Sunday, August 30, 2009

Single.. and.. Loving it? Riiight....

So I questioned a lot of women and asked them did they enjoy being single and ALL of them responded "I'm single and enjoying it." All except one and her words were "bullshit!!! Only real women are honest to say when the weekend comes around being single is a pain in the ass, girls night gets old after a month. It was fun for a month or two after that its hell. Specially when u stay by urself!!!"

Now I'm curious to know what does it mean to be single and "loving it". All the girls that I meet that are single and loving it say they love it because they don't have to answer to anyone, no drama and don't have to deal with the bullshit that comes along with dating. I can understand that. So I ask them, who do you have sex with because we all want to bust a nut every now and then and masturbation can only go so far. You got a cut buddy or buddies? How many dates do you go on till you get tired of not having just someone to do everything with and call your own? I mean, the party life is great at the start but for how long can you go to the same clubs seeing the same damn faces. Meeting the saaame damn people over and over with different faces has to take its toll after a certain point of time. Right? So how long do you stay single and loving it before you start dating again.. Like.. What clicks in your head that you want someone to call your own?

When you're single you are subject to just as much drama if not MORE drama then you would with someone. Its more people to deal with in all honesty. That is just my opinion though, don't hold me to that. But seriously how long do you stay single and loving it before you no longer love it. You go home alone every night and even if you go home with someone different every once in awhile you still feel alone cause its nothing there. Being alone starts to sink in after a certain point in time when you have no one to talk to. Yeah you avoid the drama and answering to someone but after awhile you want to answer to someone. You want someone to ask you, where you finna go.. When you coming home? What you want for dinner? Want me to rub ya feet? How was your day? Things of that nature..

So are you really single and loving it or is it something you say to just date around? You date around and love it only to realize that it gets boring after a certain point of time? What are you actually loving is what I want to know. When do you stop loving it and start dating? Or is that something you to tell yourself every night when you wish you had someone to call your own? Just my thoughts.. I'm out.. Peaaaaaaaaaaceee!


Lauren S August 30, 2009 at 10:00 PM  

I feel you. There definitely comes a point where you get sick of the single life but the same can be said for the opposite. I believe that whatever situation your life might call for at the moment, it will happen if it's meant to happen. I definitely need to be single right now lol.

ThaFamousNobody August 30, 2009 at 10:12 PM  

I don't know what it is your talking about lol. Ur comment don't reflect you read any of what I wrote. Im kinda confused actually.

HersheyPeach August 30, 2009 at 10:13 PM  

i agree wit the girl that said "bullshit"...its cool after a lil while but there r nights when u wanna chill wit YOUR nigga..not somebody random. U wanna b around somebody u like bein around and can call whenever u want w/o havin to worry bout if ur buggin him. BUT the un-single life takes a lot of time n effort...which is y i think a lot ppl fall into the 'happy medium'..not together but not completely single. THEN AGAIN,like you said, there is still drama. "cut buddies" and randoms start thinking they're more important than you view them and that in itself is annoying as hell. lol..single life doesnt suck but i definitely aint loving it


_kamthebeautiful August 30, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

Oh yea and im sorry i wrote so much but i had to make myself clear!! I damn near wrote a blog in ur comments lmao,,but great post as usual Dizzy

Anonymous August 30, 2009 at 10:25 PM  

+ nobody is single and LOVING it , unless they've had a fckd up relationship or are whores . the single life IS bullshit . even the people who DID have relationships miss em .

Anonymous August 30, 2009 at 10:26 PM  

It's a bittersweet situation . I agree with pretty much everything you said above . Being solo and doing your own thing is great :) But having somebody by ya side is kool also ! Anyone could be Single and Loving It . . . But not 24/7 ! But that's my outlook on it .

Anonymous August 30, 2009 at 10:28 PM  

i'll cmmnt bc i told u i was but it doesnt seem like it pertains to me bc im so young..18 almost 19 yet very mature I realize if i'm not fully happy with myself or should i say where my life is at the time having someone else wouldnt be because how can u take care of you and someone else..
SO YES SOMETiMES WE ARE SiNGLE && LOViN iT BUT AT THE SAME TiME U CAN BE TAKEN AND UNHAPPY soo it's a win win situation aka an excuse to tell men :)

thats just how i see relationships im single and cool wit it ♥

Katrina August 30, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

I know what you mean, but I would be such a bad example. I have never really been single as an adult...ever since I went to college I fell in love. I feel like everyone deserves to find THE ONE and its hard to be involved in that dating scene and get hurt time after time until THE ONE comes around. They can't be enjoying being single, in comparison to not being with that one perfect match for you, but besides being in love, the whole dating scene is such a pain, I see from my friends.

