Sunday, August 30, 2009

Single.. and.. Loving it? Riiight....

So I questioned a lot of women and asked them did they enjoy being single and ALL of them responded "I'm single and enjoying it." All except one and her words were "bullshit!!! Only real women are honest to say when the weekend comes around being single is a pain in the ass, girls night gets old after a month. It was fun for a month or two after that its hell. Specially when u stay by urself!!!"

Now I'm curious to know what does it mean to be single and "loving it". All the girls that I meet that are single and loving it say they love it because they don't have to answer to anyone, no drama and don't have to deal with the bullshit that comes along with dating. I can understand that. So I ask them, who do you have sex with because we all want to bust a nut every now and then and masturbation can only go so far. You got a cut buddy or buddies? How many dates do you go on till you get tired of not having just someone to do everything with and call your own? I mean, the party life is great at the start but for how long can you go to the same clubs seeing the same damn faces. Meeting the saaame damn people over and over with different faces has to take its toll after a certain point of time. Right? So how long do you stay single and loving it before you start dating again.. Like.. What clicks in your head that you want someone to call your own?

When you're single you are subject to just as much drama if not MORE drama then you would with someone. Its more people to deal with in all honesty. That is just my opinion though, don't hold me to that. But seriously how long do you stay single and loving it before you no longer love it. You go home alone every night and even if you go home with someone different every once in awhile you still feel alone cause its nothing there. Being alone starts to sink in after a certain point in time when you have no one to talk to. Yeah you avoid the drama and answering to someone but after awhile you want to answer to someone. You want someone to ask you, where you finna go.. When you coming home? What you want for dinner? Want me to rub ya feet? How was your day? Things of that nature..

So are you really single and loving it or is it something you say to just date around? You date around and love it only to realize that it gets boring after a certain point of time? What are you actually loving is what I want to know. When do you stop loving it and start dating? Or is that something you to tell yourself every night when you wish you had someone to call your own? Just my thoughts.. I'm out.. Peaaaaaaaaaaceee!

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