Monday, July 27, 2009

My love.. Beautiful strong women..

I know that it may seem like I just bash women on here but that aint true. Yall feed off drama so that's what I feed yall. On the up and up I decided to express what kind of women I like.. Strong, beautiful, intelligent women. I love them with a passion. None of my girl friends have been over the top beautiful. None have had fat asses or big titties. I go off her mental. I can't go off beauty because my attitude won't allow me. Pretty girls sometimes have a lot of baggage, low self esteem, high ass standards, and attitudes that I can't deal with. Weak minded females always follow drama, easily persuaded, fall victim to distorted love over and over again. OVERLY independent women irk my fucking nerves. Look, I commend a woman on her shit, jobs, school, whatever else she may have going on but you will NEVER be fully independent. Why I say that? Because you will always need a man to be there and love you like a man should. None of that shit can hold you at night, love you, dick you down, take care of you.. A man can. As long as you want and or need something, you can't and will not be independent. I also have little shit I don't like such as whinning, dirty, out of tune with fashion, bad in bed, amongst other things, that keep me from really dating. I won't call it settling down, those who "settle" are never happy.

What really attracts me is a strong woman. A determined woman that is going after what she believes is hers. A woman who is strong mentally will always surpass a woman with beauty. I like "bitches" as well. I like a woman who is sweet AND can stand her ground with my crazy ass mouth. I throw a jab, I want you to combo my ass back. If you don't, I just lose interest over time. Reason I like strong women is because of my mom. She had me at 14. She was a damn baby when she had me. Sooo young that we was playing Nintendo together. But she had to make shit happen to take care of me and my sibblings. All my life, I've only seen her cry like twice. It wasn't over some dumb ass nigga breaking her heart or nothing like that. It was life that made her cry.. She kept 3 kids fed, clothed and at least halfway happy.. She did what she could. I seen that all my life so how could I go for something less? I can't.

I aint really interested from jumps by looks. I mean, she can't be just mongoose looking but I am more attracted to the conversation and connection. A girl keeps me by her attitude and if she is strong enough. Life is a bitch and a weak woman is soo unattractive. I have liked a woman I didn't really know before because I just got that vibe from her. Hearing her speak about certain shit, how she handles business and carry herself had me on her nuts! The world is HARD on women, specially black women and with fighting trying to keep their ground, they might lose sight on what's really important. Love and Happiness. Yeah, I'm on my Al Green shit. Yeah I'm impressed you got degrees and jobs and all that shit but can you make and keep a man happy? Can you take care of and mentally support a family with those degrees and jobs? A strong woman is worth gold to me. Hard to find. A lot of imitations, not the real thing tho. I might sound crazy but.. It's all good. You like what you like, I like what I like.. Peaaaace.

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