Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letter to the side chick

Hey, how you doing? I take it you have been talking to this guy for a couple months. You guys go on dates and everything is looking up, right? Right. So you have met the family and you feel slightly important. He even lets you keep a toothbrush over at the house and a couple of outfits! YAY! Well if its that deep, why hasn't he made you the girl friend? Why hasn't he made it official? I'm sure you 100% with being a couple. You want to change your facebook statuses and what not because you know a relationship isn't real until it's posted on the net, right? Riiight. So really, what's the hold up? Let me guess, you have no idea and every time you bring it up to him he changes the subject. This might come as a surprise but you're the side chick.

I don't know a guy that waits forever to make a girl his girl, unless he just a whore. Either he likes you or he doesn't. It's not rocket science. Unless he had a girlfriend for years before you and she cheated on him then killed his dog, broke his playstation 3, and slapped his mom he will not be that hurt that he can't commit. Even though you running around and telling people you in a relationship, you're not. Even though you frown your face up at girls being the side chick, you are a side chick until given the title. Stop being scared. Demand something or part ways. Better that then "talking" to someone for a couple months only to find out you two aren't going to be a couple. I personally think once you over the age of 21, saying I'm "talking" to someone already lets me know ain't shit popping off. Either we together or we not. Think about that, especially if you been talking to someone for longer then a couple weeks.

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