Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Love Hater..

I haven't had a Valentines since like 6Th grade.. When my mom bought me two tickets to the valentines day dance and Monique turned me down the last minute, literally. I bought roses and candy with my money I saved up.. She bailed on me so I gave the roses to my mom and let my sis Tee eat the candy. I was fucking pissed. I know I was young but I swore I wouldn't put my all into valentines day again. I slipped up in 05 when I bought a big ass bear, flowers and tons of fucking candy for India and she seemed the least interested that I wanted to see her on valentines day. Mind you, she was my girl friend. So I said fuck it, called up my best female friend, went to eat and gave it to her. It seems like when I give my all, I get a foot in the ass for it. Now.. I'm like fuck it all together.

Now I look at it as a day for the world to look down on the people who find peace at being single. Here you have one day out the whole year where everyone is all lovey dubby and shit. Its cute.. I admire those who give their all and get at least 90% back and sorry to all the females who give me 90 and I give them 50% back. Blame my ex's. I have been scorned!

But if your in a relationship, I figure you buy ya counter part cards, candy, flowers, make hotel reservations, cook breakfast and dinner, have great sex, tell them you love them all fucking day but... Why not do that everyday? Like.. why not be spontaneous and do it everyday oppose to the one time your suppose to do it? If we stayed happy about being in a relationship all year long, we wouldn't have soo many unfulfilled relationships we have today. You buy your counterpart that shit July 1st and they think you cheating or have something your trying to hide. I think its funny but I am not trying to hate or rain on any ones parade. Not at all. Just speaking my mind. So as the world sees X's and O's today.. I'm a be on some other shit, writing music and chilling and waiting for the female that will allow me to make everyday Feb 14Th.. Happy Valentines Day. -Eric

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