Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things women say to get out of having sex....

After my case study, a fun and interesting case study.. These are the things women tell guys to get out of having sex. . . .

"I'm on my period" <----- CLASSIC
"I'm sleepy"
"I'm trying to be celibate"
"My stomach hurt"
"Gotta go to church in the morning" <---- Just wrong, using the church tho? hahaha
"Not a good week"
"I got diarrhea" <----- @GL0 said that crazy shit
"I have a yeast infection" <----- @BeeMichelle said that lol
"Just got my hair done"
"Is that all we about" <----- CLASSIC!!
"Get off me" <----- @SINAFOLD is fucking rude but lol, thats the homie

All these are things niggas with BAD dick hear.. That's what they said lol. So guys if you hear any of these, step ya dick game up. BOW BOW!

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