Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best spring break ever pt. 2

I wake up only to find her not next to me. First I think that she just wanted a cuddle buddy, on some silly shit. I admit, I got mad. Every time I get my hopes up on finding a chick I can just be myself around, they be on some other shit. Just when I get up to take my morning piss, the front door close. I look in the kitchen and pretty eyes had a bag of food, pancake mix, eggs, bacon, and juice. She changed her clothes, she now had her hair wrapped, another wife beater on and some purple pink sweats from Victorias. I smile at her while she on the phone and cooking then take a shower. While I'm washing my body she opens the door and asks me do I like cheese eggs. I say yes and she closes the door. I get out the shower, dry off, get dressed and go to the kitchen. She was just finishing up the breakfast. I feel like I'm dreaming. Only because this is the girl that EVERY guy on campus has tried to get at and she is in here cooking me cheese eggs. Her name is Tiffani. I remember it from facebook. She finally spoke and said "I don't even be busting out my cooking skills for dudes so you better enjoy it. Even if you don't lie to me and say that you do lol!" I nodded as I ate it fast as hell. So we talking and eating and it feels so.. Natural. Like I'm not trying to make her smile or make her feel comfortable. I'm just being me and she seems to be enjoying my company.

She tells me about her family and what brought her to Atlanta for school. She tells me how she been single for about two years and celibate for nine months. I tell her how I been single for three years and celibate for a few days, don't judge me!! She laughs and finally tells me why she came over.

"I notice how you be on your solo shit DizZ. To be honest, when you didn't harass me for my number like everyone else, I started respecting you more. I know what these guys want, they want my goodies! I ain't fucking with these losers like that, I don't need dick. I got a few toys in my room that keeps me satisfied. I peep your crazy ass statuses out and I read your blogs, you different from the rest of these guys. When I seen you was still in your room for break I decided to see what you was about. I honestly thought you was gone prove me wrong by trying me but you didn't try me and that made me like you even more. All the shit I heard about you was completely wrong. I know you like daaaamn, what the hell Tiffany doing here lol. Its all good DizZ, I'm feeling you. Don't fuck it up though, most guys fuck it up. I got faith in you though!"

I'm not even gone lie, I got butterflies after she said all that. I haven't had those in a very long time! I can't stop smiling.. I tell her to move out the way so I can clean the kitchen. She pokes me in my side and tell me don't be rude, asses get kicked for less.

After we clean the kitchen and crack jokes on one another we go to my room. I let her hear my music and she has this puzzled look on her face after a few songs. "Is that you?" I don't know why I get that question all the time. I reply back "yes, why would I lie lol?" She tells me to play them over again.

When I get done letting her hear some of my music, she comes over to my computer and scrolled through my iTunes play list and plays some Isley Brothers. "Lets Dance. I haven't slow danced in a long time. Do you mind?" Who am I to tell her no? I pull her close to me and danced to the longest song ever. I didn't mind though, I mean, it was pretty eyes from English!

She puts her head on my chest and thanks me. Said she hasn't felt this comfortable her entire time here for school, which has been like 2 years. I mean, I didn't feel right saying thank you because I was just doing me. "I wonder how everyone will react seeing us together once spring break is over." When she said that my heart started jumping. Her saying that let me know she wanted this to last longer then a few days. "I don't care what people think girl, haven't you realized that by now." This song was only five minutes but it feels like we have been slow dancing for five hours. We didn't even talk, just danced and vibed out. I admit, I kinda like where this is going.


Beautiful Q November 7, 2009 at 1:53 PM  


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