Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The dumb shit that comes along with.. dating?

You like this girl but she not into you %100 because she like this guy, who in turn doesn’t like her because he like some other girl who don’t like him because she is stuck up under some other guy. It’s like an endless cycle of heartbreaks. No one wants to give their all because they don’t want to be the first person that slips and fall into this dark place often called love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no love hater but love always seems like a dark and cold place when you’re the first person to fall. Even though you fell in love with a person, you still feel alone, foolish, hopeful and regretful. You two aren’t together but you would like to be. Even though nothing is official, you’re in love. Not knowing what the other person is doing or feeling because no matter what they tell you, you still feel like they are leaving something out or lying. You don’t want to appear to be the fool that falls for the person who doesn’t feel the same way about you. You wish you can control your feelings but you can’t. You find yourself thinking about this person at odd times and making future plans when you don’t even know what the future beholds with that person. It’s like your living in a fantasy world dating this person in your head thinking that the person is going to just wake up one day and say, “I want to be with you.” That’s probably not going to happen but who are you to say fuck it only to talk to someone else and go through the exact same shit? You always seem to find the person who doesn’t want to date, who is living life, or talking to someone else. Fucking sucks.

What are you to do? I mean, if you say fuck it, you will be alone… AGAIN! Stuck questioning yourself like, “what the fuck is wrong with me” when there isn’t really anything wrong with you. You seem to always come across the scum bags. Your pride won’t allow you to settle for less then what you deserve so you pass up all the small fries that try to approach you. Days turn to months, months turn to years then you realize that you are and have been single for what seems like fucking forever! And don’t get me wrong, its folks in relationships who still feel like they are single. The communication died months ago, the sex isn’t as good as it use to be, the future plans you planned seem fuzzy on certain days but you stay in the relationship because you are comfortable. What do I suggest we do about this? Hell, I don’t know. *Shrugs*.. I’m about to sleep on this shit. Peace.. -Dizzy

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