the food is and say thank you for everything. It's things like that that a man teaches a boy through conversation as they are growing up. With a woman, if you don't know how to cook, it means certain conversations didn't take place. The things women talk about in the kitchen when men aren't present is very important and you didn't have that. You probably didn't notice your mom cleaning up around the house or how she comforted your dad after a long day at work. Now I might be looking tooo deep into this. I know but I can only go by the things I have witnessed. The girls that do know how to cook often know how to keep a man happy just a little bit more then the ones who can't cook. I know I'm probably pissing a lot of females off right now but I just couldn't take it anymore. You get a man with your looks but you need to learn how to KEEP the man. Same thing goes with a man. We get the woman with looking like we about something. Shooting a little game at her.. But after that, we have to learn how to KEEP the woman.

I know some are thinking, why don't you just learn how to cook so that won't be a problem. Well I do know how to cook so that aint the issue. What man wants to play the role of the woman all the time? What woman will be fine with a man cooking and cleaning in the relationship? What will you do then? Other then have sex that is.. These are real questions! I blame the new generation. Single parents are fucking up the way the world turns. Single parents raises kids who will be single forever! O well. I'm a go cook me some lunch right now and say fuck it. Peaaaaaaaace!

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