Friday, July 23, 2010

So.. You Celibate?

I meet a lot of females that are celibate these days. I ask them why and the give me 1 of 2 reasons. A, they holding out until they get into a real relationship or B they doing it to be more spiritual. To get more in tuned with themselves because sex was a big distraction. Now the first reason, waiting on finding a partner I can understand and respect. Anything other then that reason is just silly to me. If you can't have sex because it distracts you from life then my friend you have a problem. If you just decide to not have sex I can respect that but don't make up a crazy ass reasons that make you look like you can't control the little man eater between your legs. I know that secretly some women don't have sex because they enjoy it way too much and want it more then they would like to admit. I don't want to offend the celibate females that read my rants because that's all they are. I know a female that said she was being celibate so she can be closer to God. If the guy dick was that good that it made you lose sight of God, maybe you should keep him around. I know if I had a girl who made me get out of touch with what I believe I am going to marry her. That's some powerful pussy. If sex distracts you from being you then what you gone do when you get married? Stop having sex for two months so you can regroup then pick it back up? Can a celibate female please tell me what's this all about. Please.

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