Monday, May 18, 2009

Weed vS Alcohol.. Winner is.. WEED!

So I was up at like 4 a.m. and knew I should have went to sleep instead of flipping through the channels because it always bug me out. You got the infomercials selling knives, the billion church joints.. Sidebar, what the hell is up with that white man as the preacher with the whole damn stadium full of people? Do they pass around the collection plate even when its thousands of people in attendance? Anyway..

I see the new commercial where they in the taxis singing biz markie just a friend.. Drink responsibly is the slogan.. They don't mention how many accidents people die in because of drunk drivers naw, they singing in the car, having fun being drunk. Then I see the commercial where the kid is at a party and walks to the back room and his conscious talks to him about the good and bad about smoking weed. His dad on one shoulder saying is it worth making mom cry, basketball team saying is it worth it, a pizza guy saying it didn't effect me and so on.. Then I got mad because.. YES, I SMOKE WEED.. Well from time to time.. The most weed has ever done is made me hella hungry and hella sleepy which isn't bad. It didn't effect me graduating high school or college, my mom still loves me, and a pizza guy during this fucking recession would be a blessing!

Alcohol is waaay worse in soo many ways. I don't need to elaborate how I think drinking is worse then smoking weed. I just like how the government portrays it as "the gateway drug." My aunt has been smoking for like 25 years and didn't get into anything else. My Grandfather was drinking for 25+ years and died from cancer in his liver. I understand that they aren't making money from weed but please don't portray Alcohol as the accepted substance abuse. Get drunk, that's cool just get a tax and you'll be fine.. If you get high, you will drop out of high school, become a pizza guy and never amount to anything.. WTF? The way the world works is fucking amazing.

If they legalized weed do you think the commercials would change? Hell yeah lol! I'm not saying everyone should just smoke weed.. Just don't believe the hype with these commercials..

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