Sunday, February 1, 2009

Your opinions....

Fuck every ones opinion lol!!. It is a lot of talking going on these days and a lot of questions being asked and its kind of pissing me off. Not a lot but a tad. Since when did YOUR opinion matter? Who cares what you think about anything? The shit you are suppose to care about, you don't such as, life insurance, why your counterpart is fucking your neighbor, your grades and what you are going to do after you graduate. Stuff like that I can see if folks talked about that but not, Kanye West at fashion week, why T-pain keep using auto tune, about lil wayne and his street credibility, Rick Ross being a cop and all the other little hollywood/hollyhood shit yall seem to blog about all the fucking time.

I read, or skim I should say, alot of these blogs and they all be about the same thing. All voicing their opinion about something that don't even matter. Its a few of you who are now telling sex stories and crazy shit. I started a trend.. To bad your word play isnt as good as mine haha. Maybe its just my attitude but I don't give a fuck what you folks think. I only write on blogspot to tell my stories, I don't analyze videos, pictures, situations or anything. Its not my place to voice my opinion aout shit that don't matter. I'm not bashing the folks who sit up and voice their opinion on stuff, just asking when did that become cool? Fuck that and your opinions. -dizZy

p.s. Don't catch feelings bloggers. Just thought I had to throw that out there.

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