Thursday, November 26, 2009

Crash site.. Ground zero

Have you ever rode past a crash site on the highway? You try to slow down just a little so you can see if anyone was killed or how bad the cars look. You know that someone is hurt but you don't know how hurt and hope they are alright. You cringe as you pass by it just hoping things are okay.

Meeting a woman who is still recovering from a broken heart feels the same way to me. I walk on egg shells around them because no matter what you say it might remind them of the crash. They often think back on the heartache and just seem so out of it. I have talked to a few females who were heartbroken and still dealing and its not easy hearing them talk about it. I mean, its just like a crash. You don't know what happen, you don't know who fault it is, all you know is that someone is still hurt from it. Specially if you are trying to get at them and didn't know about the crash, its all bad. They ask you about your ex's and you tell them. You ask them about their ex's and they spill their guts on how hurt they really are. No matter how hard they try to mask their emotions, they deal with them everyday. Just like a broken arm, burns, bruises a heart takes time to heal. A heart don't have bandages though, it don't have cream you can put on it and you can't pop any pills to make the pain go away.. The only that can heal it is time. I know a lot of people who have been heartbroken and they act and talk just like someone who was in a real crash. "It was just fine then all of a sudden, it was over" I know this is a unexpected comparison but it makes sense to me. Its just sad because the damage is done and someone is hurt. The crash plays over and over in their head and it sucks. I don't have a moral to this or anything. I was just talking to someone who heart was broken and this crossed my mind. So.. Yeah.. Peaceee! @EDotDizzy (hit me on dat twitter)

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