Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Married? I think not. Fuck was you thinking?

All this is from my point of view and I really want to know women.. If you don't: Like having sex, enjoy giving head, hold good conversations, know how to cook, know how to be supportive.. How do you plan on getting married and KEEPING your man happy? This is a real question that I want answers too!

Seems like a lot of women fell off on their wife game for my generation at least. This is coming from a man who wants to be married and have kids. I'm not just being a jerk right now. Ill save that for a later post. But I'm serious. When a man cheats its usually because he isn't getting what he wants out of the relationship. Save all the marriage isnt based off that comments because its bullshit.

If a woman likes a man but he can't fuck and or his dick is small she won't fall in love with him. If he can't hold a good conversation then you shouldn't fall in love with him and if he don't support you with what you doing then why you love him? Stop thinking with your hearts for a second and think with ya brain. Would you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who couldn't fuck you like you want, support you like he should, or make you feel all googly inside? Lets be honest! FEEDBACK PLEASE!

p.s. peep the new blog.

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