Monday, February 2, 2009

Perfect Stranger?

What do I get out of talking to you? I mean, I don't know you personally and yet, I can tell you all my personal shit. The most I know about you is a profile pic you took in your bathroom and a few other pictures you took with some friends. Your first name and your screen name. Where you from and.. That's about it. Why do I trust you? Why when I feel like I can't talk to anybody, I can log on yahoo, aim or any other medium online and release whatever is on my mind?

When we first started talking, I admit I didn't think shit would come of it. I had one of my moments where I was mad at the world and you just so happen to be the victim online to hear about it. You don't know me and yet you seemed so interested in my problems and concerned. We typed back and forth for what seemed like 30 mins but was actually a few hours. I don't remember where I got your screen name from. Had to be facebook or myspace cause I don't fuck with blackplanet or twitter. Even thouh we talk on aim/yahoo all the time, neither one of us dare ask for each others number. Ohhhh noo!! You might be some crazy as killer haha, as ironic as that sounds, its the truth! Here it is, we talk everyday sometimes all day about personal shit, shit we wouldn't tell anyone else and we won't exchange numbers or meet up.

To take take place of meeting up we exchange pics. Not regular pics of course but nasty ones. I show u mine, you show me yours. Occasional web cam sessions, you know how that go. But whatever it is we have, it fills a void that no one can seem to fill in person. When I need to vent, you're there. When comcast was fucking up after that storm and I had no Internet for a couple days, I damn ner lost my mind. You have to be somewhat of a close friend to me, you have to be. But all of this happened over a computer? Why? How? I talk about people like me! When someone say they met someone online and shit, I laugh at them but here I am.. Chatting my ass off to you. I guess I understand now.

I know someone has met someone online at least once and they hit it off. Seemed to be the perfect stranger.. Don't make me seem like I'm crazy.. O well, fuck it. It aint the first time I have been called that.

P.S. I have no perfect strangers at the moment but I have. Just had to put a disclaimer since folks think I spread my buisness all on the web lol.


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