Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Honey Moon Stage... BLAAAH

When you first get with someone you have this floating feeling that you finally found someone that can tolerate you. That makes you happy, makes you get butterflies. Y'all spend everyday together, y'all text one another all day talking about the last time y'all was together and the next time y'all gone be together. Y'all sit and talk about the future and kiss and all that shit. I believe that 90% of the people who feel like this at first are in a "Honey Moon Stage". A stage where you and your partner are in complete bliss. Certain shit NEVER come up when you're "getting to know someone." I put that in quotations because when you get to know someone, you really just figure out if their crazy and if y'all have a few things in common. Its never in depth. Well, almost never. The honey moon stage can last anywhere from a day to 3 or 4 months, maybe even longer. We be sooooooo caught up in the fact we finally got someone that we do nothing but try to please that person, to the MAX!! You avoid ANY arguments, any conversation that might end sour you avoid.. You don't hang with ya friends as much if at all anymore. Ya whole world stops.... and revolves around this person.. ... .... ..

Then it goes away for one of the partners. They start getting more distant, seem less interested, start getting an attitude for no reason. The honey moon stage is now over and this person now feels suffocated and don't care to be around you as much lol. Now this is when y'all really get to know one another. This is when the HONEST truth comes out. Ya ll have start having REAL conversations about certain shit including life, kids, religion, beliefs, future, expectations. If y'all last after this, y'all will be together for a long time.. If not.. Kiss the relationship goodbye. You start thinking "ew, what the fuck was I thinking" or "You gotta be the dumbest fucker I've ever met" or they seem less attractive..

I have come to the conclusion that I won't date a female during the whole honey moon stage. Just "deal" with them while we are in the honey moon stage. A lot of people don't share my views on life and all that. I'm usually looked at with a raised eyebrow when I speak my mind on certain shit. Often called an ass when I give my honest opinion. So its like I wait for them to finally see me for me. Then I wanna see if I still find them attractive. A lot of the time females I talk to get very funny looking after a certain period of time. My sister told me they've always looked funny, and that I just be over looking it. Then after I spend like a week or two with a female I start seeing EXACTLY who she is. You never know someone till you live with them, my mom told me that. She was correct.. Soon as we have our first argument, that's when I know its over and that's when it gets real. Might seem crazy and dumb but its weeded A LOT of females out. Try it

If you are dating someone, you can't add the honey moon stage into the time y'all have been together. When someone asks how long y'all been together, subtract that honey moon stage. Or if someone ask how long was ya longest relationship, subtract the honey moon stage and subtract the time you was actually thinking about breaking up with the person. You probably left with like a week or two. I mean, these are just my thoughts but I bet you start realizing some shit. lol. Stop being so damn thirsty and actually get to know someone.. IN DEPTH.. Stop this spot dating. If you get a boyfriend or girlfriend before you have sex, and you have a lot of boy friends and girlfriends over a short period of time.. You are not better then everyone else. It's still premarital sex. That was random but.. VERY important. Peaacee!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

My love.. Beautiful strong women..

I know that it may seem like I just bash women on here but that aint true. Yall feed off drama so that's what I feed yall. On the up and up I decided to express what kind of women I like.. Strong, beautiful, intelligent women. I love them with a passion. None of my girl friends have been over the top beautiful. None have had fat asses or big titties. I go off her mental. I can't go off beauty because my attitude won't allow me. Pretty girls sometimes have a lot of baggage, low self esteem, high ass standards, and attitudes that I can't deal with. Weak minded females always follow drama, easily persuaded, fall victim to distorted love over and over again. OVERLY independent women irk my fucking nerves. Look, I commend a woman on her shit, jobs, school, whatever else she may have going on but you will NEVER be fully independent. Why I say that? Because you will always need a man to be there and love you like a man should. None of that shit can hold you at night, love you, dick you down, take care of you.. A man can. As long as you want and or need something, you can't and will not be independent. I also have little shit I don't like such as whinning, dirty, out of tune with fashion, bad in bed, amongst other things, that keep me from really dating. I won't call it settling down, those who "settle" are never happy.

What really attracts me is a strong woman. A determined woman that is going after what she believes is hers. A woman who is strong mentally will always surpass a woman with beauty. I like "bitches" as well. I like a woman who is sweet AND can stand her ground with my crazy ass mouth. I throw a jab, I want you to combo my ass back. If you don't, I just lose interest over time. Reason I like strong women is because of my mom. She had me at 14. She was a damn baby when she had me. Sooo young that we was playing Nintendo together. But she had to make shit happen to take care of me and my sibblings. All my life, I've only seen her cry like twice. It wasn't over some dumb ass nigga breaking her heart or nothing like that. It was life that made her cry.. She kept 3 kids fed, clothed and at least halfway happy.. She did what she could. I seen that all my life so how could I go for something less? I can't.

