Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Flipped the sidekick open at 2:34 a.m, to a text I haven't seen in a few weeks, "you up"? I already knew what it meant, already knew what she wanted but I was bored so I replied back with "yeAzir". I mean, I wasn't doing nothing but watching Fresh Prince, like I do every night. "Can I come over", I dwell on it all of 2 seconds before I replied back with "yeAzir"! She a inconvenience to me so she don't get the clean room tonight.. I'm not even getting freshened up. Fuck that!! Last time she came over she didn't do shit but tease me the whole night before I said fuck it and went to sleep. BLUE BALL NATION!!! Not tonight, haha!

She call me and tell me she at the door.. I walk to the living room in basketball shorts and socks.. She had on number 6 Jordans, Pink sweat pants, and a white tee. Though she was dressed down, she looked good as hell as usual. She one of the "busy" type.. Never answer texts or call back.. Always make plans but back out for some odd reason. I suspected she had a boyfriend and didn't care to tell me.. Either way she in my house at 3 a.m.

So we get in my room and I instantly jump back in my spot before she fuck it up, its already warm! "Dang boy, wasn't nobody finna get in yo spot"! She took her shoes off and climbed next to me and ask me what I was doing as if she didn't ask me that via text 20 minutes ago.. I cut to the chase and asked why she come over so late. "Oh so you don't want me over here"? I then ignored her. Lord knows I wanted her ass next to me but not if she was gone tease me. So I told her yeah and watched TV.

I felt myself dozing off. Yeah, she still next to me but fuck it, I'm sleepy and last time we was in this situation she ended the night teasing. I leaned over, gave her a kiss on her forehead and laid back down. "Aw that was so cute, do it again DizZ", here she go, teasing and paying already. So I leaned over again and she grabbed me by my wife beater on top of her. In my mind I'm thinking she teasing and won't shit come from it, WRONG. So she kiss me and even though I got some big ass lips and enjoy kissing, I don't just kiss every female but... I kissed her. She was a little more into it this time so I ran with it. She reached in, grabbed my dick and said "I want it", so... I gave it. Flipped over to my back and put her on top of me, I did this just to see if she was serious. She took my wife beater and I took off her white tee... Then her sweat pants.. She had on some cute pink panties with matching bra. I love it!!

So she starts kissing on me which rarely happens these days, chicks are lazy as hell in bed so I've kinda gotten use to doing all the work. But she was kissing and licking, catching me off guard and I loved it! She started going down my chest, pulled my shorts down and put it in her mouth. She was soo nasty with it, spitting on it, licking it, making all types of noises and moaning.. I was more entertained then turned on by it. She was going ham till I told her to stop.. I wanted to get some strokes in. I made her stop, lay on her side as I slide in. DEEP! I can tell this was her first time for that cause she started doing some crazy shit with her eyes and making strange moaning sounds. This was all to funny for me! She then pushed me off turned over and moaned "fuck me".. But when she turned over, that kitty was sooo damn pretty, I put my face in it, LMAO why not?? Her knees buckled a little bit but I grabbed her by her waist and stuck my tongue in then played with it.. Soo fun! Then I slid in from the back. She was suuuuper wet, I felt like scuba Steve for a second, BIG DADDY! She was lowkey running from it so I put her against the wall and she couldn't take it. She was creaming, fucking up my sheets!! I had to get a nut off though so.. I did and slid back out... I'm not ever over dramatic with a nuts less its from some bomb ass head..

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash myself off.. Threw the condom inside the Kroger bag behind the door. I heard her phone ring and knew it was someone "serious" cause official girl was the ring tone.. She answered and I heard her say "I told you I was staying with my moms tonight, why you tripping boy?" Hmm, as I look into the mirror and seen a slight grin on the man looking back at me. This shit gotta stop.. But, not tonight!! Round 2?? DIZZY!!!!

P.S. Don't yall judge me! haha

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