Friday, November 20, 2009

How do you let a man know he aint pleasing you? -J.Lavii

So my homie J Lavii asked me how do you tell a man that he isn't pleasing you. How do you tell him without hurting his feelings..

Well it might be more simple then you thought. A lot of people in general know how to please maybe two or three people. You develop a routine, even if you don't realize it. So it's not that he bad in bed, he just use to pleasing someone else and needs to break out of his routine. This is of course only matters if he has a "package." Meaning if he not pleasing you because his dick too small you might have a problem houston. If that isn't the case then you good money and the problem can be fixed.

I once dealt with a female who gave horrible head. Like she was doing it all wrong, too much teeth, not enough spit, grabbing it too hard, everything you can think of was wrong. I wanted to just stop dealing with her all together but I figured if I taught her how to do it properly it will stick with her forever. It took all of three times and a few pornos and we were rocking like cut off stockings. I just lied and said she was good but if she did it like this she would be that much better. I don't know how she took it but she listened and it was nice!

I had a girl friend that I will never forget. Right out of high school I dated a girl who was like 3 or 4 years older then me. I didn't know much about fucking and giving head, I mean I wasn't fucking like that in school. Well this was right when Trey Songz first cd just came out. One day I went down on her and came back up and she was like "What was that boy?" She told me that I was doing it all wrong and needed to learn quickly! I wasn't hurt, my ego wasn't crushed because deep down inside I knew I didn't have that much experience in it. So from "Just gotta make it" to the "Just gotta make it remix" which is the last song, my head was between her legs. She was a great coach. My facial hair was soaked, my wife beater smelled of her and my bed was soaking wet but I learned a lot. I don't fuck with her no more but I still have the skills.

So to you, the best way you can do it without him even noticing is to watch porn with him. All guys watch porn so if he hit you with that line "Naw, I don't watch that shit", he lying. Watch it and ask him, why don't you try that on me or why haven't we did that. Get him in the mode of learning new shit, and this is when you slip in how he can please you. Stroke his ego while teaching him some new tricks. Guys all think they are the best in the bedroom so try not to step on his pride while trying to catch a nut. Sex is easy, sticking the pee pee in the coo coo. Simple. But Good sex requires skill, practice and patience. You have to have all of that with him as you teach him your temple. How to please you. If you try that, if you try and teach him new tricks and he still don't get it right.. You might have to be like "nigga you aint fucking me right and you better get with it before I fuck your home boy who been low key trying to fuck since you introduced us!" Hahaha, that might work! Hope this helps though homie. Peaaaaaace!! Hit me on twitter, @EDotDizzy

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