You are a fabulous writer, have a great heart, and always come up with amazing topics! Keep up the great work dizzy!

avery_s August 30, 2009 at 10:46 PM  

"I'm curious to know what does it mean to be single and "loving it"." ---- lol beats the hell out of me... maybe someone is in denial when they go by that saying. Because its human nature for a person to WANT and NEED to be with a significant other. To me i feel that its actually more of a DESIRE to want to be with someone on a physical and mental level (a relationship). No matter how much u say u love the single life in the end u may ultimately feel that void in ur life.

"Single and loving it" is a good saying for like u said the first 2 months but however after that u should not to be saying it. i think the phrase is over use and over stated because to me being single should be ur way on focusing on urself and putting the pieces in ur life together (break up or not) and actually bettering urself for the right person or next stage in ur life. Being single to me is an indication that someone is trying do right by themselves and put themselves in a place where insecurity isnt an issue. So when u say u are "single and loving it" i cant help but to raise an eyebrow and think that a person is on some high school shit and really trying to cover up something else (maybe some insecurity issues). so i perfer a person to say "i'm single and bettering myeself for the next stage in my life."(give or take a few words but generally meaning something of that sort)

And ur right E when u said that when ur single ur subject to more drama. and i could throw out so many examples on that but this comment is already long.

btw interesting post... actually got me looking at a different perspective on the issue. Love it and i agree with ya


.domo. August 30, 2009 at 11:21 PM  

you know what?? at first i was happy to be single and i was enjoying/loving it for a bit. only because the relationships i was in was so draining that once i did become single it felt great like i felt like 100lbs lighter and great. but then after a while i got lonely. sometimes you want a person around. and yes i got sick of girls night out,i mean i love my girlfriends but they're no replacement for a loved one to cuddle with at night and stuff lol. but hey then again you do have the women who enjoy the single life and fill their time up with other hobbies and activites and what not to take their mind off the fact that they are single so they wont think about being lonely..and i agree with avery,it did get me looking at it in a new perspective.

Young woman on a journey August 31, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

i wonder how long the women who said this to you had been single. if recently single, i can understand, because relationships can often take a toll on you and when you feel "free" you may love it. After a while, as everyone else has stated, it gets old. Even if you fill your life with hobbies and activities, there are still moments when you just want to hear a caring voice of the opposite sex. But i think what people are saying when they say "single and loving it" is really "single is not as miserable as that last bs i was in". But no one loves it enough not to be open to finding something or someone new. They just love it enough not to go through the same dramatic bs they were dealing with before.

Atareeh August 31, 2009 at 5:31 AM  

Being single is cool for a while but those females they say "I'm single and loving it" or BS! And they do go home with the same guy with different faces because deep down they want somebody for their own but there is probably something holding them back from speaking up. MAybe they been single for so long, they think it's how they were supposed to be idk. But for me. I'm tired of being single. I think it's overrated. I would love to get into a argument with my "guy" and try to compromise than argue with some guys that I know I'm just playing games with because at the end of the day, I will be all alone. But GOOD ONE! as always

_kamthebeautiful August 31, 2009 at 5:39 AM  

Sorry Dizzy bout b4 i got too passionate bout this topic & wrote 2 much but what i was trying to say in short is that being single is wat u make it & while u still are open to a relationship u embrace everything good about being alone. The best part of being single for me is that i dont have 2 make anyone happy if i dont want 2 or not ready 2. I get 2 be selfish till i find the person i feel deserves my all. Being single i dont forget i want someone i do want all the great things about a relationship so i do get lonely for that 1 person all the time when i need him thats natural, but im ok w/ waiting till i meet him. Im not single & in love w/ it im single & ok w/ it theres a difference lolz.

Aspirations Of Being TheBEST . August 31, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

ME , personally . i never really understood the whole ; i'm single &loving it . like seriously , are u fareal ? to me , thats just a front . " oh girl , i'm single & loving it . " - NOT ! NO one , & i mean NO one wants to be single all the damn time , EVERYbody wants that one person they can always go to ; &u know just feel dhat LOVE . being single gives u some time to grow &develop , it can help u understand what can u benifit from whom ever u plan on getting into a SERIOUS relationship . . i can go forever on this , but im not . lol .
but the next time someone says , " IM SINGLE & LOVING IT ! "
look at em like , girl // boy PLEASE !
lol .


NiC-KIA August 31, 2009 at 11:21 PM  

awesome post dizzy!
i think u hit home with this one!
i love how u keep it one hunid!

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