Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing to lose

I was laying back, thinking about gold diggers. Gold digging is looked down upon in the world but no one realizes that its done more then we like to admit. Of course you got the women like Kelis, lol, who have kids just to get a 55,000 check every month. But I've noticed that a lot of women, I'm not gone say all, but most women date and fall in love with a status. Men, when and if a guy falls in love, he falls in love with her personality and looks, not what job she has and car she drives. I never had a guy friend say "I can't fuck with her, she broke bro." I never heard that. I have heard a female say this though "I like him but I can't be with him, he don't have a car."

When a woman sees a man, some women anyway, she notices his attire first. Check his shoes, see if their clean, see if his tee clean, if he got a hair cut, etc. When women step out the house looking "rough" they think men are being thirsty when they try to holla. Naw, we just don't care about that other shit yall seem to care about. Why do some men lie about the shit they got when they meet women? DUH, cause if he told you the truth you probably wouldn't want to deal with him. If he told you he was broke, no car, and jobless but liked you, you proabably wouldn't take him serious. I know because I've heard females talk about broke niggas.

It's much easier for women to make a come up in the world these days. A guy can't go find a woman with money and just get her pregnant.. Why? Cause a woman wants a man with a status, and or money and even if she slipped up and got pregnant she can just get rid of the guy and just take care of the baby on her own. Yeah, I've thought about doing that, lol, so what! A guy will date a broke female and marry her and all that, No problem. They do it all the time. I just know certain niggas would not be getting play if they didn't appear to have something to offer.

I know females who have fucked a guy JUST because he had money or something. He could be ugly as hell but she ignored all that just to get a piece of him. She could hate his personality but ignore that just to get close to him. To see what it feels like to fuck a man with a status. Idk about all but like I said, I've been around and interacted with A LOT of women and this seems to be the case. This is why they are paying to lose. Men sometimes go after women with looks, some titties, a fat ass and in turn they are playing to lose. Both of which seem to be the ones with the most issues, attitudes problems etc. You can never rely on something you can buy or lose to make you happy. You can buy a woman titties, and an ass now.. A nigga can lose his money and status. Lets change that people. I based this blog on women because guys don't follow me lol. It would be like talkin to a brick wall. If YOU don't date and fuck statuses I'm sure you know somoene who does. I'm not just making this shit up, like most of yall think when it relates to you sooo much.. Peaaace..



Miss.Fortune July 26, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

Your absolutely right..women do date and fuck on statuses..not all but a lot..

Personally I've dated a broke dude..didn't have a job for 3 months..I paid for everything we ever did..I even bought em interview clothes to look for a job! He didn't have a "status" and like I said he was broke..but once he found a job he spoiled me..I couldn't tell the future so I obviously didn't know he would come into money so for me it aint about money cuz that can come and go! But first impressions mean a lot to yes when I get approached I'ma look u up and down! Lol..that's just me being honest. I date off personality, beliefs and whatever attracts me.. I've neva been n2 the name statuses n all that bs but I def know plenty women personally who are!

Vince July 26, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

I agree with the whole fuckin post %100. But I ain't never (repeat, never) acting or pretending to be someone else or have something that I don't, JUST to be in a relationship with a fine ass female. If I wanted to have sex with her for one night, then...maybe (lol) But I've been well off with women just bein myself, though most females go after "the money, money & the cars, cars and the clothes"

Ms. Naomie July 26, 2009 at 9:20 PM  

Of course you got the women like Kelis, lol, who have kids just to get a 55,000 check every month.

i'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting to be single right now & she didnt know she'd get that much. lol

anyways. I've dated a broke dude before. can't lie & say i met him broke but thats not the case. stuck it out & just like daja paid for everything we did. his bills. food. clothes. etc etc. mind you i wasn't even living with dude & had my own shit to worry about. looks is a big factor but when its all said and done i'm all about personality & character & how dude treats me.

ps. its been like 12billion years since i've commented ya blog but best believe i'm always reading =)

avery_s July 26, 2009 at 10:13 PM  

tisk tis tisk lmbo...
now this is so funny because yah like most of ur post i discuss it with my ppl...and its soo second nature of women be this way and not even notice it... my auntie fist thing out her mouth was that not even tru i dated blah blah blah and he didnt have any money but the thing is she threw that fact in his face every night...*pause* now aint that some shit haha u saying that money dont matter and u date a guy even tho u know the situation (he broke) but BAM throw it in his i know several woman that does this.
i dont understand u date them to be like i'm not in it for the money but almost every argument is because they a broke nigga. SMH kinda backwards

i know i do it time to time in generalization of guys but honestly me not being into social standard i could say i love them Anthony Hamilton "i'm cool" type relationship. them warm fuzzy kind where everyday is a new day and a mystery

keep the blogs going Diz i loving them haha

GL0 July 26, 2009 at 10:58 PM  

Well in Kelis' case, Nas was being stingy to begin with only offering $5,000.. so chick got grimey and played the game right back. lol

Anyways, it's a double standard, and that's how it's always been.

