Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Fall of Superman

Sometimes I need a break, a break from my routine life. I get tired of being this super human person. Sometimes I need a break from being the shoulder everyone leans on. At times I need a shoulder to lean on but I have to suck up how I feel about any and everything because I fear that if someone catches wind that I actually don’t have it all figured out, I’d appear weak. I’m not weak, I just need a break. Not a long break, just a break that lasts forever. At times I feel like superman, cape and all. I have gotten so used to not opening up and talking to people that I fear that I might have forgotten how to let someone be there for me but that's all I really want. Someone to be there for, me. It seems as if everyone has a hidden agenda these days. Like no one is as dependable as you need them to be. Feels like everything I say is written down and saved to be used against me and you can’t really enjoy the company of another person when you feel like that. I want to let my guard down though, I miss how much I use to smile before I had to be strong for everyone. I am sorry. I have to start living for me now.

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