Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Married? I think not. Fuck was you thinking?

All this is from my point of view and I really want to know women.. If you don't: Like having sex, enjoy giving head, hold good conversations, know how to cook, know how to be supportive.. How do you plan on getting married and KEEPING your man happy? This is a real question that I want answers too!

Seems like a lot of women fell off on their wife game for my generation at least. This is coming from a man who wants to be married and have kids. I'm not just being a jerk right now. Ill save that for a later post. But I'm serious. When a man cheats its usually because he isn't getting what he wants out of the relationship. Save all the marriage isnt based off that comments because its bullshit.

If a woman likes a man but he can't fuck and or his dick is small she won't fall in love with him. If he can't hold a good conversation then you shouldn't fall in love with him and if he don't support you with what you doing then why you love him? Stop thinking with your hearts for a second and think with ya brain. Would you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who couldn't fuck you like you want, support you like he should, or make you feel all googly inside? Lets be honest! FEEDBACK PLEASE!

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Chanel May 6, 2009 at 2:50 PM  

All of the above makes perfect sense to me except for one not-so minor thing: When a man cheats its usually because he isn't getting what he wants out of the relationship.Thats not an excuse. If he isnt getting what he wants out of the relationship then he shouldnt be in it. Simple as that. Leave the cheating up to high schoolers and be a grown ass adult about it. Either communicate with your significant other & both of y'all make the necessary adjustments to please each other OR exit the relationship & move along. What's the purpose of staying and cheating on someone u dont care to be with? Makes shit more complicated for u!

Rai May 6, 2009 at 3:13 PM  

All that sexual stuff should be listed last. LMAO! And that's real.
Communication and trust should be before that.

Marriage has a 50% chance of lasting in U.S. anyways..sooo...

I agree with Chanel about the cheating part. YOU cheat because you simply want to. There are tons of people who have it made "at home" and still go out and cheat.

Free to be ME May 6, 2009 at 3:24 PM  

^^ I agree with her.. Ppl makes excuses to excuse their wrongs, but then want to be the first ppl to say I`m grown.. It doesn`t work like hat...

Dani B. May 6, 2009 at 3:32 PM  

Chanel, you have a point, but I agree with what Dizzy said about a dude cheats because he doesn't get what he want's out of the relationship. But you know why they stay in that relationship? Because she gives him something he needs that the sideline doesn't, so it's like he gets the best of both worlds, that's just my opinion. But you are 100% correct, if you're not getting everything you want out of your relationship, then dead it.

Now onto the entry, ::claps:: you got it,lol. Everything you said is so true. There are not alot of women out there that fit the criteria, in my opnion but I also feel that marriage is not so much on the top of the to do list with a lot of people these days,I dunno. And if it is, people just rush into it.

Hippoleetoe May 6, 2009 at 4:17 PM  

I think guys cheat because theirs dumb broads willing to cheat with .. Still the guys fault nonetheless BUT at the same time its just as much fault to the girls with no self respect ...

Im willing to do anything for a guy as long as he's willing to do anything for me ..

xxxx May 6, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

Sorry ladies but I have to agree wit Dizzy people (not just men) cheat because there is something in their mind that they feel is lacking in their current relationship. Its not that they dont love the oerson they are with its simply that something is missing and they feel the need to seek it someplace else. I mean I know because I have cheated. It has nothing to do with love sometimes its just that you want the best of both worlds you dont leave your main squeeze for the sideline person because you know that the main will always be a better person than the sideline most of the time the possess more qualities its just you want to know what the other has to offer so you dabble a little especially if you feel like you are missing something but when you do step out and come to the realization that that thing you thought was missing really isnt a big deal then after that you prob wont cheat again because you have satisfied that curiosity itch.

but i think all people not just the women in our generation are lacking the qualities that makes a good wife and mother. they be on some other shit and its like the love and support that existed in our parents generation does not in ours.

Anonymous May 7, 2009 at 12:22 AM  

I Cant Cook -_-
Why You Takin Shots At Me.?

With Marriage Comes Compromise FIRST Of all.
He should Know Before The Get Go She Couldn't Cook. Why Is It Such A Big Deal After marriage, If he Didnt Know Then He And She Just Very Well Might NOT Have Made The Right Decision So Soon, Given he DOESNT REALLY KNOW THAT MUCH ABOUT HER, If he Doesnt Know Something As SIMPLE As THAT! Sex is A Topic That Comes Up In A relationship All The Time B/c Ppl Are Curios, he Should Also know What to expect as far as that goes as well. it isnt her fault, but like i said compromise.

As Far As Women Falling Off Their "Wife Game" I Disagree. I Just Think Men Expect Women To Meet Those Stereotyped Expectations. We Cant be your YES MAN All the Man. be reasonable.

Liiiike, You Come Off That Way Too. (not takin shots)

Whatcha Nameis May 7, 2009 at 1:20 AM  

(Without reading the comments above) I haven't even been in a relationship and that's all I think about, keeping him happy. Yeah plent of women fell off of their wife game, they're out there doing them. Which isn't really an issue until a certain extent. Plus there is lack of communication within relationships anyway, like be honest and say what you need to say to each other. If he isn't delivering it correctly, let him know because that can be improved!

Wait, what are you asking? Oh How do you plan on getting married and KEEPING your man happy?

I don't even plan on getting married. I am afraid he'll cheat and leave me in the dust for some next broad.

