Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing to lose

I was laying back, thinking about gold diggers. Gold digging is looked down upon in the world but no one realizes that its done more then we like to admit. Of course you got the women like Kelis, lol, who have kids just to get a 55,000 check every month. But I've noticed that a lot of women, I'm not gone say all, but most women date and fall in love with a status. Men, when and if a guy falls in love, he falls in love with her personality and looks, not what job she has and car she drives. I never had a guy friend say "I can't fuck with her, she broke bro." I never heard that. I have heard a female say this though "I like him but I can't be with him, he don't have a car."

When a woman sees a man, some women anyway, she notices his attire first. Check his shoes, see if their clean, see if his tee clean, if he got a hair cut, etc. When women step out the house looking "rough" they think men are being thirsty when they try to holla. Naw, we just don't care about that other shit yall seem to care about. Why do some men lie about the shit they got when they meet women? DUH, cause if he told you the truth you probably wouldn't want to deal with him. If he told you he was broke, no car, and jobless but liked you, you proabably wouldn't take him serious. I know because I've heard females talk about broke niggas.

It's much easier for women to make a come up in the world these days. A guy can't go find a woman with money and just get her pregnant.. Why? Cause a woman wants a man with a status, and or money and even if she slipped up and got pregnant she can just get rid of the guy and just take care of the baby on her own. Yeah, I've thought about doing that, lol, so what! A guy will date a broke female and marry her and all that, No problem. They do it all the time. I just know certain niggas would not be getting play if they didn't appear to have something to offer.

I know females who have fucked a guy JUST because he had money or something. He could be ugly as hell but she ignored all that just to get a piece of him. She could hate his personality but ignore that just to get close to him. To see what it feels like to fuck a man with a status. Idk about all but like I said, I've been around and interacted with A LOT of women and this seems to be the case. This is why they are paying to lose. Men sometimes go after women with looks, some titties, a fat ass and in turn they are playing to lose. Both of which seem to be the ones with the most issues, attitudes problems etc. You can never rely on something you can buy or lose to make you happy. You can buy a woman titties, and an ass now.. A nigga can lose his money and status. Lets change that people. I based this blog on women because guys don't follow me lol. It would be like talkin to a brick wall. If YOU don't date and fuck statuses I'm sure you know somoene who does. I'm not just making this shit up, like most of yall think when it relates to you sooo much.. Peaaace..


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