Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Losing My Virginity.. (Not a poem, just written funny)

A lot of folks ask for was certain stories true so I decided to tell
about losing my virginity...

So I'm in California for the summer with my dad. He stayed on a military
base which was a new environment for me but I took it in and loved it.
My dad and step mom worked during the day and to prevent me from being
bored they told me I should hang out at the Youth Center (YMCA). Once
there, I finally get accepted into the in crowd. The new kid always gets
attention at first and I caught the attention of Myca (my-ka). She
wasn't the cutest thing in the crowd but she was one of the coolest
females I've ever met.

Like 2 weeks passed and it was filled with kicking it with military
brats and enjoying the weather. One day they YC (youth center) had a
party. Everyone was there including Myca.. She was looking cuter then
she usually do so I gravitated towards her for some odd reason. I went
to use the bathroom and seen her kinda sad. I asked what was wrong and
she said her ex was there with his new girl. So I talked to her and
lifted her spirits and she then wanted to leave.. So I walked her home.
We walk to a house and I thought it was hers. She opened the door and
hugged me good night. She then raised her skirt and asked me did I like
her new panties. They were playboy bunny panties.. A thong. I said yeah!
The way she looked at me screamed FUCK ME! So I kissed her neck and she
pulled me closer and I started fingering her... It was on and cracking!

We went inside the house because me fingering her on the porch wasn't
the smartest thing considering were on a military base with nosey
neighbors. So she throws me on the love seat and starts dancing for me.
LOVED IT! I take out the trojan that I stole from my dads bathroom
droor. She pulled my pants down and put my dik in her mouth. Mind you,
im basically a virgin lol. She was sucking my dik like a pro and I loved
it. She made me cum, swallowed it, and kept going. I was still taken
back by this and excited so keeping me hard wasn't a issue. She put the
stolen Trojan on and sat on it. She was riding me and it was lovely! She
got up and laid on the floor and I got on top of her and went to stroke
town.. I came, I saw and I caame!

I get up, go to the bathroom and all that. Come out and see a pic of 2
white people and ask her who they were. Come to find out it wasn't her
house, she lived a couple houses down. She was dog sitting while they
were out of town which blew me cause she laughed after she said it.
Ironically she lived right up the street. Right next door to my dads
best friend.. So I walk in the house smelling like Badussy.. Guess who
sitting on the steps. MY DAD.. He asked me where I been and all that
shit and why was I smiling so hard. I told em out stealing from stores
or some slick shit. I ran up the steps but I know he smelled sex on me.
Once I got upstairs I realized that she was on some expert type shit. I
was only going to be a freshman and she was going to be a sophomore..
She was experienced.. If you like that, wait till I post about our last
time before I left home. Owwwwwww

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