Even after I said what I said, I am afraid.

WoNder WoMan May 7, 2009 at 6:24 AM  

For me, communication is Def of utmost importance. As men and women we need to realize that we have VERY different needs. Men have to see how emotionally needy his woman may or may not be and be ready to adhear to that. At the same time, some chicks need to come off it and see that men are EXTREMELY sexual beings. It is what it is. Some more than others. But its all about give and take. If we are getting married I NEED to know that you are going to give me what I need WHEN I ASK FOR IT and sometimes when I dont. And I will have to do the same. None of us are mind readers. Close mouths dont get fed. So dammit if you really need head after work on wednesdays you better speak the hell up. And if I really need you to tell me how much you love me on fridays then Ima tell you that... and we need to respond accordingly.

Marriage to me is about doing things for an individual that you may not normally do... and you dont mind doing it... you want to do it...

chanel May 7, 2009 at 2:02 PM  

the sexual deeds should definitely be on the bottom of this list. anyways, i do believe that marriage is about keeping your man/woman happy. it just has to be a 50/50 relationship. u can't expect her to do everything u ask and then u do the minimum. it has to be equisatisfying [yes, i believe i just made up my own word]. and finally, don't cheat! if ur unhappy or ur standards just aren't being met, go find someone else that you THINK can do better for you.

Anonymous May 8, 2009 at 7:52 AM  

Todays marriages don't last because the woman is trying and having to be the man in the relationship.There are hardly any women out there anymore that actually look forward to serving their man.They think,for some odd reason,like "Ion know who the fuck he think I am" type shit,to "He gotta take me out to dinner".
For the ladies: Men like being catered to.If you think you have a good man and wanna hold on to him,you're going to have to stroke his ego and trust;the bigger the dick,the bigger his ego is lol.Good men like to see a woman that's doin her damn thing,but he love to see a woman that can handle a home.And when I say that,I'm not just talking about just a nicely furnished,clean home either,I'm talking about him comin home to a cooked meal,not sum bullshit outta box either.Giving him his moment of silence when he comes from work instead of bitchin about what girls bitch about(what took you so long,where you been,who you been with,their nails,hair,money to get the shit done,their girlfriends,yadayadayaaaa)Now I know some of you women think like,"well I work too,why can't he do that shit for me".Well if you have a GOOD man,you'll do it for each other and you should KNOW if he would do things like this before yall get married.
I think some women drive their men to cheat with naggin.Ladies,we have what it takes to wrap a man around every finger we own.You'll be able to get what ever you want out of him without him wondering if yo ass a gold digger.You can have him a meal cooked when he get home or wait till he get home and cook for him in the skimpiest shit with a pair of heels on,then straddle him and feed him.When he jumps in the shower,get in with him and wash his goodies..Doing shit like that,you wont have to ask for stuff,He'll want to do things with and for you.You have to keep him sexually and mentally aroused over you even when you're apart from each other.I guarantee you he'll think about that shit at work the next day..You have to be your mans Lil Mama AND slut.Men,(no disrespect),are simple creatures.It doesn't take much to grab their attention,but are you woman enough to keep hold of it.Don't be available for him all the time,make him miss you sometimes.Be able to hold a conversation with him;and that dont mean you doing all the talkin,shut tha fuck up a listen sometimes.And like E said,you have to be supportive of him and his dreams and believe in him and yall marriage.You also must be your Clydes Bonnie,be down to ride or die with and for your man.The only person you put before him is GOD.
Between the sheets,you have to be you husbands whore.No ifs ands or buts...Because what you wont do,theres a chick out there that will.When you get married,sex should take on a whole new meaning for you.Throw all that "nice" girl shit out the window.
I married my husband because he supports me,respects me,loves every pair of dirty drawers I own and can hold a conversation with me like it has handles; and him having a big,thick stick and knowing how to give GOOD head like an instructor helped
Sex is a major part of any relationship,if a man aint throwin good dick AND givin good aint gone work.You're going to go looking for that 20% you're not getting from him at home. I made sure before I got married,that my man was to ALL my likings.I still get butterflies in my stomach when I know hes on his way home from work..When we tell each other " I love you" we'll say,"I know". How many of you out here KNOW that your significant other loves you
...but ladies knowing in your gut if a man is right for you is the best key.If you question ANYTHING about your boyfriend,don't make him your husband until the questions are answered.Also..if you're interested in knowing who you get along with,get an astrology book. Some closed minded people think astrology doesn't work..I wanted to know why I was annoyed with certain people and what was it that drew me to others.It really helped me understand people and some of their ways

Beautiful Q May 8, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

*A round of applause to Ms. Anonymous* too DizZ! :-)

She couldn't have said that any better and I agree 100%!!! Females tend to over think things like (If I suck his peter too nasty he gon think ima hoe!) F that...if thats yo Man do what u gotta do! Both Men and Women are going to do what they want, but don't give them a reason too! I think marriages have a 50% chance because people are wayyy toooo concerned over stats! If you just do you and don't worry about the divorce rate, shit just might work out!

Lyrik.Marie.Simmons May 9, 2009 at 10:26 PM  

I cant disagree .. You're absolutely right .. I cant necessarily cook .. But all other aspects of my personality would definetly keep a nigga happy .. I do indeed think that women should step their wife game up .. But none the less men are looking more to just freak around for now .. And wait for the wife type later on in their life ..

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