I aint really interested from jumps by looks. I mean, she can't be just mongoose looking but I am more attracted to the conversation and connection. A girl keeps me by her attitude and if she is strong enough. Life is a bitch and a weak woman is soo unattractive. I have liked a woman I didn't really know before because I just got that vibe from her. Hearing her speak about certain shit, how she handles business and carry herself had me on her nuts! The world is HARD on women, specially black women and with fighting trying to keep their ground, they might lose sight on what's really important. Love and Happiness. Yeah, I'm on my Al Green shit. Yeah I'm impressed you got degrees and jobs and all that shit but can you make and keep a man happy? Can you take care of and mentally support a family with those degrees and jobs? A strong woman is worth gold to me. Hard to find. A lot of imitations, not the real thing tho. I might sound crazy but.. It's all good. You like what you like, I like what I like.. Peaaaace.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing to lose

I was laying back, thinking about gold diggers. Gold digging is looked down upon in the world but no one realizes that its done more then we like to admit. Of course you got the women like Kelis, lol, who have kids just to get a 55,000 check every month. But I've noticed that a lot of women, I'm not gone say all, but most women date and fall in love with a status. Men, when and if a guy falls in love, he falls in love with her personality and looks, not what job she has and car she drives. I never had a guy friend say "I can't fuck with her, she broke bro." I never heard that. I have heard a female say this though "I like him but I can't be with him, he don't have a car."

When a woman sees a man, some women anyway, she notices his attire first. Check his shoes, see if their clean, see if his tee clean, if he got a hair cut, etc. When women step out the house looking "rough" they think men are being thirsty when they try to holla. Naw, we just don't care about that other shit yall seem to care about. Why do some men lie about the shit they got when they meet women? DUH, cause if he told you the truth you probably wouldn't want to deal with him. If he told you he was broke, no car, and jobless but liked you, you proabably wouldn't take him serious. I know because I've heard females talk about broke niggas.

It's much easier for women to make a come up in the world these days. A guy can't go find a woman with money and just get her pregnant.. Why? Cause a woman wants a man with a status, and or money and even if she slipped up and got pregnant she can just get rid of the guy and just take care of the baby on her own. Yeah, I've thought about doing that, lol, so what! A guy will date a broke female and marry her and all that, No problem. They do it all the time. I just know certain niggas would not be getting play if they didn't appear to have something to offer.

I know females who have fucked a guy JUST because he had money or something. He could be ugly as hell but she ignored all that just to get a piece of him. She could hate his personality but ignore that just to get close to him. To see what it feels like to fuck a man with a status. Idk about all but like I said, I've been around and interacted with A LOT of women and this seems to be the case. This is why they are paying to lose. Men sometimes go after women with looks, some titties, a fat ass and in turn they are playing to lose. Both of which seem to be the ones with the most issues, attitudes problems etc. You can never rely on something you can buy or lose to make you happy. You can buy a woman titties, and an ass now.. A nigga can lose his money and status. Lets change that people. I based this blog on women because guys don't follow me lol. It would be like talkin to a brick wall. If YOU don't date and fuck statuses I'm sure you know somoene who does. I'm not just making this shit up, like most of yall think when it relates to you sooo much.. Peaaace..


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Women and Porn..

I was talking to a female and she joked and said I watch too much porn. I asked her did she watch porn at all and she shunned the idea of watching porn. Said it wasn't needed and she thinks people who watch it have some kinda issues. I wanted to throw a tomato at her goofy ass. Honestly I don't watch a lot of porn. I watched a lot of porn when I was younger and stumbled across the tapes in my moms closet, shhhhh. The more and more women I asked about porn, the more and more I started to get concerned. A lot of women look down on porn and those who watch it. Word of advice, that's how you learn new tricks. I say about 80% of the women who give head don't know what they doing and the same goes men who eat pussy. How will you learn if you don't ask, read or watch porn? People are too embarrassed to ask for advice on how to make their sex better. They think they shit already so asking is out of the questions. You niggas don't read unless its gossip, or a text message so reading is out of the question. PORN IT IS!!

