Thursday, December 24, 2009

So.. Your gay?

Let me start by saying I am not a homophobe. I don't have many if any gay friends. But I don't have a problem with them. This post is not to the gay men, yall do yall thing and sword fight all yall want. ON GUARD! It's to the girls who date studs. I was in walmart and seen this cute ass girl near the ketchup. She sized me up, I sized her down. She smiled, I smiled. I grabbed the ketchup for my burgers and went to get my cereal. Well I bumped into her again in the milk aisle but this time she was with a stud. The stud started mugging me. Now if anyone mug me I feel like something has to be said but the stud is still a female and no matter what I would be wrong if I hit her in the head with my Fruity Pebbles. Then I started wondering why females date studs. They look like guys.. They dress like guys.. They use dildo's and fuck you like a guy. So.. Why date the stud? I get it that some women aren't attracted to men so they date women. That's cool and I understand. I don't understand girls who date fake guys though. I know you don't get a sense of security with the fake guy. Can someone please break that down for me? I'm not trying to be an ass, I just don't understand that concept. Like, if you like girls looking like a guy, then just be with a guy. You get the same thing right? But the real thing. I hope I made sense and didn't come off like a complete ass. I am a complete ass but I know how some folks are about that topic. Sensitive! Help me out so I can know. Thanks. Peaace!

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