Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is "Good Parenting"

I've always wondered what certain parents do and certain don't do to have their kids turn out "bad." I'm scared of that the most with having kids, being a bad parent. I just know some people who kids are HORRIBLE! I hate the fact that as soon as people have kids they get stupid. Letting their kids curse, talk back, fight all that other shit... With no ass beating! I feel personally that if you make mistakes in life growing up and allow your kids to make the same mistakes then you fucked up as a parent. I know some folks who have dropped out of school and lived life struggling and then allowed their kids to drop out of high school and go through the same exact struggle. What is the sense of being a parent? When you raise your kids, what is your mission?

Some parents say "I love my kids soo much. They mean the world to me" but don't take the proper steps in making sure they have a good future. Not warning them about the hardships, informing them on their options as far as college and all that.. Idk, I just hear parents saying they don't know how to talk to their kids about sex, drugs and other things but if you don't talk about it.. THEY WILL FIND OUT ABOUT IT!

Apples don't fall to far from the tree but what if the tree rotten? I know some kids who are mirror images of their parents or one of their parents. Then I know kids who are exact opposites. Some kids look at their parents and say I don't want to be that and some kids look at their parents and see that as they only way they can be. Some kids are not informed about options and even if they are some kids don't care because they never see it. Kind of hard to tell a kid that the world can be yours when his or her whole family live check to check and never actually see someone successful. That's just my opinion. Question of the day is what are you going to do different with raising YOUR kids? I can't speak to much on this because I don't want any angry comments lol.

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