Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fuck Thanksgiving but pass the stuffing.. and the weed

Okay so I'm blazing with my bro (kids just say no to drugs) and realize something.. America is kinda fucked up. I'm watching something on television about astronauts and space travel. The weed had me thinking, why in the hell are they looking for life on other planets? Why are they looking for alien life form on other planets? As those thoughts ran through my head I started thinking about the pilgrims and Indians. How the Indians came to America to discover it and took this shit over!

We celebrate Thanksgiving when a bunch of white men came over here, ate their food, said thanks for giving us your land and killed them off. Built McDonalds and Old Navys and called everyone else who came to this land for a better future immigrants.

So I'm thinking, are they trying to do the same thing with planets? To see if they can find life form on another planet so they can take that bitch over, stick an american flag up, kill the life form and call the day it took place Thanksgiving? Y'all better be cool. If you think we the only life form with weapons in this big ass galaxy, you a damn fool! I just want to know what they looking for and why they looking! This was one of those high thoughts. Don't mind me I'm buggin out hahaha. Follow me on twitter though @EDotDizzy

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