Friday, December 4, 2009

Fucking vs Making Love vs Quickie

Sexual intercourse - heterosexual intercourse involving penetration of the vagina by the penis.

Fucking, Making love and quickie are not defined in the dictionary so I figured id try and break it down so that it will forever be broke! All the shit the same, there is no difference. It is something that we made up to feel special when we are having sex with someone. Can you make love with someone for 5 minutes or is that a quickie? Can you fuck to slow music, candles and light 4 play? Can you think its making love but the partner think yall just fucking? What kind of connection do you have to have? It's all the same, penetration. I mean don't get me wrong, I know there are differences but why is what I'm asking. I know girls who prefer to be fucked but how do you make 'fucking' feel special? Like if you want it to be right.. Do you light candles, play some sade, get the strawberries and then fuck? Do you make love to cut buddies? {random but a good question}.. WAIT!! Shit just hit me.. When you 'make love' to a woman, is that where she gets her feelings from? Because yall "made" the love? Random, don't mind me.

I honestly don't care what I call it. If Keri Hilson came to me and said "I want a quickie" I'm a make love to that tall heffa for 5 mins. If I don't have shit to do and can have sex, I might go for 30 mins or so.. Play some R-Kelly and light candles so I can see and take my time. Kiss and lick her all over because she looked tasty in her outfit that day and she might label it making love because I took my time.. But.. Does it count that I only took my time because I had nothing else to do? If this girl hit me up that be avoiding me and we have sex.. I might 'Fuck' her for a long ass time.. Change the position about 5 different ones.. Pound her shit out, deep stroke, short stroke, eat the chocha, smack her ass, choke her, etc.. But I'm doing these things with intentions of hurting her because she been avoiding me. That to me is fucking but she might tell her girl friends that we made love because of the shit I did. Idk. I mean, it's all just words to me. It's all sex to me at the end of the day. I feel you should always take yo time and just go all out. Why? Because if you something goes wrong and a baby pops up.. Now you gotta spend 18 plus years raising something that took 3 minutes to make. I feel like some one was getting the short end of sex and started making up terms to justify as to why they were getting what they was getting. Its all a mental thing, just like everything else people gas up. O well.. What you think? Peaaaaace! @EDotDizzy {twitter flow}

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