Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kiss... and tell.

I never was the one to kiss and tell. I just thought it was tacky as hell. My ex kissed me and told everybody that wanted to listen. She had a group of friends she was once cool with and told them everything. They would always look me up and down when they seen me and smile. On some petty shit. Me and her broke up about a year ago, I thought that was the end of that.

I seen her friend Tasha at wal-mart, one of the friends that use to look me up and down. I instantly thought she was gone be on some bull shit because of the break up but she wasn't. "Hey boy, long time no see!" She reached for a hug and everything. I replied with I'm good and gave her a hug. She started walking with me and talking. We never had a conversation before so this was kind of weird but it was coming natural. She was cute and very funny. Finding a funny female these days was like finding a pot of gold! So we walking down the cereal aisle and she insisted we exchanged numbers. She pulled out her phone, I pulled out mine, we hugged again and parted ways.

A week went by before she actually hit me up. "Damn, was it something I said? Why haven't you hit me yet?" I read the text and instantly laughed. I could picture her saying it. We started texting back and forth till she insisted that I come over for tacos. I love tacos so I went. She stayed close, real close. I get there and she opens the door with a hug and a smile. She was so damn loving. I don't remember her being this way. Shit, if I remember correctly, she was the bitchy one. The apartment was really nice and smelled good. She had the stuff for the tacos all on the table with soft and hard shells. I loved it. We started eating while listening to oldies. A little bit of Marvin, little bit of Al Green, little bit Earth Wind and Fire.. I love a woman with good music taste. I ate about 6 Tacos, I didn't mean to eat that much but I was hungry. So we just sitting at the table talking and she brought up my ex. "When the last time you talked to ___?" I hate talking about my ex cause she gets on my nerves. "Shit, about 10 months. I don't talk to her at all." She nodded and asked me did I want some more Vodka and juice, I nodded yes. So a couple hours fly by and we just talking. She start talking about how she always thought I was cute and was always bitchy with me cause she was mad my ex wasn't keeping me happy like she was supposed to. Said the ex told her all about my dick game and it had her curious.. Then it started.

She got up and sat on my lap.. Then kissed me. I kissed her back because her lips was soft as hell PLUS... Who am I to turn her down? Kissing leads to touching, touching leads to grabbing. The shirts come off. I pick her up and take her to the couch where she took her pants off and unbuttoned mines. She looked good as hell in her vickies. She had the pink lace shit on which made me go crazy. I was also mad because all I had on was some gray hanes lol. So she started kissing on me and seeing how women rarely do this these days I fell in love with her instantly. I pushed her back and kissed all over her body. Taking my time because I wanted to admire her body low key. I took her bra off and panties. She was sexy as hell. I took my hanes off and she grabbed me and asked me for it. I pulled a condom out my pants pocket and gave it to her. It was sooooooooo good. I was deeper then I was supposed to because at first she was pushing me back then she got use to it and asked for it deeper. She got on top of me and started riding me and kissing me. That intimate shit. I'm not really a fan of it but again, I couldn't and didn't want to turn her down. I liked it. A lot. We had to be going for at least a hour. Just kissing on one another and fucking. It was the best I had had in a long ass time.

I woke up (mind you I don't remember falling asleep) and it smelled like food. I got up to find her cooking breakfast in the pink get up with her hair wrapped. She smiled "You were slobbing in your sleep. I didn't want to wake you." I hate slobbing in front of company! I laughed and kissed her on the cheek. It was just silent until she brought my plate out to the table. "___ was right, you are the best that I have had in a long time." I looked at her and she busted out laughing while walking back into the kitchen. I already knew my ex talked about me to her friends so this is not surprising just can't believe it would benefit me at the end lol. I didn't care, I finished eating and turned to iCarly, DIZZY! -@ThaFamousNobody (twitter)

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