Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is "Good Parenting"

I've always wondered what certain parents do and certain don't do to have their kids turn out "bad." I'm scared of that the most with having kids, being a bad parent. I just know some people who kids are HORRIBLE! I hate the fact that as soon as people have kids they get stupid. Letting their kids curse, talk back, fight all that other shit... With no ass beating! I feel personally that if you make mistakes in life growing up and allow your kids to make the same mistakes then you fucked up as a parent. I know some folks who have dropped out of school and lived life struggling and then allowed their kids to drop out of high school and go through the same exact struggle. What is the sense of being a parent? When you raise your kids, what is your mission?

Some parents say "I love my kids soo much. They mean the world to me" but don't take the proper steps in making sure they have a good future. Not warning them about the hardships, informing them on their options as far as college and all that.. Idk, I just hear parents saying they don't know how to talk to their kids about sex, drugs and other things but if you don't talk about it.. THEY WILL FIND OUT ABOUT IT!

Apples don't fall to far from the tree but what if the tree rotten? I know some kids who are mirror images of their parents or one of their parents. Then I know kids who are exact opposites. Some kids look at their parents and say I don't want to be that and some kids look at their parents and see that as they only way they can be. Some kids are not informed about options and even if they are some kids don't care because they never see it. Kind of hard to tell a kid that the world can be yours when his or her whole family live check to check and never actually see someone successful. That's just my opinion. Question of the day is what are you going to do different with raising YOUR kids? I can't speak to much on this because I don't want any angry comments lol.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is a fucking Recession?

I know I'm late fuck it, o well. The word recession means a period of reduced economic activity. That's what it says in webster. Well I was watching South Park and the shit made soo much sense but kinda pissed me off. I don't like to read about shit in the government because its always from someone elses point of view, never what it really is. This is my take on the whole recession situation. BULLSHIT!

So basically people are scared to spend money because they don't know if they will get more of it. Jobs are firing people because people aren't spending money like they use to. So basically if people spend money, the jobs will hire people again and the recession will be over some what. I thought that the recession was something more but it really aint. I know a few folks who were fired from their jobs and I thought it was because of the recession. One got fired from walmart, not because of the recession but because he was late all the fucking time. One got fired from sprint because the person was always into it with the manager. One got fired because they failed a background check.. My uncle was fired from GM though. That was pretty fucked up.

My friends who have always been broke.. Are still broke. The folks I know that has always had a job.. Still have that job. They been making the same amount of money for a minute but all of a sudden they say their broke because its a recession. I think that we need to get out of that "its hard out here" mentality because the change always start with US. Shit will only get better if we make it better. Obama can't fix attitudes from the white house..

This is all from my point of view though. Don't want angry comments saying its more to it then what I explained. You know how yall do.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weed vS Alcohol.. Winner is.. WEED!

So I was up at like 4 a.m. and knew I should have went to sleep instead of flipping through the channels because it always bug me out. You got the infomercials selling knives, the billion church joints.. Sidebar, what the hell is up with that white man as the preacher with the whole damn stadium full of people? Do they pass around the collection plate even when its thousands of people in attendance? Anyway..

I see the new commercial where they in the taxis singing biz markie just a friend.. Drink responsibly is the slogan.. They don't mention how many accidents people die in because of drunk drivers naw, they singing in the car, having fun being drunk. Then I see the commercial where the kid is at a party and walks to the back room and his conscious talks to him about the good and bad about smoking weed. His dad on one shoulder saying is it worth making mom cry, basketball team saying is it worth it, a pizza guy saying it didn't effect me and so on.. Then I got mad because.. YES, I SMOKE WEED.. Well from time to time.. The most weed has ever done is made me hella hungry and hella sleepy which isn't bad. It didn't effect me graduating high school or college, my mom still loves me, and a pizza guy during this fucking recession would be a blessing!

Alcohol is waaay worse in soo many ways. I don't need to elaborate how I think drinking is worse then smoking weed. I just like how the government portrays it as "the gateway drug." My aunt has been smoking for like 25 years and didn't get into anything else. My Grandfather was drinking for 25+ years and died from cancer in his liver. I understand that they aren't making money from weed but please don't portray Alcohol as the accepted substance abuse. Get drunk, that's cool just get a tax and you'll be fine.. If you get high, you will drop out of high school, become a pizza guy and never amount to anything.. WTF? The way the world works is fucking amazing.

