Monday, July 13, 2009

Heart left at the scene of the crime...

I never thought that she would cheat on me but then again, you can never put anything past anyone. We was dating for like 8 months and I thought we was good till I walked in on her having sex with some dude in MY bed.. On some Dru Hill shit. She thought I was out of town doing a show but I came back early only to find her not missing me like she said in the text 30 mins ago..

After we fought and I kicked her out, we started talking again and I ended up forgiving her. So I thought.. We didn't start dating again but we was picking up all the pieces. That was two years ago. I thought we was good because I finally decided we could be together again. Not smart.. I know. The thought of how we USE to be and how things USE to be made me want to give it another try. We haven't had sex in my house since before it went down. It was always at her place.. Not on purpose it just ended up like that. She said she wanted to do something sexy for me so I gave her the keys to my spot while I went out of town for a studio session. I didn't know what she had in mind but I said fuck it and gave it a shot.

So I walk in and she got some candles and shit lit. I walk up stairs to find her in the bed with the music and shit playing. Some sexy red shit on, she knew I liked. She was laying on top of the covers just waiting for me. I got instantly horny, just because I know how good she can be when she wants to be. I took my clothes off and got into bed. I laid on my back cause I guess she wanted to be in charge. She started kissing me and rubbing all on me. I don't know if it was the weed I smoked on the way home but when I looked at the doorway I seen ME. Like, I seen me the day I caught her cheating. I closed my eyes, shook my head and the image was gone. So she pulled my dick out and started goin haaaam! I loved it.. Stick with me because this where the weed had me tripping. It turned to an outer body experience and I was standing at the door way and I was watching her do things she does with me to the guy she was fucking when I caught her cheating. All the shit I thought she did only with me, I was watching her do with this other guy she barely knew. I don't know how well she knew him so I take that back. I was watching her have sex with this guy and she did nothing differently with him that she did with me. Sucked his dick the same, scratched his back the same.. Moaned the exact same.. She even called this nigga
daddy the same way.. I got soooo fucking mad and this actually hurt more then walking in on her.. I got up and had her leave. I couldn't do it no more. I suppressed this for 2 years and it finally hit me while in the act. She didn't know what the hell was going on but.. I did.. YA GOTTA GO.. I gotta move on.. PEAAACE!


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