Friday, March 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Me and you met through a close friend of mines. I'm sure you two had plans on getting closer and dating and I was all for that until we started talking. With you and him "dating" it left room for us to just talk with no worries of one another judging. We kicked it and had fun, like friends do. It just seemed like the more and more we talked and kicked it the more and more we became interested in one another. When he fucked up, you came to me and told me how much you hated talking to guys because you was always left hurt. A month of you two talking seemed like 3 months of talking for me and you.

As you two stopped talking, the more and more we began to kick it. Still no sex, still no kissing. Just great conversations and kicking it. So we plan to go to the movies, its not a date, just a movie. We go out to eat, no date, just dinner. You spend the night, no cuddling, you just didn't feel like driving home afterward. So we laying in the bed and were talking and laughing, joking, not caring about a thing. What we have is, in my mind, genuine. I love it. So we go out to eat more often, no dates, just dinner. Go to the movies, no date, just a movie until we go to the park and hold hands. Then, things switched.

We kissed and started being more affectionate. Started going about things as if we were a couple. Were not suppose to be doing this is whats going on in the back of my mind but its been so long that I had something like this and I don't want it to end. It's been so long since Ive had something this real and this exciting. REFRESHING.. But we don't take it there because you feel as if you will be looked at a certain way. You don't want to cross that line because its "wrong". You two talked all of 2 months. Me and you have been kicking it for about a year and crossed the line six months ago. But hey, I'm not here to make you make a choice. Just saying it was fun while it lasted but I can't kick it with you no more without looking at you as my guilty pleasure. I want to be with you, but we can't. Thanks for letting me know that I can feel again, that I can love again. Peace out my guilty pleasure..

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