So are you saying it's not shallow for men to fall in love with LOOKS (and sometimes personality) over women falling in love with men's statuses?

I mean men are stigmatized to be the provider and wear the pants in the household, so the last thing a woman wants is a weak, broke, irresponsible being as a mate.

Money doesn't build someone's character, but it can reveal & help complement it.

From playing both sides of the spectrum, I can definitely agree that women look for financially stable men, because when it comes down to it, they'd have a rich bamma before a broke sex-symbol.

Christa July 26, 2009 at 11:04 PM  

THEE TRUTH! some women might not be like that but i feel like every girl thinks about it. Ive heard grls say " i want a dude who is gonna give me a big ass ring" I cant lie ive even thought about it. but i guess thats just how we were all raised to think we need a wealthy man... it never fails.

вʀᴇᴇ ваɴᴋʓ July 27, 2009 at 12:31 AM  

well im proud to sayyy im not that female... well.. i must say when i do see a man i do check wah he wear. just to see if he know how to carry himself. i can careless if u qot on gucci on some shi... just make sure u qot ya pants on ya ass. we qood. besides that i dont care about wah u have. who am i to judge. psh. my ex lived in the hood. no car. & kept it simple (:

when its all said & done u cant take that shit with u when u dead.

Shandra E...*the misses July 27, 2009 at 2:07 PM  

ok so i couldn't even finish reading this....i'm slightly annoyed....i think it's quite obvious and "CORRECT" on certain levels....While there are many women who abuse this theory you have going, ... there is a "men vs. women" kind of attraction & for the Most part, EVERY WOMAN is a 'GOAL' digger...and men...well for the most part yall aint!! lol...I sooo wanted to do a blog on this, but got too lazy instead!

so what's a GOAL digger?? well, a WOMAN!....little girls will feel comfortable being with a man who has nothing, no plans, no dreams, no career, Nothing...but a woman in search of a COMPANION...NAW!!!

When a man walks across the room, he's headed over solely because of her LOOKS: MEN ARE VISUALS! point Blank!! everyday i see UGLY men walking hand/hand with beautiful women & I think to myslef...he's doing ALOT right!! lol...A man can care less about a woman's status, because it is ingraved in a man (as well as society) to feel as though HE IS THE ONE to provide, bring the money, protect, "wear the pants" etc. So a Man with a good job, to a woman, represents A MAN WITH A's not always this negative dollar sign theory or "gold digger" phenominon!!

....And a man wants a beautiful woman because that's what attracts a man, LOOKS, THEN Personality; because Looks will preserve his SEED, but personality will preserve their relationship (& his sanity!!) lol....and for the woman, She knows that in standard American Families, The Man is the "head of the household" so if That man cannot LEAD, she cannot produce/preserve his seed or the relationship!! It's quite frankly the simple psychology of MEN, WOMEN, & REPRODUCTION of People period!!! it's a survival mindset....& like i said SOME women take advantage of it just for the money.....

i say conduct a research...shut we can do one together! lol...&& you'll find that "that's just the way it is" & there's nothing wrong with it....but see you have to ask WOMEN, GROWN WOMEN, ELDERLY to grandmothers, etc & you'll find that this has been going on forever & when there are NO (evil) INTERIOR's perfectly fine/normal....if every woman went allowed a man to be broke, without a job, etc....the human race would've died out a long time ago!!! LMBO...yall need us justthe way we are (&& vise versa) like fab & neyo said. we make you better!! ;)

lol...cuz some men only have a job because they know it's the only way they'll have a woman & a family...& like Duh...even a woman has to get out there & take care of business if she wants the same.
&& PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS & ASSUME i'm in some "1950z" mindset Because everyone who knows me swears up/down I'm a FEMINIST!! lol..still the truth is the truth...and even modern women will admit that there's nothing sexier than a man who appears to be in long as he doesn't have control's alll good!! lol...&& best believe i'm not no "housewife" kinda chick...I work TWO jobs, have TWO degrees,etc. so i'm defintely MISS INDEPENDANT to the fullest...but when i'm ready to settle down, i want a man who can 'Hold it down' whether i want to work or not....

Take the Good, Take the Bad...take 'em Both & there you have THE FACTS OF LIFE!

Miss.$ugarDaddy July 27, 2009 at 3:11 PM  

deff. feeln this.
i <3 ya blog

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