Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lets talk about.. White girls

So I'm out with a friend of mine. Me and him just strolling round the city of Atlanta soaking up the sun. We stopped in this store and the lady was cute as hell. I liked her style. Her hair was in a sloppy pony tail but it was cute. Arms all tatted up. But.. She was white. I wanted to holla at her but I didn't know how. Why you ask? You holla at a white girl just like a black girl you say.. Wrong. Why is it different? Well all my life my mom has been saying "if she can't use a comb.. DON'T bring her home." I never knew what the hell that meant but basically she was saying don't bring a white girl home. So I just had to get it out my head on dating them. Now that I'm grown and don't give a shit, I want to holla! But it takes some time to get use to it.

The reason I don't believe that you talk to them the same way is because the same shit aint important to them. I'm talking real white girls by the way, not the ones who "act black." Like do I be extra polite, do I speak like I got a education? I be watching the movies and they always say "you want to grab some coffee?" First of all, I don't do coffee so I aint grabbing any but we can grab some apple juice and sit on the steps and just chat it up. Like, you have to find a nice ice breaker and a common ground and since I don't have any white home girls, I don't know what they like. I haven't been around them to learn them. Hell what if I try and talk to one and she a low key racist? Maybe I'm thinking about it too hard. I just feel weird when I come at em that way, like I'm not suppose to. Then if we do date, every time we go out all the black girls gone mean mug her and shit. Like they wanted my ass anyway. Disregard that last line. That was a angry line from deep down in the inside. The lady at the store said don't be afraid to talk to white girls. They don't bite. Am I the only one who feel a lil funny talking outside their race? I mean folks who are on the west coast don't answer. If you in NY don't answer. I'm talking about the midwest area and down south. Reason I say West coast is because.. Yall so diverse. and NY. Do black females feel funny talking to white guys? Maybe it is just me.

I'm sure a white guy would feel intimidated talking to a black girl for the first time. All the negative shit they see on tv about black women. He probably a be scared as hell. I also don't want to have the women in my family feel like they have failed with me because I dated outside the race. I honestly don't see a color, the world make me see a color. I think about too much stuff when I see an attractive white woman and it keeps me from approaching her. What should I do? Go up to her and be like "Ay, my name is Eric, whats yours? I aint ever did this but wanted to tell you I think you cute and would love to just have a conversation with you." She be like NIGGA PLEASE!!! hahaha aw man. Naw, fa real. Yall think I got problems? Let me know. @ThaFamousNobody

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