Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye West, the outspoken hero

So the talk of the night is how Kanye is such an ass for taking the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the VMA's, which by the way was boring as hell. Granted he did take her spotlight, but he didn't disrespect her at all I don't feel. When he grabbed the mic he said "congrats Taylor, im happy for you. I really am." So it's not like he said bitch you whack and you don't deserve this award.

Lets look at the facts. Taylor Swift was in the promo commercials for the VMA's and the promo for Rhapsody. No kawinkdy dink that she won the only award she was nominated for. All the videos she was up against was last summer SMASHES! Lady Gaga with poker face, Beyonce with Single Ladies, Pink and Katty Perry. All those songs came out LAST summer and Taylor Swift shit came out a few months ago. How did she win against all those smashes? Cause its POLITICS! You be in our commercials and we will give you an award. She wasn't suppose to win that, it just isn't possible. It aint like viewers voted, its all politics. So him snatching the mic was much more then Taylor Swift, it was speaking up on the politics thats apart of music.

You got a network that is called Music Television that shows NO VIDEOS all day.. Well, they do show them at 4am. No more Diary, no more making the vidoe, no more TRL... Nothing. So you cut down the music videos and snatch it away from the public then snatch awards from people who should be winning them such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce. A lot of you "rappers" and "singers" need to stop thinking its about talent.. POLITICS! Politics as usual.

So yes, Kanye took the spotlight from a little innocent 19 year old country singer by the name of Taylor Swift but he spoke out against the bullshit MTv and BET be on when it comes to music artists. If they don't want you successful you won't be, period. Why you think Young Jeezy hasn't won ANY major awards? Did he not have the summer on smash in 2005? He didn't win shit from BET, MTV, Grammy, Viewers Choice.. Why? Cause he talking about trapping and all that other shit. I don't condone it but if you smash like that you HAVE to win something. Best new artist, a sticker, a gift bag or something. They picking and choosing who they want to win and be in the spotlight and for ANY up and coming artist that should make you furious.

Since yall speaking on how Taylor Swift is only 19 and innocent and should not have had that happen to her, what about Soulja Boy? He only 18 or 19 and having fun with music but EVERYONE blames the death of hip hop on him. Rappers, actors, tv personalities are all bashing him for having fun entertaining. No one said, aw man they should stop talking about him like that, he is just a kid. FUCK YALL, selective sensitivity is what I call it. Soulja Boy had the biggest single with superman and didn't win ANY awards.. BUT the hoe Jennifer Hudson didn't drop a damn cd yet and won best new artist over Lupe Fiasco at the grammy's.. How was she even in the running? So we picking folks out of movies to be winners now? POLITICS! Lighten the hell up. I commend Kanye, speaking up on the music networks for cutting back on videos and artists. Fuck off and wisen up. Hit me up on dat twitter @EDotDizzy Peaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!

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