Friday, November 6, 2009

Best spring break ever pt.3

Its now Saturday and people are starting to come back to the dorms. We have been kicking it real tight for the past couple of days. I kind of forgot the rest of the world existed to be honest. We stay up all night talking and joking and spend all day hitting the city. Atlanta can be a very romantic city, if you know where to go and what to do. I kinda don't want folks to know about us. When people find out, that's when it usually falls apart. I'm not gone lie, I started to develop strong feelings for her.

We chilling in my bed watching tv and she says, "I been looking for a guy like you for a very long time. Literally praying and looking for a guy like you. I guess my prayers BEEN answered since English class." Usually its me telling a female how I like her so much but this time its the other way around. I have had a lot of false alarms with females, A LOT! Something about this though seemed to be real, very real. Thing is, we haven't even kissed yet. I haven't tried to have sex with her or make a move, we just kicking it. Haven't done this, EVER. We not worried about tittles or nothing. Nothing came in the way of us getting to know one another. True its only been a couple days but I like it and I'm a run with it.

I told her my roomates will be back in a hour and don't want them to see her leaving my room as if we just had sex. She agreed and said she needs to go back to her room and greet her roomates as if she been missing them. I walk her to the door and give her a hug. She started to walk out the door then came back and gave me a kiss. This was one of those movie kisses! She grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer, slid tounge in and everything. She was a good fucking kisser!! I swear it went in slow motion and I was enjoying every last bit of it. She stood back and smiled then walked away. My heart was jumping and butterflies was flying all around my gut.. I was confused though on what we was. We never established what direction we was going in. All I know is that she had horrible experiences with guys and I couldn't fuck it up.

I get on facebook to change my status and on the home page it read, "Tiffany P. Just spent the best 4 days of her life with my new boy friend." That let me know exactly what I needed to know. I got me a Ms. DizZy! I change my status to "Just spent the best 4 days of my life with my new girl friend." Of COURSE people are going to be nosey and put two and two together but.. I don't care, hell I just spent the best 4 days of my life with my new girl friend!

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