Saturday, February 21, 2009

Im.. Just not that into.. Us?

A female friend asked me about females and what not and figured id just make a post about it..

No matter how much you care for me, how much money you spend on me, how much you see us together in your head, how much you text me and try to get to know me, no matter how many times we have sex, no matter how many dates we go on, no matter how many times we lay up and watch a movie in my room, I just won't be that into you.

See dating to me is more serious now that we not in middle/high school. I only make things official if I can see us together for a long period of time. Just because you see us together don't mean we seem the same thing. I know its wrong for me to entertain the idea of us. I'm sorry. But if I tell you that I no longer want to do these things, your going to make up some reason as to why we should keep "this" going. You claim that your not getting emotionally attached but I see it in your eyes when I tell you we can't hang because I got a session or something.

So, were going to keep this going until you get mad that my feelings didn't change over time as you had planned. You tell all of your friends how much of a jerk and asshole I am and have them screw they faces at me, thats cool. I know what comes along with it, just telling you now that.. I'm just not that into.. Us. =D

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