Regardless if people want to admit it or not, sex is a HUGE factor in a relationship. If you ain't better then the next you gone be by yourself or be the "best friend". Whack shit. Same goes for women who don't masturbate. THEIR NOT TO BE TRUSTED! A woman that is not fully happy with their body and ain't doing shit about it like working out, eating better, etc is whack. Men know when a woman isn't fully comfortable in her own skin and we don't like it. A girl who puts a man dick in her mouth should at least know what she doing. A woman should know how to use her pussy to the MAX. A man should know how to use his dick and keep his woman on her toes. It just feels better when you know what you doing. Trust..

Porn isn't nasty. Specially if all they doing is fucking. 2 girls and a cup isn't porn. That's just trifling as hell. However, watching 2, 3, 4, 5 people have sex isn't nasty. They even have plots and shit for you movie lovers! Women, pop a porn in with ya dude or a dude you like and see how excited he get. See if ya sex don't start improving DRASTICALLY. Guys if a girl don't watch porn or masturbate.. There is a BIG chance her sex is dull and boring. Ladies, if a guy lie and say he don't watch porn, don't fuck with em because its a big chance he don't know what he doing. He just sticking it in and hoping to hit something. Or licking the hell out of you and annoying you. Not saying Porn is the tell all be all with sex and making ya shit better.. Just saying it would help those who need help. Women stop being so shy and self conscious and just enjoy it for what it is. Stop neglecting ya pussy when you don't have someone to have sex with. You better rub and love that kitty! You'll feel better and ya guy a like having sex with you. I can almost guarantee it. Then again, what do I know, I'm just a guy who talks to alll my guy friends about what they like and don't like then tell yall. GET ON IT!

If you don't watch porn or masturbate.. Why? What keeps you from rubbing yaself when you feel the urge to bust one? I'm really curious. Comment, PLEASE!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Social Net-not-Working

I was giving my lil brother advice on some shit and instructed him to NEVER get comfortable with social networks. I blame social networks such as myspace, facebook, twitter, tagged, etc for most of our social problems we have today. I know its a bit drastic but hey, I feel like its true. Problem number 1 is the lack of confidence people have today I blame on the internet. A guy might not ever speak to a female EVER and he see her everyday but send her a message on facebook confessing his dying love to her. The computer gives people a sense of security and they get too comfortable and it disables them socially. You got grown ass men confessing love over the web like their in high school writing love notes. The pics that people take got them feeling like a model and myspace got EVERY nigga with a mic and a computer feeling like the next Lil Wayne. Back when social networks wasn't so popular, when it was only myspace and blackplanet, you could still bump into someone and have a great conversation. You could call somoene and they answered, not hit ignore and text you right back saying "wassup, you called?" People use to love talking on the phone for hours now you can't stay on the phone for 15 mins with somebody with out something magically popping up.

As the years go by, I believe that more and more people will get acoustomed to sending messages and not actually talking. The last few females I've talked to I NEVER talked to them on the phone. It was weird as hell talking to them on the phone and hearing their voice cause I was so use to texting them. In turn, didn't work. I'm not anti social networks because I still have my myspace, facebook, and twitter I just don't talk to people seriously on them. I told a girl NOT to talk to me on twitter and to text or call me. Thing is... I sent her a text saying that and she replied to me on twitter. *SLAPS FOREHEAD* thats over with. I'm trying my hardest to break away from the social networking and texting. Well not that drastic, just someone that I would want to potentially be serious with. I don't know how yall feel about it but I know that I blame social networking for the lack of communication verbally between people these days. Just my thoughts though. Try NOT texting for a week or deactivating your facebook for a couple weeks. See what happens. Peace.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Heart left at the scene of the crime...

I never thought that she would cheat on me but then again, you can never put anything past anyone. We was dating for like 8 months and I thought we was good till I walked in on her having sex with some dude in MY bed.. On some Dru Hill shit. She thought I was out of town doing a show but I came back early only to find her not missing me like she said in the text 30 mins ago..

After we fought and I kicked her out, we started talking again and I ended up forgiving her. So I thought.. We didn't start dating again but we was picking up all the pieces. That was two years ago. I thought we was good because I finally decided we could be together again. Not smart.. I know. The thought of how we USE to be and how things USE to be made me want to give it another try. We haven't had sex in my house since before it went down. It was always at her place.. Not on purpose it just ended up like that. She said she wanted to do something sexy for me so I gave her the keys to my spot while I went out of town for a studio session. I didn't know what she had in mind but I said fuck it and gave it a shot.

