Saturday, March 28, 2009

Think like a nigga so you wont get played like a bitch? Really?

So I was talking to someone and she said "I think like a nigga so I don't get played like a bitch." That has to be the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard in my damn life! For all the women that think like this, KILL YA SELF!

First, how do men think? You mean to tell me you have evaluated every man in the world and think like us? I know some guys and I be like, "what the fuck were you thinking." Not all men think alike. Also, if you think like a man, you wont get played like a bitch because NO MAN LIKES A WOMAN TO THINK LIKE A MAN, that's GAY! I personally don't want a woman who thinks like a man cause a lot of men don't be thinking about shit. I always looked at women to be smarter then men in every aspect except love. Even the smartest women appear to be the dumbest person in the world when it comes to dealing with men. I don't think you have to think like a man, just think period!

Some women get some good dick and a mediocre conversation and their intelligence flies out the window. They become a whole nother person for the most part. I don't know why that is but I sure wish it wasn't like that. But thinking like a man isn't how you fix that problem. The world would end if all women thought like men. Ugh, that a be horrible. Who ever thought of that quote was dumb as fuck. Why would you stoop down to think like a man to keep from getting hurt? Not saying us men are stupid, not at all, but when you say that that's the impression I get. Women, just be more careful who you talk to and lay with. Just think period, not like man. Peace. -DizZy

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