If they legalized weed do you think the commercials would change? Hell yeah lol! I'm not saying everyone should just smoke weed.. Just don't believe the hype with these commercials..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Losing My Virginity.. (Not a poem, just written funny)

A lot of folks ask for was certain stories true so I decided to tell
about losing my virginity...

So I'm in California for the summer with my dad. He stayed on a military
base which was a new environment for me but I took it in and loved it.
My dad and step mom worked during the day and to prevent me from being
bored they told me I should hang out at the Youth Center (YMCA). Once
there, I finally get accepted into the in crowd. The new kid always gets
attention at first and I caught the attention of Myca (my-ka). She
wasn't the cutest thing in the crowd but she was one of the coolest
females I've ever met.

Like 2 weeks passed and it was filled with kicking it with military
brats and enjoying the weather. One day they YC (youth center) had a
party. Everyone was there including Myca.. She was looking cuter then
she usually do so I gravitated towards her for some odd reason. I went
to use the bathroom and seen her kinda sad. I asked what was wrong and
she said her ex was there with his new girl. So I talked to her and
lifted her spirits and she then wanted to leave.. So I walked her home.
We walk to a house and I thought it was hers. She opened the door and
hugged me good night. She then raised her skirt and asked me did I like
her new panties. They were playboy bunny panties.. A thong. I said yeah!
The way she looked at me screamed FUCK ME! So I kissed her neck and she
pulled me closer and I started fingering her... It was on and cracking!

We went inside the house because me fingering her on the porch wasn't
the smartest thing considering were on a military base with nosey
neighbors. So she throws me on the love seat and starts dancing for me.
LOVED IT! I take out the trojan that I stole from my dads bathroom
droor. She pulled my pants down and put my dik in her mouth. Mind you,
im basically a virgin lol. She was sucking my dik like a pro and I loved
it. She made me cum, swallowed it, and kept going. I was still taken
back by this and excited so keeping me hard wasn't a issue. She put the
stolen Trojan on and sat on it. She was riding me and it was lovely! She
got up and laid on the floor and I got on top of her and went to stroke
town.. I came, I saw and I caame!

I get up, go to the bathroom and all that. Come out and see a pic of 2
white people and ask her who they were. Come to find out it wasn't her
house, she lived a couple houses down. She was dog sitting while they
were out of town which blew me cause she laughed after she said it.
Ironically she lived right up the street. Right next door to my dads
best friend.. So I walk in the house smelling like Badussy.. Guess who
sitting on the steps. MY DAD.. He asked me where I been and all that
shit and why was I smiling so hard. I told em out stealing from stores
or some slick shit. I ran up the steps but I know he smelled sex on me.
Once I got upstairs I realized that she was on some expert type shit. I
was only going to be a freshman and she was going to be a sophomore..
She was experienced.. If you like that, wait till I post about our last
time before I left home. Owwwwwww

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Married? I think not. Fuck was you thinking?

All this is from my point of view and I really want to know women.. If you don't: Like having sex, enjoy giving head, hold good conversations, know how to cook, know how to be supportive.. How do you plan on getting married and KEEPING your man happy? This is a real question that I want answers too!

Seems like a lot of women fell off on their wife game for my generation at least. This is coming from a man who wants to be married and have kids. I'm not just being a jerk right now. Ill save that for a later post. But I'm serious. When a man cheats its usually because he isn't getting what he wants out of the relationship. Save all the marriage isnt based off that comments because its bullshit.

If a woman likes a man but he can't fuck and or his dick is small she won't fall in love with him. If he can't hold a good conversation then you shouldn't fall in love with him and if he don't support you with what you doing then why you love him? Stop thinking with your hearts for a second and think with ya brain. Would you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who couldn't fuck you like you want, support you like he should, or make you feel all googly inside? Lets be honest! FEEDBACK PLEASE!

p.s. peep the new blog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny Funny.. You Made it

So I was talking to a female friend of mine like a week ago or so. I wanted to kick it with her and just chill. I don't know where her mind was but thats neither here or there. She came at me sideways and was like "I don't wanna kick it because I don't want to be the subject of one of your freaky blogs." It was funny because she was dead ass serious. I thought to myself, what in the hell makes you think your sex would be good enough to post about? I don't even post sex shit no more nor do I exploit women, wtf? I didn't even want to have sex, that's the funny part! Well congrats hun, you have been deleted out the phone and you made the blog. Congratulations!!! Stupid ass..

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