So I walk in and she got some candles and shit lit. I walk up stairs to find her in the bed with the music and shit playing. Some sexy red shit on, she knew I liked. She was laying on top of the covers just waiting for me. I got instantly horny, just because I know how good she can be when she wants to be. I took my clothes off and got into bed. I laid on my back cause I guess she wanted to be in charge. She started kissing me and rubbing all on me. I don't know if it was the weed I smoked on the way home but when I looked at the doorway I seen ME. Like, I seen me the day I caught her cheating. I closed my eyes, shook my head and the image was gone. So she pulled my dick out and started goin haaaam! I loved it.. Stick with me because this where the weed had me tripping. It turned to an outer body experience and I was standing at the door way and I was watching her do things she does with me to the guy she was fucking when I caught her cheating. All the shit I thought she did only with me, I was watching her do with this other guy she barely knew. I don't know how well she knew him so I take that back. I was watching her have sex with this guy and she did nothing differently with him that she did with me. Sucked his dick the same, scratched his back the same.. Moaned the exact same.. She even called this nigga
daddy the same way.. I got soooo fucking mad and this actually hurt more then walking in on her.. I got up and had her leave. I couldn't do it no more. I suppressed this for 2 years and it finally hit me while in the act. She didn't know what the hell was going on but.. I did.. YA GOTTA GO.. I gotta move on.. PEAAACE!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Fucking on the job..

We always flirt, ALWAYS.. Since I started working here a year ago, we been flirting. She a say lil slick shit but I never paid it any attention. Since she broke up with her boyfriend two months ago she been a lil more affectionate, if you wanna call grabbing my ass that.. We never exchanged numbers, never talked about meeting up outside of work to kick it, none of that. I mean I just respected the fact she had a man but I gues since they broke up, it was fair game. Both working over night and it was dead as fuck! It was 4 people here including us. Since we both been working here for a minute, we knew where all the blind spots on the floor was, where people never went after a certain time, basically how to get away when on the clock. Whenever we worked together we use to spend our breaks together in the blindspot just talking about whatever. Today I felt was kinda different, she had been flirting with me super hard today and kept giving me that eye. I never actually had sex at my place of work before but I def wasn't scared though, just didn't have the opportunity. Our break was gone be very interesting.

We sat down in the aisle across from one another eating our 5 dollar foot longs we bought before Subway closed. 5 dolla! 5 dolla! 5 dolla foot lonnnng! My bad.. But she was telling me how she hasn't fucked in so long and it was starting to give her headaches. Me being a slick mouth bastard I replied "I got aspirin if you can swallow", after I said I laughed it off but she looked at me like nigga gimmie some. She wrapped her sub up and sat next to me and at this time I kinda wished I didn't say nothing cause if she touch me the right and wrong way, I'm a have to take her down in the cleaning aisle. She sat next to me and started telling me she started playing and whispering fuck me. It seems cheesy but she was fine as hell.. Anyway I took the magnum out my wallet and she unbuttoned her Dickie's. She unbuttoned mine.. WHY!? Well, I'm glad I didn't call in like I planned on doing.

So after we looked around and giggled for the first two minutes.. We started.. I pulled her pants down and off one leg and I did the same for mine and bent her over the febreeze row. I slid inside and she instantly got super wet. I was soo fucking nervous that someone would come in and buy some fucking gilet candles at 3am. I started stroking and digging deep like we was in the comfort of our own home. She was moaning and shit, saying my name. She moaned deeper and harder after I thought I was already going in deep.. I started going ham as "quietly" as possible, seeing how we was still at work. I guess hit the spot cause she started knocking down candles and febreeze bottles. We couldn't help but to giggle and keep going. Fuck trying to speed it up, she was so fucking goooooood. She looked back with the sexy eye and bit her lip. That fucked me up cause I nutted like.. 30 seconds after that. I started to go slower and she started to grind on it more. I hated that we had to stop. We was fucking for what seemed to be forever but was only for like 8 minutes..

Took the condom off and put it in some subway napkins. She pulled up her pants and started singing 5 dolla! 5 dolla! 5 dolla foot lonnnnng! We both laughed it off and put all the candles and frebreeze bottles back on the counter.. I sprayed one though cause it smelt like Badussy! Good badussy though.. I told her we had to finish it and she said yeah I know. "Your coming home with me once we clock out so don't be holla'n you tired." I instantly woke up! Threw the condom away, clocked back in and acted like nothing happen when the manager asked "Where the hell you been? Tuck ya damn shirt in!" I complied and went bout my way, anticipating getting off work.. BOW!! I love it!!


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