Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Women are crazy. Yeah. I said it.

To every female who think a man is just supposed to know how to please you and how to make you happy… Die. That’s just dumb to me. I have realized that women really do expect men to read minds and just know everything. How are we supposed to just know these things? How to please you in bed, how you feel, what you want to eat, if you really meant not to get you anything for your birthday, etc. That’s just funny. I’m really convinced that some of you are crazy! I don’t even know where to go with this post. I just think it’s crazy.

Men we are just fucked. We can’t say we don’t like anything. We have to like everything because if we don’t its trouble. Disagree? Tell a woman you have been dealing with for more than a couple months or so that you want her to suck your dick differently. She will first take it personally. Then she will wonder why you all of a sudden want it better so now you cheating. It will fuck with her confidence because all women think they’re perfect right out the box. <-- That is true; no woman will admit it though. Tell a woman you don’t like something she cooked. That’s beef! “Oh, so you don’t like my cooking now???” It could be that she added too much of something or didn’t add enough of something. She will take it to the extreme and probably won’t cook for you for a couple weeks. I know because I’ve had it happen to me, TWICE!
So women want men to read minds and men can’t tell the truth about anything pertaining to a woman and her performances. It’s kind of funny because we always wonder why shit don’t work out when we date but have yet to realize that the problem is right in our face. YOU! -Dizzy


I don’t like how black men put so much pressure on black women nor do I like all the expectations black women have for black men. Nothing is keeping relationships from working other than both black men and women knowing what it is to be committed. Knowing what it is to actually love themselves as well as someone else unconditionally. The Game came on last night and Melanie wanted to spice up the marriage by having a threesome. After the show went off you could tell that some women felt some kind of way about that. Ladies you not knowing how to keep or not being able to keep a man around has absolutely nothing to with threesomes. Most men fantasize about a threesome but men know the difference between fantasy and real life. Trust, no man would leave a good woman because she don’t want to have a threesome.
First, the shit was just a t.v. show. Stop reading into it too much. Women like finding anything to fill in gaps with their love life or the lack thereof. A woman with an idle mind and a lot of questions will probably be the reason the world ends. True indeed what you don’t do or not willing to do another woman will but that’s refers to head, anal, sex in public places, etc.
Both sexes tend to hold the other to high ass expectations. We expect more from our lover then we expect from ourselves which is not fair. We both have this made up person in our head that is in fact perfect and compare people we date to this person. A perfect person does not exist and if they did what makes you think they would want your ass? With doing this we fuck up a lot of good things by always thinking that something better is out there. We might take these movie and t.v. relationships a little too serious. Nothing stays perfect forever; you will have problems out of any and everything. You just have to learn how to fix problems. Once we both get it in our head that nothing is perfect and you might actually have to fight for love and to keep a relationship healthy it will always fail. -Dizzy

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