Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuckery.. Confused women at its best!

A big ass question mark sits on top of my head when talking to some women. Today someone said that women are smarter then men for the simple fact they stay two steps ahead of them. Yet women always seem to be getting played and hurt and all this. If you was two steps ahead of the game you would have left or shitted on him before he had the chance. I guess women are two steps ahead of men only when emotions aren't involved. That makes me soo mad because it seem like women get "stupid" once love gets involved or they link love is involved. You got the girl who fall in love and then allow her bf to hit her or verbally abuse her but accepts it because "he loves her". Allows herself to get lied to, cheated on, etc because "he loves her". Not all women do that because not all guys are like that. That makes me upset.

I've ran into a lot of women who say "I'm a start fucking with females because niggas aint shit." That's the dumbest shit i've ever heard. What happens if you date a female and she cheats on you and shit just like a man does? Fyi, women are scandolous as well. If you think every female is single because of lying and cheating men then you're wrong. It's some dog dirty women out there. I've ran into them! I've never heard a guy say "man these bitches keep using me for my money and playing with my emotions so I'm a start fucking with niggas." That just aint right. In my mind something clicks that screams warning. You want attention soo bad you would date the same sex? Is it that bad? Really? I didn't know the dating scene was like that!

This is news for women. A lil scret from DizZy.. A nigga only act stupid when you let him, a nigga only treat you like shit when allow him to treat you like shit. Women are soo tough when we meet them. They act all hard and all aware of what they think we want. Dick em down a few good times, look in their eyes all passionately and that shit go completely out the window. I don't know if its in all women but some of the women I've met do that. Its like women do anything for love. ANYTHING.. Lower their standards, get cheated on, get beat on and now DATE WOMEN.

Men lie yes.. but PEOPLE lie as a whole. It's not just a trait that only men have. I don't know why women think that. Its some dirt ball women out there, a lot of em. Idk. I just get mad when women make it seem like their the only ones that get hurt in this dating "game". Everyone gets hurt and thats why it sucks. Thats why it feels sooo good when you find someone who finally get you and respect you. If everyone was just so honest and open we would all be dating and all be happy and married but it don't work out that way! Some of you need to learn how to be happy alone before you try and get with a guy. He can't know and love you if you don't know and love yourself. If you haven't always been gay, don't start being gay to find love. Peace.

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