Monday, June 15, 2009

Myspace? wow!

So I'm looking at folks pages and I'm really impressed at how bad people try to appear as if their famous! I figured it out.. If a female has over 3,000 friends she think she a celeb and wants to be a model. With that said, she goes in the bathroom and take 100 pictures of her good side cause lord knows she doesn't have two good sides. Don't forget that the pics are from the neck up cause lowkey her body blaaah. Yall know what I'm talking about.

Then you got the dudes with half naked pics squinting his eyes... Got the 3rd person bio on his page when we all know his goofy as wrote it himself. Come on, fa real though? Or the myspace thugs who make videos holding guns and flashing money... Real G's don't do that bruh, word of advice. Yall be the first to claim someone snitching wheb clearly you're broadcasting yall nickles and dimes on cam... Dumb ass!!!!

Ladies, specially black women.. Their is no such thing as a rich model with a big ass and big titties. Victoria Secret has yet signed a thick model.. That's a one way streak to videos, bet movies and porn. Not being rude, just saying. That's why men look at yall the way they do because its like you're doing it just to entertain and tease them. Take the twerk team on youtube. They aint that good looking and when I see em I just wanna fuck. I don't want nothing else. Thick ass half naked chicks on myspace, I just want to fuck. nothing else. Women, ur doing the shit to yourself. Yeah guys only want to fuck because your always half dressed. It aint pocket science people!!

Every guy with a myspace music page will not be signed or even noticed. It takes more then a myspace page to get "on". Let's go people! Just cause you have 30,000 friends on myspace.. You're not cool in real life! I know I was being a jerk but its true. I love all my myspace friends even if they hate me haha!! Let's go people!!\edotdizzy

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